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    Hey everyone, I'm Alex. I live in Italy on Lake Como but I was born in France.
    I'm an active user since almost a year, but I never did a presentation so, here we go!

    • How did you find GTPlanet? I'm a GTP lurker since forever, but I'm an active user since novembrer 2015

    • Where are you from? I live in Como, a beautiful city on Lake Como Italy. But, as I said above, I was born in France

    • When did you start playing the Gran Turismo games? I was 11 when the first Gran Turismo came out on PS1. It was a Christmas present, but my parents struggled to find it because of the huge sells it did. Luckily they found the game in a little store and then my love with this series bloomed immediatly.

    • Do you play with a steering wheel? No I'm not. I played only GT4 with the Driving force GT and then I sold it. Now I can't put a wheel in my living room, I think my girl would kill me otherwise.

    • What other games do you enjoy? Mostly racing games or GTA like. I am a HUGE fan of the Driver series. It is now unfortunately dead but it was brilliant. BTW I play everything I find interesting.

    • What are you most looking forward to doing in the community, now that you're a part of this site? I find this community very attached to Gran Turismo, racing games and cars in general. I'm happy to be part of this, because I'm an obsessive lover of all of these things! And surely, I hope to be nice with the fellas and don't be a dick :D
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