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Forza Horizon 4 Season Change: A Fast Christmas Feast

Christmas is officially just around the corner as Forza Horizon 4 signals the start of another Autumn season. While it may not be a White Christmas in the UK this week, there are still plenty of festive themed events and content to unwrap.

“The Sim Racer” Movie Makes Racing Games the Star

Racing games hit the mainstream last year, as pro drivers picked up their controllers (or expensive driving rigs) to fill in for the postponed motorsport season. In fact they even proved a big hit on television, drawing in viewers by the million.

Lewis and Kaz Guide You Through a Lap of the Nurburgring GP Course

“Maestro of Gran Turismo Sport.” It’s an odd title for sure, but one Lewis Hamilton seems to have embraced. Polyphony Digital has just released a pair of videos of the four-time Formula 1 World Champion turning in a series of laps at the Nurburgring GP circuit, behind the wheel of a Mercedes-AMG GT GT3.