Gran Turismo 7 Featured with D-BOX Motion Rigs at CinemaCon

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I don’t think I’ve heard of this festival. I wonder if it’s a bit like the CES but for film-making tools?
You can get a basic DOF motion setup for around $2500 USD.
Hopefully, this means PD is committed to adding more telemetry info to the GT series as right now what the game outputs is super limited compared to others
Awesome! I would love to see this game come to PC, then Polyphony Digital can earn heaps of money and can use higher budget to improve this franchise!
In the past, was it GT3, they had show displays with motion but I think the motion was never available to consumers.

With this D-BOX tie-in, I looked and noticed that the "movie" will be coming to theaters with D-BOX motion seats installed.
Plenty in USA but I think only 1 or 2 in the whole of UK.

I wonder though if they are going to announce official D-BOX support for GT7 for their new/more affordable Gen 5 motion actuators.
That would be interesting....


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I'd love to know how they got this to work. I've been considering a DBox system, but no one can tell me how to tie them in w/ GT7/PS5. I know you can pull telemetry data via 3rd party apps (SRS, etc), but making that work w/ DBox is where I'm unclear.
The price I quote is just the D-BOX platform...

I actually own the DBOX G5 and a DOFreality H6. GT7 has been working using SimRacingStudio on the DOFreality, but I still haven’t found any way to get motion from GT7 to my DBOX, once I get dbox haptics and motion in GT7 I will be satisfied.

Do you know if anyone knows how the GT7 DBOX collaboration works?