Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.34 Now Available: Buyable Engine Swaps & Special Parts, Three New Cars

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Best update ever!
I finally have a 500PP 544BHP Honda Beat! :dopey:
The Mini NSX is a decent car on the WTC700.
Only issue is it eats tires like a fat kid eats through a candy store.

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Depends if you want a car for memes or that it performs 😜. Best RWD car perhaps will be a F40 with the Enzo V12 engine. 4WD cars many of them can have a powerful engine and can handle the power. Escudo engine in a Lancer X or GTO should be fun. Alfa 4C with the 458 engine feels really good, NA and not too much torque so even at just 900 kgs can run max power in the 770 hp region or so.
Thanks. I was actually thinking about those too. Also r92 engine in a skyline r34 seemed like it might be awesome. Through roulette tickets I got the 458 engine for the alfa 4C and its my favorite so far for sure. Some of these swaps are truly mad but are fun regardless
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I'm in love with my Enzo swapped F40. Did all the internal engine upgrades and now it's pumping out 860 hp with a redline approaching 10,000 rpm. And the car takes it very well. It walks Veyrons and 918 Spyders like they're standing still. My only issues are with adjusting the transmission ratios to suit it. Has anyone had any luck? The slider (for manual adjustment) literally will not let me use the full range of adjustment. Very odd - I haven't encountered this with any other cars. It also is a problem with one of my unswapped F40s.