Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.48 Now Available: Volvo Returns, Five New Cars, New Extra Menu, & New Engine Swaps

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Daburu kurashu IKOZE!!! (If you know, you know.)

It's possible to see soon the Lotus brand. Volvo and Lotus are from Geely right now.
Not even a page has passed.
No. Geely, Lotus, and Volvo are all owned by ZGH (as are LTI, Lynk&Co, and Polestar).

No. Licensing is under the purview of PR and marketing, which each brand manages for themselves. The only company that operates the way you suggest is Stellantis (and even then, Maserati has its own teams).

The issue with Lotus not being in GT is between PD and Lotus.
Lotus's licensing still has nothing to do with the brand's ownership by ZGH, and nothing to do with Volvo's licensing.

The reason Lotus isn't in the game is between Lotus and PD.
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It's an alright update. Could have been better, could have been a lot worse. The biggest win here is the addition of Volvo, which opens up a few doors for other cars from the brand.
I always assumed the 850R would have been the most logical and popular choice.
If it turns out to be the V40 T5 R-Design (any V40 below this variant is pointless, let's be honest), it's not bad.
Hope it increases the chances of getting in the future some Polestar variants and the P1800 Cyan.

The NSX was already expected sooner or later.
The Civic is both expected and quite boring honestly. It could have been saved for GT8, since there are higher priorities to add to GT7.
The Nissan was also half expected. It's not really a surprise nor groundbreaking.

The fact that it's a 5-car update is really good, instead of just 3. Only wished there was a bit more variety, specially in terms of performance, as this update adds 4 slow/slow-ish cars, and 1 race car.
An ok-ish selection in my opinion. Happy to see the Castrol Mugen Honda back in GT. Rest of the field is not my taste but anyway. Maybe the update has a new track or other things I can look forward to.

And yes, again a new Brand for the game. Where is Koenigsegg? ^^
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Whoa! Five ones. And, given the interpolation of the silhouettes are correct, they are good.
Seems I fit the target Group described.

My first reaction to the ”240 wagon” silhouette was: Mercedes W110/111 ”fintail?”
Better still, but not as likely. I know…
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Yes, Lotus wants more £££££££££££££
Lotus could be forced to do it for free for PD if the majority control shareholders changed the board and fired all the top bosses if they refused? So writing nice letters to Zhejiang Geely Holding might help perhaps.
Unless Zhejiang Geely Holding support Lotus against PD and Volvo have gone against the ethos. And Zhejiang Geely Holding could instruct Volvo to withdraw.
Then update 1.49 would delete Volvo from GT7.
So thats my June update prediction sorted.
As always I find myself rather out of step with the consensus, the NSX means absolutely nothing to me. :D

Still, if it makes people happy then I'm all for it. All 'bout them Volvos for me, such a pleasant surprise.
What’s the difference between this and the NSX GT500?

2000 Castrol Mugen Honda NSX-GT: Honda brought new tech to the 2000-spec NSX-GT including a new gearbox design derived from Formula Nippon – the end result is four victories and Honda’s first GT500 Drivers’ and Teams’ Championships, won by the Castrol Mugen NSX of Ryo Michigami – who didn’t win a race but racked up four podiums alongside Osamu Nakako and Hidetoshi Mitsusada.
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Hell yes, stoked on the Volvo 240 Wagon! I've been day dreaming about sleeper Volvo wagons the past few months. Hopefully it comes with an engine swap option that involves a turbo 5 cylinder. Looking forward to playing with a flying brick 🤤
Look at farine de blé on youtube 2JZ swaped volvo
What’s the difference between this and the NSX GT500?
I'm not very familiar with the JGTC stuff but, from the sound of things, the late 90s/early 2000s cars were a bit closer to their production counterparts. Engine wise at least. And then eventually they just started doing whatever with whatever and kinda only retained the exterior shape.

Just my guess though.🤷‍♂️