Grand Slam of Grind

Here is an Idea I was thinking of lately(but I havn't really tried it out myself so far I must admit...)

Are there any cars that are capable of winning all 4 of the grind races(Tokyo WTC 600, Sarthe WTC 700, Spa WTC 800 and Sardegna WTC 800) with the same engine ?
Some Rules:
.) Difficulty gotta be medium or high
.) Engine swapped cars are allowed, but it has to be the same engine in all 4 races
Optional extra rule:
.)No race cars, only (customized)road cars allowed

I have some ideas which cars might work, but I think fuel management in the 800PP races will be the most difficult thing to get right in this challenge...
Looking forward to your results, won't be able do try that out for myself until sunday evening...
Isn't that the same as this?