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  1. TeamCZRRacing

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    Hey there! I'm TeamCZRRacing, founder of Gran Turismo Wiki, where I'm known as Gp75motorsports. Today I've decided to randomly give some of our fans here a little something just for being so awesome, though if you've never heard of us and just want an awesome wallpaper, you're welcome to it too. :)

    To install a wallpaper from the set:

    1. Download using the link above.
    2. Extract the one you want to your /Pictures/ folder (or anywhere else)
    3. Right-click -> "Set as desktop background" (or whatever the equivalent is on your OS)
    4. Enjoy!

    Without further ado, the Gran Turismo Wiki wallpaper set!

    Three of them are variations on the same basic design, however, there's also a "Keep Calm and Race On" wallpaper, as well as a wallpaper with a McLaren 12C at Route X. Below are some previews. :)
    GTW Blur Ver 2.png
    GTW Keep Calm and Race On.png
    GTW Blur Ver 2.1.png
    GTW Blur Ver 1.png
    GTW Spec 3.0 Wallpaper.png
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