Gran Turismo 2 - Hybriding Cars to have Seven Gears

I'm trying to find out how to make cars with seven gears in Gran Turismo 2. Is there a certain code that has to be activated in order for it to work? I tried using the 1st-7th gear codes, but the seventh gear code doesn't seem to work out. Please help me.
You've got to use the transmission from the...Prius? I think it was the prius, in addition to inputting gear ratio codes for the missing gear.

In general, it's more trouble than it's worth if you don't have a Gameshark Pro 3.2 to plug into the back of your old-style PS1.
Alright. Thanks. =) It was annoying me so much just to get cars to have seven gears!

EDIT: I'm not sure if it's from the Prius...the car only has one gear..and when I go to look at it, the game freezes. =/
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Ouch, sorry about that.

Yeah, you're probably right. The one speed gearbox and the seven speed gearbox were both unique in the game, and I couldn't remember which gearbox came from which car.

[edit] It's the Subaru Pleo RS
Dang..I didn't expect such a little car to have seven gears...and thanks! =)

EDIT: It's not working for the 97' Supra that I'm trying to hybrid. I used the PLEO's transmission, which gave it six gears, but it caps at five, instead of six. =/
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Okay, I found out that the Pleo does not have seven gears. It might've been a bug in the car, because it's top gear is actually five. Are there any other cars that might actually have seven gears?
Did you use the right Pleo? Weren't there two of them?

Argh, how annoying...I wish I still had a working PS1 so I could get to the bottom of this.

Mr CoolFiat: All of the Vipers in GT2 only have five or six, I can't remember exactly, but none of them have seven.
I used both Pleos, and none of them worked. I saw someone that had a Fiat Coupe with seven gears, but I'm not sure if it makes a difference if the one I saw on YouTube, which is PAL, and me having the NTSC version.

EDIT: I searched up the code for seven gears, and the transmission code is 0669. I have no idea what car this came from...I just looked it up on a code breaker site for GameShark codes.
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Yeah. I tried it on a Mitsubishi Eclipse, upon which is goes 400+ MPH, 2600-2700 HP, and has seven gears. But the bad thing, is that I can never actually look at the transmission, because it'll freeze. But why should I? The auto gearing code is the only code that can change how fast you can go in GT2 if you have that code with the transmission code in it. I'm going to post a video on it on YouTube some time. =)
I never really saw the point of having the 7 speed transmission, myself. Sure, it's nice to say "Hey, my car's got 7 gears!", but you can easily reach the highest speed the game allows without a problem even with a regular five speed, and with a lot less trouble too.

Anyway, good to see you got it working.
I like it, because it reminds me of an F1 Race Car, since they have seven gears, and plus, no car in the game actually has seven gears. I found out that 0669 isn't from any car in the game. And thanks. =)
My garage has all cars with 7 gears, The tranny is from the pleo and you can modify each gear including the final gear, It's really simple with a GS pro as mentioed, Too get the best tuning of the tranny, It's easier to rename the car to a pleo and tune it to your likings, Then rename it back to it's original name and save it.
Whenever I try that the game freezes, so I just buy the pleo, put the new engine and body on and set the transmission, when i enter the transmission menu it works fine
Cause your new at it, Just kidding! What you do is, Tune the tranny the way you want it, Back out of the race or whatever place your making the tranny adjustments, And then re-enter and test it out, This way it will not freeze, The game see's that hybrid part during adjustments and does'nt recognize it and freezes, It will not be recognize during initial entry! It will work as explained.
I guess somethings wrong with my game or ps1 then, oh well, cause it still doesn't work. I would try it but my 3-year old sister broke my simulation mode disc, can you hybrid cars in Arcade mode?
Yeah, if you make changes in the settings and your game freezes, it's most likely as HYBRIDLVR says. After you make your changes, back out of the settings screen, back out of the race screen, however far you have to go to get to the screen where you choose different racing series. Then it's safe to go back and test your changes. You have to do this EVERY time you mess with the settings on a hybrid.

As for Arcade Mode hybrids...I don't know, I never tried it.
Skynyrd, it wasn't that the game would freeze after I changed settings, it would freeze when I tried to access the transmission settings menu.
That generally happens when you have the wrong code, though it could be any number of other things. Like I said before, messing with transmissions is a real pain.
Ive only just installed a emulator to relive the old games and show flatmate ..I know old Question..this answer is for future browsers..
What I discovered about the 7 speed is go to 'drivetrain' tab in 'edit GT2 garage'..
In drivetrain you will see 'transmission code' I just replaced the code with one from a pleo '067C' have 7 gears.
From there you can enter codes from gears 1 to 7 however you want..(or steal from another car and improvise the lost gears).
Trial and error for each car to get right gearing reloading save but worth it :)
You will still be able to make car awd, mr, ff, fr ect however you please.
This will affect standard gearbox not the bought ones.
As mentioned above ..Everytime you go and change a setting exit race then re-enter... or car will undo mods on race launch.

I havent yet learned how to change my car name??..cannot find a description or tutorial on this.
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