German touring car championship woes

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  1. bossmonkey20


    Hey all,

    I searched for some information about the german touring car championship already and most of the threads say that the CLK DTM is the best way to go. However, I just won a CALIBRA touring car and tried to do the championship with racing medium tires and a level two turbo kit equipped and got my ass handed to me by about 23 seconds on the opera paris circuit. The frustrating part was that I drove each lap perfectly and the lead Alfa Romeo just kept getting farther and farther. On top of that, I could barely maintain fifth place......

    Which leads me to my question, is it possible to win with the calibra without nitrous and maxing out the horsepower?

    Thx in advance
  2. ving


    the calibra is probably not the best car to do this with... sorry i cant help beyond this point tho
  3. tmac#1


    you can use the car that you win from the Silver Arrow tournament (mercedes) tune that and it's good enough to win the german touring car championship.
    I b-spec the championship in about 20 minutes repeatedly to earn the prize car so i can see it for cash, when i'm running short on it.
  4. ktaylor57


    I bought the Audi A4 for 450,000. Two runs through the 2nd special condition event gets you a little more than enough for the car, and a third pays for the Stage 4 turbo. Even with a B-Spec skill of around 1,000, it still wins EASILY.

    The Calibra isn't a great car for this championship, I found. I believe it's heavier and doesn't have as much power as the newer cars, although I am not certain.
  5. Lemke


    I love the Opel Astra. Its one of my favorite racecars. But anyways thats what I used.
  6. ving


    what upgrades did you do n the astra?
  7. Moloch_horridus


    I tried to qualify at Opera Paris in a stock Opel Calibra DTM TC and could not get within 2.5 secs of first place so I gave up. I came back a week or two later and won every race in the series. Absolutely loved that car - runs like it is on rails. All I can remember is that I set camber at 3.5/1.5 and perhaps lowered it a bit. This car can take corners much faster that I expected - I think that is the main difference between my first an second attempts.
  8. Riplox


    I just slap a stage 4 on the CLK touring car and just tweak the suspension (since it's a little stiff), and adjust the tranny for the track, and away I go. I can put it on 1 (slow down) and I still win easily. But I always do the Nurb track in A-spec cause that track rulez.
  9. azr|el.RB26


    The stock Audi A4 Touring Car for 450K is enough to beat this series. R3's and driving aids off. Good luck.
  10. James2097


    Yep this has been covered a million times. Just use the Merc CLK touring car with the stage 4 and even the crappiest b-spec driver can win this championship (mine hadn't done ANYTHING before doing this championship). I actually skip the opera paris track to get it done faster, you still win and that track sucks so I don't even wanna watch it.

    Some people skip Nurb, thinking its the longest track and that they'll get the $$$ faster by skipping it. I think opera might actually take the longest to finish in b-spec, I worked it out a while ago (I forget exactly what track takes the longest, might be opera). But doing the nurb doesn't take as long as the longest race in this championship due to not as many laps.

    I'm sure we've all given enough tips on how to make money painfully easy...
  11. krazyboris


    I too used the astra, settings were: Medium tyres on the front, Hard on the back, and a little bit of toe in from memory, and stock everything else. IE: no upgrades.

    Ran quite well.
  12. JohnBM01

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    United States
    Ah, the DTM. Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft. What do I like about it? Just about everything. What do I hate about it? Maybe it's just me, but I hate calling them "touring cars." Their power and performance is just about up there with the JGTC GT500 race cars. They may not be as powerful as them, but their performance is very impressive. I guess when I think "touring car," I think about something like a Peugeot 406 driven by Steve Soper around Brands Hatch. Plus, DTM racers look like mean badasses. It's more like America's Trans-Am series of today. I'm proud to say that both Audi DTM race cars are both formidable on the track. If you want both at once, they will cost you a total of 1,000,000 Credits! But if you know how to make that money in GT4, then it's no problem, dig me?

    I race-tested the Abt Audi at the DTM round at High Speed Ring Reverse. As it turned out, you won't need Hard tires, as you can simply complete the race on Racing Mediums. The Audi A4 is a nice car to go racing with, tuned hard to generate downforce and pack about 450 bhp. Fun to own, fun to collect. Since its release, I thought the Audi TT was a fun-looking car. The TT-R from 2002 look exceptionally mean. Enjoy the sky blue-colored race car with its exceptional performance, great speed, good handling, and with great talent, a car you can leave the pack behind in.

    If I were you, I'd get the Abt Audi TT-R. If I reran the series, I'd be racing that thing with 28 A-Spec points up for grabs.
  13. RenesisEvo


    Then how comes my B-spec driver, with the Audi A4 DTM fitted with Stage3 Turbo, about 3000 skill, cannot keep up?? Or must I use be using the Stage 4 for it to work??
  14. Zardoz


    The CLK and either Audi should easily win this event, as will this rig:

    Try an Opel Astra Touring Car. Buy the Stage 3 NA upgrade. After an oil change you'll have 654 HP. Use this chassis setup:

    Use those GT3 settings, but turn the TCS up to 7. Note that the brake balance scale is different, so stick with the stock 3/3 GT4 setting. The downforce scale is different also, so just max it out front and rear.

    I also use the Tranny Trick from GT3: Move the Final drive full right to 5.00. Move the Autoset slider full right to 25, then full left to 1, and leave it there. This gives your 6-speed the closest possible set of gears. Now adjust the Final drive for each track, or put it at 3.85 for all the DTM events if you're lazy.

    The Astra with this setup will dominate the event.

    One note, though: The first race on Opera is far and away the toughest. All the rest are easy after that one. Don't get discouraged if you don't win it. Keep going.
  15. KaiZen


    I B-spec that series with either my A4 or CLK but I don't upgrade on power.

    Just make sure the tires and gear ratios are right for the track. Abit of suspension, brake and downforce adjustments, and then driver aid tweaks and she'll win on all the high speed tracks, probably come third or second at Opera and The Ring.. as long as she wins the championship, that's all that matters!

    honestly, the only time I up the power is if she stuffs up in the first three races. I'll use either the stage 3 turbo or NA upgrade at The Ring, but then I return it to stock for the last race.

    As the Km's add on, though, the chassis deformation makes it harder to win. Not sure about this, but, I think you need to refresh every 500-800 km's..

    Ruff specs as I'm at work right now:

    Always start on 5 to get as far up the ranks as possible. Direct driver between 4 and 5 and remember to conserve tires.
    If there's a large gap between your driver and the AI ahead switch 'overtake' off, so your driver takes a faster line.
    Overtake is good for two things: passing (obviously) and driving a defensive line (didn't notice that did ya! :p)
    suspension specs are whatever I use in A-spec
    driver aids: 5/7/5 (no, I don't use driver aids in A-spec)

    Opera: Hard.
    Needs to be micromanaged switching between 4 & 5 and overtake. always on 4 during the straight or she'll veer left into the wall after the right kink.
    gear: 3
    tires: soft/med
    downforce: max/max

    Midfield: Med.
    Leave on 5 until in 2nd place, then switch to 4. Staying in 1st is easy
    gear: 9
    tires: soft/soft
    downforce: 30/min

    High Speed Ring: Med (but generally easy)
    Leave on 5 for whole race. It's generally pretty close throughout race, with lots of paint swapping. Fun to watch her pass on the outside! :dopey:
    gear: 10
    tires: soft/qualifing
    downforce: 30/min

    The Ring: Hard
    B-spec hasn't won this yet. Unless I cheat! Leave on 5 until about 1/3 of the track she'll passes that damn merc! Then switch between 4 and 5 and manage overtake
    gear: 12
    tires: hard/med
    downforce: max/43

    Fuji: Too easy
    You can leave it on 3 for the whole race if you want, but leave it on 4 just in case. Or set to 5, get in front, set to 3 or 4 with overtake off. Too Easy!
    gear: 11
    tires: soft/soft
    downforce: min/min

    Hope that helps.. Remember: you don't need power to win! traction (aids&tires) and gears will win you the trophy

    Oh and the other thing. THE CALIBRA SUCKS A$$ BIG TIME!..
  16. Track_Veteran


    Yes, I've done so. Oil change as the only power upgrade. Gearing, suspension and tire changes as well. I got 1st place for all. Close races and fun. :tup:
    You must know the car and courses though.
  17. Biochemist


    I think the DTM series is a lot of fun. But why are people talking about upgrades on cars (i have no idea about b-spec cos i'm not interested in it), i've used the CLK and the older merc touring car, i can't remeber if i tuned the older merc but the CLK touring car creams the field but over 6secs a lap without tuning (thats approx 443bhp) in a-spec mode. I did have the driving aids as stock though.
  18. GTurtle


    I used an A4 touring WITHOUT turbos at all and won all races except opera paris (this is particularly hard so don't give up if you dont do well here) - and sometimes it even won this race.

    Overall i think its a fun series, all the cars are really easy to drive.

    PS I did it once a-spec (won everything) and many times b-spec (everything except opera, but at a skill of about 6k points)
  19. jayjay


    audi tt abt touring car won each race at b-spec :) (sorry for the english)
  20. drfterxl


    and of course if you were beaten by 23 seconds, then you would be experiencing the wonderful AI of "if you dont catch me within 3 laps, you wont ever"
  21. chinko


    i can do every race with higher than 3rd in a untuned 155 (oil change only), except for opera, i despise that track, its impossible to win
  22. ktaylor57


    The Stage 4 gives the A4 820HP (with an oil change) where the Stage 3 is only 650 or so. Considering the B-Spec driver is lousy, I would imagine you would need the Stage 4 to be competitive at a lower skill.
  23. Alfetta


    I did the German Touring race with a Merc CLK and then an Alfa 155.... I won the race with both cars without any problem.
    The only thing is that I can't win the Opera with the Alfa 155, no matter what!
    If you look at the car Torque/Power ratio you'll notice that the Alfa have a lot of torque but have a really low acceleration at the beginning... picking up power and speed almost at full rpm instead the Merc is pretty set up on this mean both acceleration and torque are even thru the rpm.
    The Opel are nice car but there are no match for the Merc or 155 unless you put some HP on them!
  24. chinko


  25. dolande


    This is the only post so far that answers the initial question.
  26. Jows73


    The Astra touring car i found is by far the best and you should be able to win with no tune ups at all. but if you want to b-spec for money :idea: , just buy the most expensive turbo (not sure what stage), thats ALL you need and your driver will breeze through it no problem
  27. tqualizer


    I must say that the A4 is my favourite. But then I am born, and have lived in the same town as Ekström, the current DTM champion. And he drives the A4. :)
  28. Relik86


    I bought the A4 touring car, got an oil change, and went to the championship. Had no problems whatsoever. Made for some pretty good races if I took it easy on them :)
  29. The_1_GT_Master


    I used tha Abt Audi TT, and it wiped the floor with them all, the first race sucked BTW...
  30. Sjenk


    I used the Mercedes-Benz AMG 190E 2.5 16V Evolution II (DTM) '92. Very nice handling car imo. Trashed the opponents with it in 100% stock form.