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I think we're going to see some 8m02 laps from the top guys in this one. I've gone 0.85s faster than my current best time in the 1st two sectors, so that brings my theoretical time down to a low 8m03. I'm sure that somebody with better setup skills (and slightly more refined driving) will easily find that extra half-second. I'm absolutely loving this challenge though, it's so hard keeping focus for the entire lap, especially when you know you're up on your previous best. I have lost count of the number of laps I've binned when I've pushed just that little bit too hard.

The previous best time belongs to my good friend Puffpirat, who I race with pretty much every week. He's not normally to be found doing time-trials but we'd just run a 2.4hr GT3/GT4 multiclass race at Nords Combined in our league and he fancied a go whilst it was all fresh in his mind.

EDIT : Well, I've pumped in an 8m03.4 lap, with only the middle sector showing an improvement on my previous best time. I can go 0.5s faster in the first sector and 0.2s in the final sector, so I do have an 8m02 lap within my grasp. Knowing it is one thing, doing it is quite another :crazy:
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Very nice Cluck!! About 13 seconds behind you with the Merc AMG GT3. Sector one a 3:17 is out of this planet
I did 3:17.1 last night (with recorded evidence - sadly, I made a complete hash of the last 2 sectors, to do a 8m04.4 lap) and there's a strong 3:16 on the cards. My best last sector is a 1m26.90something. It's why I know I can do something like an 8m02.8s lap. But as I said in my edit, knowing I can do it and actually doing it are two different things. The nerves usually kick in as I go over the bridge at Quiddelbacher in just under 2m12s. That's just one of the many mental checkpoints I have for how a lap is panning out.

It's such a frustratingly brilliant combo though, knowing you have any one of dozens of corners that you can mess the entire lap up on.

Once the round is over, I might post up shots of the setup I used. For those that haven't seen it yet, this is the live recording from my lap

All that said and done, I can't help but be enormously impressed at the TX3 Rinpoku time. To do that time on default AND on a gamepad, that's something else.
Yes your and e.g. Rinpoku's time are very impressive. I'm stuck...Very curious to see your setup (afterwards).

For a more relaxing challenge (at least I thought) I started the one at Spa with the Ford GT LM. Something like this at Eau Rouge.

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My setup, in all honesty, is not a million miles away from default. I know some people are fearful of setting the radiator to the minimum level but even over the course of this circuit, it doesn't bother the Ferrari (3 or 4 engine damage max.) or the BMW (20 engine damage max.), which don't really harm the power/top-speed. Of course, running 2 laps will start to see your engine blow.

Brake ducts and getting the right starting tyre pressures are the fundamental key, for me, in nailing the perfect lap. Close the brake ducts too far and you'll push the tyre pressures through the roof - on 0% brake ducts I was seeing in excess of 2-bar at the peak. Leave the ducts too open and both your brakes will suffer, as will your tyre pressures. The setting I have it on is slightly compromised for braking performance (ie, they get cold by the end of Döttinger Höhe) but I peak at just over 1.8 bar.

I gave it another 5 or 6 laps yesterday and although I was consistently faster in S1 and S3, I was well off my S2 time, leading to slower laps overall. I think that middle sector was one of those once-in-a-lifetime efforts, that sadly was book-ended by rubbish sectors (by comparison)

EDIT : Also, without Puffpirat setting his blistering lap, I would not have been spurred on to do this lap. Even after I went (fractionally) faster than him, I knew an 8m03 lap was within my reach. Of course, having done that I realised I was capable of an 8m02 lap. In theory ;). I have yet to run a single perfect lap in time-trial, not once have I ever sat back and said to myself "there is no room for improvement in that lap, at all". I've come close but there is always something left on the table.

It really wouldn't surprise me to see somebody with the perfect setup and THE perfect lap, do sub. 8m. After all, with ~180 corners in the lap, it only needs somebody to improve on my lap by less than 0.02s in every corner to do it. Two hundredths is nothing.
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Sometimes for leaderboard ranking purposes you wished you lived in another region ;)

SPA with the Ford GTLM 2:14:979. Only 28th....:crazy:

EDIT: 2:14:540 and still not in the top 20. But happy with the result so far. I still have to learn the first hairpin with a good exit. Cost me about 0.2
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Nice #1 Cluck! Congratz. To be honest I expected more racers with a challenging time around 8:01 , 8:02.
Would be nice to share your setup some time. I will then use the exact same setup and then I want to know what my time is. 8:10 possible?

The new oval challenge --> Who is the first one to beat the 39 barrier?
Likewise, but it doesn't look like most of the usual folks bothered. I'm still frustrated at not doing the 8:02 I knew I was capable of but no matter, it's all done now.

As promised, these are screenshots from my setup







It probably won't suit everybody's tastes but it worked fine for me. It is the exact setup I used for that run.

As for the latest challenge, I grabbed one of the front runners' setups and had a go last night. I'll be honest, I can't see anybody dipping under the current #1 time by anything significant. I was able to go a thousandth quicker on a couple of occasions in S1, but that usually resulted in a compromise for S2. I matched the S1 and S2 times to the thousandth last night and only dropped the 0.04s in the last sector.
Yeah, saw a bunch of last minute super-fast times set in the Indy event. I lost interest in all honesty.

Will definitely give the Ferrari one a shot.

EDIT : Currently P1 on default setup. There's definitely quite a bit more to extract from it, I'm VERY rusty with Fuji as it's been ages since I've driven a lap on it. I can take at least a couple of tenths out of S1, another tenth or two out of S2 and maybe another tenth out of S3. And that's just with what I know I've done so far. It's a great combo and one I've already had more fun in 20 minutes than the 2 hours I spent on the IndyCar one.
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