Gran Turismo 7 Review Embargo and Media Live Streaming Dates Revealed

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.. And what does Forza? In Horizon 5, for example Audi R8 pre-facelift and old A6 model still..
In Forza 7, there gotten included no AMG GT3 until end of lifetime, GT Sport had it.
Therefore, GT has unique cars with vision GT, no competitor have. That’s for me one buy reason, i dont want drive only the newest road cars like from Ferrari.
I haven't played Forza Horizon 5 but I just looked at the car list. Going by that it has 202 cars from 2017 to 2021. GT7 has 36, and at least a dozen of those are fictional VGTs.

Obviously everyone has their preferences and some people don't care for the latest models but it's clear by the numbers that GT7 is lacking in the newest metal, whether that be the latest Ferrari or Toyota Aqua. There have been two facelifts since the 2011 model Aqua present in GT7.

As usual everyone will point towards updates, and I'm sure they will provide some more new cars, but that's not the here and now. So it's certainly a valid criticism of the current car list.