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ARL Gr3 Series
Hello and Welcome to ARL Gr.3 Saturday night thread. Gr.3 series is our main series that kicked off ARL back in Nov. 2018, we offer a variety of other series as well as a driving school for anyone who would like to practice or learn better race craft.

A majority of us have raced in online lobbies that have been a free-for-all, everyone bumping, cutting other drivers off, dive-bombing, etc., we have entered those kind of rooms and in our experiences it really kills the fun of racing when that happens.

The Gr.3 series runs a 10 week season with 2 drop week because most of us have young ones and we all know saturday nights are hectic for families. Races are 45 minutes long, no assist except ABS, full damage and tire/fuel multipliers to allow for 1 or 2 pit stops during the race.

Below you will find all the necessary information for this series. We hope to see you on the grid soon!

Gr3 Driver Hub (schedule, points, class, and all info for Gr3 series)

Incident Reporting Form

ARL Drivers Etiquette 101
As sim racing drivers sometimes we forget that this is a game and let our competitive nature take over to the point we ruin other drivers races, forget the rules from time to time or have a brief lapse of judgement. We all enjoy racing that is why we are here, with that being said we need to remember others are here for the same reasons. The ARL way has and will always be clean and fun first! When we practice/race we all need to remember we are representing ARL and all the hard work that has been put in to make this one of the best up and coming leagues on GT Sport. These guidelines are not meant to single out a driver but are here to ensure that while racing hard all drivers understand what's expected of them. ARL has built a reputation of being a fun, competitive, clean series the following rules and guidelines are here to help drivers remember and learn the correct form of driving etiquette.

BoD: the body of directors are here to insure this is a well managed league and take everyone's best interest to heart to also insure fun competitive and clean driving.
Chief Steward: @SydViscus is here to help with any grievances that a driver may have. He also has the FINAL say when carrying out penalties.
Assistant Chief Steward: @PApunk924 & @Moby45 will assist the Chief Steward in any decision making needed.
Minor Stewards: are in charge of getting replays, pictures, or anything needed to assist the assistant or Chief Stewards when needed.
Score/Data: @PApunk924 handles all scoring and data for the Gr.3 series. Along with confirmations for the races if there is any issues with these the BoD will help any way we can.
*Remember none of these guys are getting paid for this we all do it so everyone can enjoy racing and having fun. All we ask in return is to help make the jobs easier drive respectively and enjoy racing with like minded guys/girls who like to sim race.

  • Drivers need to clear cache and even though this is not a must, it is highly recommended that drivers run a network test to insure drivers have a good solid connection.
  • If a driver is seen lagging, glitching, or teleporting we recommend someone who sees the driver having problems report what they are witnessing in the chat so we can get the situation handled properly before the race starts.
  • If you are one of the drivers that is experiencing this problem we will issue 1 restart, if the problem persists we will require you to go back clear cache, reset the router, run a network test. We will wait 10 minutes before starting the race so these requirements are met and you will start last on the grid. If the problem is still occuring the BoD will take note of the issue and award the driver last place points and ask you to exit the race. We know its not ideal but we can not postpone the race any longer for connection issues.
  • We ask that all drivers please join the chat lobby, no you don't have to have a mic or talk but this will help insure that drivers can communicate freely and should help cut down on any on track incidents.
As stated multiple times above drivers are expected to race with the highest regard to clean competitive racing. Below are some examples on what to do or not to do to help ensure we are representing ARL the way it was meant to be.
Track Cutting: better known as all 4 wheels off, if a driver find him/herself abusing the track limits an IR can be filed. When racing and pushing hard sometimes you can push the car past its capability and run a corner wide or short depending on the corner, if this does occur you must keep at least 2 wheels on the rumble strips or inbounds on the white track limit line. If a driver fails to do so he or she must lift off the gas for a full second before continuing and give any advantage back if this occurs.
Minor incidents: This is when a driver may accidentally cause another driver light damage (aero, suspension, etc.) but not enough to cause engine damage or damage to 2 or more parts of the vehicle. If this does occur the typical guideline is to give any places gained from the collision back to the driver who received the damage. Failure to do so can result in an IR.
Flag Rules: We have a video in place to clear up flag rules but one thing it does not go over is blocking. If you are being lapped by a driver we ask that you hold your line and allow them to pass cleanly but not block them. There are multiple grey areas in this statement but if we feel that a driver is being purposely blocked there will be a IR filed and the Chief Steward will levy any penalties needed.
Lapse of Judgement: hey it happens your racing the same track for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 45 minutes something is bound to happen from time to time. I myself am guilty of this very thing but I hold myself to the same standards ARL is held to. If there is a lapse of judgement we ask that you don't risk ruining someone else's race because you spaced out. Example if i go off track i will not re-enter the track until it is 100% clear to do so and expect the same from any driver who finds themselves in that situation, if I miss my braking zone its better for me to use the run off areas to regain control and composure opposed to trying to make the corner spinning, taking a driver out, causing us both damage that could have been avoided.
Divebomb: We have all been guilty of this one from time to time. A divebomb happens when a driver is trying to make a pass in the corner and has little to no regard for the driver they are passing and cause a collision. You have to be smart when passing a good rule of thumb and an ARL must is when a driver is overtaking another driver they must do so in a clean respective manor and it is their job to do so not the driver being passed.
Blocking: This is another one of those grey areas but like before if the Chief Stewards feel it was a block an IR will be filed. Blocking is defined as more than one change of direction to defend a position, any driver moving back towards the racing line, having earlier defended his position off-line. The driver should leave at least 1 car width between his own car and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner.
Conceding: This is a big one for me and ARL. If you find yourself in a position where you have knocked a driver off track the correct and respectable thing to do is wait for them to gain the position back not when another car passes but when the driver you have knocked off regained the position ahead of you. Not conceding your position when you've clearly knocked a driver off will not be tolerated and will result in a HEAVY IR or SUSPENSION. Conceding has to do with self respect just as much as it has to do with respecting other drivers no one should want to cheat their way to a podium or win that is not the ARL way.
Retaliation: We all know what it is, we all know we have either done it or thought long and hard about it but it must not be executed in an ARL sanctioned race. It 100% will not be tolerated and is one of the biggest ARL no-no’s, retaliation will result in Suspension there is no way around it. I should not have to explain this any further but if needed private message me and we can discuss this further.
Pit Exit: When exiting the pits always watch for drivers who are on the racing line , do not re-enter the racing line until you are back to full speed, it is clear to re-enter and you have reached the end of pit lane (solid white line).
A few other notes:
  • Contact between cars should be avoided at all cost
  • It is the job of the driver that is making the pass to pass clean and not interfere with the driver they are passing.
  • With the above being said the driver in front should not intentionally slow the driver gaining on them or do anything to hinder their race either.
To add to the mentioned guidelines above race others how you would want to be raced. The BoD has put a lot of time and effort into making this league what it is and want to continue to see it grow this is where you guys come in and help. People notice who we are and what we are about i don't want to see that perspective change. We all hope that by following these guidelines it will help promote ARL and we continue to watch ARL grow and evolve.
*These same rules apply to any ARL race including ones against other leagues.
  • Saturday night race lobby opens at 10:20 PM or earlier (easternl us time)
  • 10 week season
  • Car selections will be limited to only 4 selections of the same car (1 selection per driver only)
  • GR.3 Cars (see car list in the Gr.3 Hub)
  • Custom BoP and ballast settings (Found here)
  • Fuel Burn and Tire Wear vary from track to track to optimize more time on track
  • Two tire compounds will be allowed for the season, (RS/RM). Usage of RS compound will be regulated. See spoiler 3.8 for tire rules
  • Race damage will be on heavy (meaning if you damage your car to the point it flashes red on the indicator you will need to pit to fix damage)
  • 45 minute race (We will be driving laps that equal or get as close as we can to a 45 minute race)
  • False start check
  • Tuning and aids will be turned off with the exception of ABS
  • Brake ballast will be the only tuning allowed
  • Liveries are up to the drivers but must include racing number and utilize an ARL number board if possible.
  • Good racecraft is a MUST
Drivers will be separated by 2 classifications. We will have 1 Silver class and 1 Gold class. This in no way was put in place to discourage drivers. This will allow drivers to compete against drivers who are around the same skill level as them.

Drivers will progress in and out of division based on their individual season performance.

New drivers to this series will have a 2 week evaluation period before they are placed in a class.

Drivers will race against each other the same way we always have in mixed lobbies.
There is a team championship that will run alongside the driver's championship
  • Teams will now consist of 2 drivers
  • Drivers will no longer be required to be in separate divisions
  • Only 1 substitute driver per season
    • Sub driver must use the same car and ballast settings as the driver they are subbing for
    • Tires will be taken from the absentee driver's stockpile as well as the sub driver's stockpile
      • (If sub driver uses 2 sets of RS the absentee driver loses 2 sets of RS as well as the sub driver)
  • If possible, (we all kinda know who the "Platinum" drivers are) please try and avoid making a super team.
  • 10:20pm EST Rooms open for free practice
  • 10:30pm - 10:35pm EST BoP check and starting grid set
  • 10:40pm EST Race Start
  • I don't know. Some sort of sprint race. It's awful.
Wildcard races are currently suspended
  • 2 wildcard races per season
  • 1 hour long races
  • Track and car combo for each race will be selected by 2 random gold and silver drivers
  • Car for race 1 will be selected by a random gold driver. Race 2 car selected by random Silver driver
  • Track for race 1 selected by random silver driver. race 2 track selected by random gold driver
  • Drivers must be considered full time (75% participation) to be considered for combo selection
  • Car must be picked from an approved car list (provided below)
  • Once a car is selected it can not be selected again for the season
  • Tracks not permitted for selection
    • Any track already on the schedule
    • Northern Isle
    • Blue Moon Bay - Super Speedway configuration
    • Special Stage Route X
    • Nurburgring Nordschliefe or 24h configuration
    • Dirt tracks
  • Please be as specific as possible with your track selection (full name/configuration/Time of day)
No one wants to be in a major wreck on the first lap in the first turn so we have implemented a restart procedure to hopefully ease some of madness lol. Now with that being said if its not a major pile up consisting of 3 or more cars there is no guarantee there will be a restart.

If you are involved in a pile up that warrants a restart you must type “RESTART” in the chat so we can see it and it must be done before you complete sector 1.

Also, do not assume because you have been involved in accident that there will be a restart. Please continue to race until the lobby host announces a restart. This is where being in the voice chat will come in handy
ARL is a clean league and we have a very well put together IR system for you guys. The penalty system for this league will be based on points deducted. For any driver who commits a penalty depending on the severity of the penalty will have points deducted off of their season points. If the penalty is so severe that may mean suspended for the season/suspended indefinitely. These rules and points deductions will be included in all ARL sanctioned races, and are expected to be followed. If a driver receives a grid penalty or suspension they will be suspended from all ARL events until penalty is served.

Click here for the Incident Reporting Form
At the start of the season all drivers will be set to full-time status. In order to keep full-time status a driver must complete 65% of the races since there first race of the season. Special exceptions can be made if the directors determine so. Something like driver losing connection or most of us have young ones and sometimes life happens and like previously stated should always come first, I don’t think it’s right to remove a fulltime driver’s status giving those reasons.
We as a group have got to implement confirmation before the race into a routine to avoid mass confusion going into the race. Race confirmation will end at 7 pm (central) Saturday night prior to race. Drivers who fail to confirm after the 7 pm cutoff will only be allowed in the lobbies if there is room for them, any driver who did not confirm and still races will start the race last on the grid and forfeit qualifying. Auto-confirming is strongly suggested and makes the job a lot easier when it comes to getting lobbies set up for the race night. If you are on auto-confirm then you're automatically on the grid for race night and only need to post in the thread about races you don't plan on attending.

*exceptions can be made to this rule if we have prior knowledge and the BoD agrees to waive this but I would not expect it to be on very many occasions as this would be considered a “special circumstance”
If for any reason a driver decides not to confirm their race intentions for 3 weeks in a row and doesn’t show up to race they will now forfeit their rights to points earned and car selected. The reason we are putting this into place is we have seen a few drivers race 1 week and never show back up and we feel it’s unfair to the weekly drivers to hold a car and not race. Hopefully with this rule will encourage more drivers to confirm their status and race more often.

Drivers who continuously confirm and no show may be subject to more severe penalty

*exceptions can be made to this rule if we have prior knowledge and the BoD agrees to waive this but I would not expect it to be on very many occasions as this would be considered a “special circumstance”
We have noticed that a few drivers have changed cars while the season is in session, we do not like to allow changes but can understand that on certain occasions the BoD may rule that a driver can change the car but it does carry a stiff penalty.
A. Car does not already have 3 drivers assigned to the car the driver wants to change to.
B. All points up to the change will be forfeited and driver will start back at 0 points.
If a driver is stuck on grid the race will be stopped and we will ask the driver to exit the lobby, clear their cache, and rejoin the lobby.
The driver will then be moved to back of the grid before restarting the race.
If the driver is still stuck after the restart we ask that they exit the track and will be awarded last place points for the race.

Articles (1.0) to (3.7)

Rules subject to change or addition. Ask BoD for clarification if necessary.


1.0- All drivers will qualify on the Racing Soft (RS) Compound.

1.1- Qualifying tire(s) will not count toward season tire allocation.

1.2- Drivers may start the race on the tire compound of their choice, regardless of which compound was used to qualify.

1.3- Multiple sets of Racing Soft (RS) tires may be used in qualifying, if the driver wishes to enter pit lane and receive fresh tires. Rule 1.1 applies to all tires used.


2.0- Racing Soft (RS) and Racing Medium (RM) tires will be available.

2.1- There is no mandatory compound change required during the race unless tire rule 3.6 will be contradicted by continuing to use the same compound.


3.0- Each driver will be allotted ten (10) sets of Racing Soft (RS) tires for the duration of the season.

3.1- There will be no limit on the number of Racing Medium (RM) tires available.

3.2- Mixed compound usage will count against Racing Soft (RS) allotment.

3.3- One (1) set of Racing Soft (RS) tires will be forfeited for each race missed by the driver. This will not be applied to Wildcard or races with inclement weather.

3.4- When new drivers join they will be allotted one (1) set of Racing Softs (RS) tires for each applicable race remaining in the current season (Does not include Wildcard races or races with inclement weather).

3.5- Each time the Racing Soft (RS) tire is used, regardless of distance or time driven, one (1) set will be removed from the allotment for the current season.

3.6- Once the maximum usage of ten (10) Racing Soft (RS) tires is reached by the driver, the RS tire will no longer be available for the duration of the current season.

3.7- One (1) set of Racing Soft (RS) tires will be added for each race added to the schedule, otherwise there will be no circumstance where more than ten (10) sets of RS tires may be used. Drivers who fail to adhere to tire allotment rules will be subject to penalties of a severe nature.
  • Every car will be assigned a special BoP to start the season. Most are very close if not identical to GTSport's BoP
  • Depending on your race finish you will be given 1% to 3% weight (ballast) added to your car for the next race
  • Ballast is applied to the top 3 finishers in each division each race
  • 1st = 3%, 2nd = 2%, 3rd = 1%
  • Ballast will be accrued throughout the season to a maximum of 15%
  • Last place finishers in each division will receive -1% ballast (cannot go below 0%)
  • Ballast will be given through the first 8 races of the season
  • Race 9 will be 1/2 of the driver's total accrued ballast
  • Race 10 will be 0 ballast applied to all drivers

GT3 Number Boards:

ARL League information:
Twitter: @ARLracing214
PSN Community: Gran Turismo Sport - ARL

Youtube channels:
ARL Channel:
@Neutty on twitch: Neuttyy

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I am interested but I may be late sometimes. There's the IRS SuperBug Series that's Saturdays at 9pm EST (8pm CST) and this will start at 11 EST. If things stay on time I think it will be close but I can do both and stay up late.


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I did a quick test and it looks like three pit stops based on fuel only lasting ~7 laps. Sounds about right?
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Just 2 questions for you guys to get some input on what you would like to do. Jw brought up a interesting point and a way to police it last night while I was doing some laps trying to see if there would be any kinks in the race Saturday and has me thinking what would be better.

1. Should we consider the first race a pre-season race Saturday or just start out with it being the first race of the season?

2. What's everyone's opinion on qualifing tires should we be able to start a race on different tires than we qualify on or should we use the same tires we qualify on to start the race?

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