Grand Valley Returns to Gran Turismo 7

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It looks stunning and I'm glad it's here but..uhh it doesn't look like Grand Valley to me. It looks like that LA Canyon mod for Assetto Coraa rather than the foresty/valley race track one that I'm used to.

At least Trial Mountain, Deep Forest and High Speed Ring looked pretty close to GT1-6, visually speaking.

And yeah, i know GT4-6 Grand Valley looked different from older GT1-3 (became worse visually imo) but still.

Either way, as long as people are happy then it's fine i guess.
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It's all coming together now.. please excuse the roughness of this, just trying to get it out there quickly.
(That Carrera though.. this looks phenomenal, like straight out of a movie)
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Liking the new look of Grand Valley.

It's interesting that they've leaned into justifying why a race track would have massive truss bridges and lots of tunnels, not much run off, cuttings and walls next to the track. Circuits like Trial Mountain are fine, but i's not convincing as a real road, nor a purpose built circuit. It's never bothered me much, but I've always noticed it.
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Loving the look of the new Grand Valley Highway , reminds me of the California Highway track from PC2.
Highway 1 travels through Big Sur in California, going to pretty safely guess this is where the name and photography originates from.

Also the track layout looks pretty much the same as the old games, but with different scenery (no less scenic though).
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Hype slightly deflated, but it’s my own fault for reading more into the name than I should have.

I medically need a California Highway (PCars2) equivalent in GT. Give me a long road to enjoy the drive on, especially now VR is about to land.

Still super happy for Grand Valley though.
Glad to see Grand Valley back. Been a favorite since the OG GT days. I'm a little on the fence about the layout of it though. Would have liked to see it retain its racetrack esque layout like they did with High Speed Ring. I'm all for scenic routes but maybe not using on an OG track as the basis. Idk.

Maybe I'm just being too nostalgic. Either way, it's a welcome addition nevertheless.
After watching the trailer a couple of times, the stunning scenery makes me wonder how gorgeous tracks like Red Rock Valley and Tahiti Road could look, if they were revamped for the modern era 🤔... As I always thought those circuits looked fantastic even in those low-poly days back then.

In any case, the updated scenery suits the character of a track like Grand Valley for sure.
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I was underwhelmed with the landscape visual design changes for Deep Forest and Trial Mountain, but Grand Valley on the coast looks incredible. Loving the views on this one.
I knew there had to be something else in the update than just VR, considering the January has been a total graveyard.

Extremely happy we not only received a few cool cars, but a track, and an original one at that Even if it is technically in the US once again
Looking forward to the update announcement today, update itself tomorrow, and VR on Wednesday. Yeah, this was worth missing January :D
The emphasis on coastal scenery is sure to ruin the element of nostalgia for me. I liked the old location, but this is only a familiar layout in a completely different place. The world has enough games with a scenic coastal highway.