Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.46 Will Add the Skoda Vision GT, Sony's Afeela, & a Classic Chevelle

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I'm not sure if Kaz's early silhouette reveal would've softened the blow or not, but whew, this lineup is... not really good. My expectations were low, but still.

I like the Chevelle, have no problems with it being in here, it's a dope car.
Škoda VGT is a mixed bag, looks kinda generic but one can hope it's useful in more than a handful of events.
Sony EV car is like an out of season april fools joke... What a hideous car.

Another boring update, yay! Might just stick to playing other games until PD brings something new to the table.
That Chevelle looks interesting, and so does the Sony Afeela, AWD electric car? Curious to see how it performs, and the Skoda, also curious to see how it performs, it looks pretty nice, better than the other VGT's in my opinion.
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Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.46 Will Add the Skoda Vision GT, Sony’s Afeela, & a Classic Chevelle

With a few hours to go until it’s officially revealed, a first look at the Skoda Vision Gran Turismo car has leaked out courtesy of one regional PlayStation site jumping the gun — along with the other contents of the upcoming update 1.46...
I'm looking forward to the Chevrolet Chevelle SS, the other 2 will only be bought if a TT require it down the line.
Can anyone explain the barriers to the car in the background just there being scanned? It seems quite feasible to me. 🤞

I enjoy driving the Audi e-Tron VGT and it's actually useful in 800 pp events with its range on par with Gr. 3s but with the pace of a Gr. 2.

As for the VGTs themselves, I always give them a chance, especially when they are actually useful in 800 and 900 pp endurance events (Hyundai, Mazda, and McLaren are great provided they aren't the Gr. 1 versions).
I use the Ferrari VGT pretty often for the Gr. 1. races, so that may be another to consider for those who are looking for an option.
Shame about the interior.
I agree about the BMW VGT in this respect. I haven't driven it since GT Sport for that reason.
Skoda VGT since is open top will be a blast in VR :)

As a VR-only player, I'm looking forward to all three of these! I wonder what kind of engine swap may show up for the 454? Hmmm...

And I get all three as part of a free update! I will continue to get as much out of these while I still can.
The Chevelle is absolutely great news, one of my favourite American muscle cars of all time. I believe most others have already expressed the same opinions as mine about the Skoda & Sony car.

PD, please. Give us a new track. I'm dying of thirst, and you turned it into Death Valley...
Imagine thinking a game is done for when they've added 3 more cars while one is a new manufacturer to the series that has little to no coverage in other titles...
For many people this update adds nothing to the game, like many of the previous updates. For me I'd rather see no update as j just get more exasperated with each update, especially when I race in sport to salvage the game and immediately feel like uninstalling the game after getting a 2 second penalty ( again and again ) at the start of the race because a car ghosted then unghosted in front of me whilesf I couldn't avoid it due to being sandwiched. The cars are adding nothing and the penalties are ruining online. How hard is it to add a NASCAR for the ovals which will actually add something to the game? I mean the even add a stupid route x 1 lap race in sport mode so they must think oval racing would be a good touch. PD's decisions and focus just dont seem to have improved from GT5.