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As long as you see this post, we are still active. Our lobby has been doing great and I want to say thank you to all the racers that now join weekly. We have a great racing family that has developed!

We are looking to add additional racers to our weekend Gr4 racing schedule. We hold open lobbies every Saturday and Sunday morning around 8am-10am. So grab a cup of coffee and join the races!

We promote clean, competitive, and fun racing. All skill levels are welcomed as long as you display proper racing etiquette. From knowledgeable veterans to amateurs that are improving their skills week to week, you will always have someone to be competitive with.

As mentioned, we race Gr4 group cars. We use BOP, RH tires, and mostly real settings. Races are sprint type layout that usually consist of 4-5 laps depending on track size. We change tracks after each race with a short 2-5 minute intermission between races. This keeps the action going and fast paced.

You ready to partake? It’s easy. No complicated stuff here. Add me on PSN (jtcaddy) and join the room. The lobby is open to all. With that said, clean racing is a must and heavily regulated. Aggressive and improper race craft will be removed immediately.

I usually upload some of our races on YouTube. I’m starting implement live stream too. (YT: jtcaddy)

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, we will be glad to have you join our community. See you on the track.

Spec race
We are adding a one make spec race once a week. Saturday between 9:30am and 10:00am US Eastern time. This will be a point system style layout. Track will change week to week. For more details I have a dedicated thread in this forum, iSpec League.​
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Would be nice if WRX/GTR/155 didn't exist...the rest of the selection would be far more interesting

Anywho, hope people join!
Yes they do dominate. Few of the FR can hold their own depending on the car track combo. However, they are in a dire need of a BOP adjustment.
We had a great weekend of racing. The lobby stayed full and there was some great racing! I would like to give thanks to all that participated. I was able to get some good gameplay footage and will upload to YouTube (jtcaddy) throughout the week. Let’s keep up the momentum! I look forward to next week.
Hello gents. Exciting racing this morning. I’ll be looking to open a lobby tonight around 10pm Eastern time. Sunday morning racing is still a go too. See y’all there!
Looking at joining. Sunday morning tomorrow? Is there a leader board etc or just for fun?

Yes, every Saturday and Sunday morning. We race just for fun but that doesn’t mean we aren’t competitive. There has been discussion doing a season type point system. We’ve established a pretty good group of guys that join every weekend rain or shine. We demonstrate superb race craft towards each other. All is welcomed. We just ask to race with respect. That way we all have fun, competitive, and bumper to bumper action. Look forward to you joining the action. You can add me on psn: jtcaddy or just search for the gr4 specific room.
We may loose an hour this weekend due to setting the clocks ahead for spring. No reason to loose an hour of quality racing! Grab an extra cup of coffee and see you on the track! Happy racing all!
With the new physic update we are glad to have a new variety of gr4’s that are competitive. Come join the action every Saturday and Sunday from about 8-10am eastern time
Okay guys here are the details for next week race:

GRMN 86 ‘16 w/ RH tires
Blue Moon Bay Speedway
BOP - 214hp 2690lbs (1220.1 kilos)
15 laps. Tire and fuel wear 4x (no pit needed)
Saturday around 9:30-10:00 eastern time

If you do time trial for practice make sure you adjust the weight as their is no BOP option. Alternatively you can create a lobby with BOP for practice
Hello chap. I didn't realise you were posting and organising on here. I'll be interested to know when your next events start.
Hey bud. I started on here to help build the community we currently have. As you probably already know, we race every Saturday and Sunday at the same time slot when you have joined. We’ve been at it consistently for a few months now.

I recently added the league race once every Saturday just to give us gents a little change in pace and a friendly championship style point system. That’s when you’ve seen me change the lobby over. This coming Saturday will be race 5 of 10. I have a separate thread in this forum (iSpec League) that has all the week to week info and point standings. It’s really simple and straight forward. Check it out. Feel free to join. It’s not too late.
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