Good tuning for F1500?


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I can't seem to win any of these racing events where I drive 'em, not even beginner custom arcade runs, me being not very skilled at tuning at all. I always finish 2nd/3rd on this event but the first/second place seem to fast for me every time. :ouch:

If people could share their tunes in this thread I'd be very thankful as these races are the only ones out of my reach along with the X2019 endurance ones.

Here are my assists, maybe some of these are hurting me.

TCS: 3/ABS: Strong/No auto-driving/Countersteer assist: Strong/Transmission: Auto/Cornering Sensitivity: +1/+2 depending on car.

I tend to go with oversteer prone, somewhat stiff settings (Not the max, though, usually 70-80%) and around 75-82.5% downforce slider on cars that have them.

I use different tuning sheets for each track type on each car and I switch between them before entering a track. Even then, no bueno when I enter the F1500 event.
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You wont know what the car is capable of with all of those driving aids turned on. Take it into TT mode and just drive it, you'll have more fun with it knowing how much the turbo lag affects the rear tyres and how fast it can corner without the driving aids killing it.