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  1. Motor Piston

    Motor Piston

    I am new to the game.
    I've been searching the net for a comprehensive explanation as to how the Driver Rating is calculated (what races award how many points), but also how GT determines my door number in Daily races and in FIA races.

    To make a specific example:
    This week's daily race is on Tokyo East Outer Loop. Say my current DR is 'C' and I managed to put a time of 2:10.6xx on the tarmac. I am now matched into a lobby of mostly DR 'A' and 'B' drivers whose qualifying time is in the low 2:09:xx or even 2:08:xx.
    My door number is '2'.

    How on earth am I supposed to pull that out of the hat?

    The same for the FIA races.
    Brands Hatch track
    mixed ability lobby
    my quali time puts me into 16, my door number is '5', I finish 11 but lose DR rating, even though my race was overall clean... (a 2k drop to be specific, which actually dropped me from 'C' back into 'D')

    Can someone explain the system in a comprehensive way, please? (like I'm 5?!) :p

    Don't get me wrong, I've got massive fun playing and deeply enjoy the competitive races. Just want to find a way to understand how to advance and meet cleaner drivers.
  2. The_Tullster


    The driver rating is based on a driver score. You can check yours by entering your PS tag at

    Driver score is awarded based on finish position in sport mode races, NOT on how many positions you've gained. The following formulas are not mine but are alleged to show how the changes to your score are calculated at the end of each race.

    For every car you finish in front of you gain:
    80 - ((Player DR - Rival DR))/500)DR

    For every car you finish behind, you lose:
    80 + ((Player DR - Rival DR))/500)DR

    So if you finish ahead of a player with a much higher score than you, you stand to gain a lot of DR points. If you finish ahead of a much lower rated player you will only gain a little.
    Conversely, if you finish behind a lower scored player you will lose a lot, but if you finish behind a higher scored player you wont lose as much.

    In addition, there seems to be a bump in the score as you go from one band to the next. As you go up a band you get an extra 1500 points, when you drop down a band you lose an extra 1500 points. This seems to be intended to reduce the frequency with which a player close to a band change level swaps bands.

    This article is also worth a read

    For the driver door numbers, again based on information others have posted, it seems to be based on the descending alphabetical scoring of player DR scores (not ratings, not qualification times). The rating score ranges are
    E: 1
    D: 2 - 3999
    C: 4000 - 9999
    B: 10,000 - 29,999
    A: 30,000 - 49,999
    A+: 50,000 - 75,000

    It is possible at slow times when there are limited numbers to fill lobbies that you could get a high C driver in the 9000 - 9999 range racing against A+ dirvers at over 70000. Since the door numbers are based on an alphabetic sort, this C driver would have door number 1, since 9 is higher alphabetically than 75000.

    In lobbies where all drivers are B or higher, door numbers should correctly reflect relative DR scores.
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  3. Alpha Cipher

    Alpha Cipher

    oops it's explained above
  4. Motor Piston

    Motor Piston

    Thank you so much. Finally :)
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    Yeah it's not that easy to get your head around how DR works but in most simplistic of terms if you finish ahead of a couple higher rated players you should gain.

    As for lower rated players having better qualifying times, that is just one of those things. Speed and DR often dont correlate. There is a lot of fast players who have zero racecraft meaning they can knock out a fast lap on a clear track but put them around other cars and they struggle to replicate the speed for a variety of reasons.
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  6. Sven Jurgens

    Sven Jurgens Premium

    To explain matchmaking:

    This week's daily race is on Tokyo East Outer Loop. Say my current DR is 'C' and I managed to put a time of 2:10.6xx on the tarmac. I am now matched into a lobby of mostly DR 'A' and 'B' drivers whose qualifying time is in the low 2:09:xx or even 2:08:xx.
    My door number is '2'.

    Qualifying times have no effect on matchmaking whatsoever. They are only used to sort the starting grid after the rooms have been filled. Non qualifiers appear at the end, from highest to lowest DR.

    As already said, starting position does not effect your DR only finishing position. Of course starting up higher by qualifying better helps especially in sprint races.

    Matchmaking looks at SR first:

    Round 1:
    A. Collect all entries in the 90-99 SR range
    B. Sort entries on DR.
    C. Divide into rooms from highest to lowest.

    Round 2:
    A. Collect all entries in the 80-89 SR range.
    B. Sort entries on DR.
    C. Complete the last room first with the highest DR of this selection, then make more rooms.

    Round 3:
    A. Collect all entries in the 70-79 SR range.
    etc etc.

    So SR first, then DR.
    However if you look at round 2: C, higher DR players in a lower SR bracket get 'used' to fill the rest of a higher SR bracket room with the lowest DR. This is how you can get A+/S (in the 80-89 range) in a room with otherwise B/S and D/S drivers (in the 90-99 range)

    SR.S also has far less drivers than SR.B. That means that in SR.S you are far more likely to get in a fast room, which often consists of A+/S to D/S drivers when there aren't enough SR.S entries to fill more than one room.
    SR.B is far more populated so there you get more even matchmaking with full B/B rooms. Although it's not that even after all since SR limits the DR rank you can be at, so some B/B players might actually be at DR.A or DR.A+ pace after a reset or driving on an alt account.
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    Thank you guys for these posts. I'd read how the points system worked in the past but parts of it just didn't stick until now. I'd had the same issues as @Motor Piston. Went from C to B and at first I was scooping up points like a vacuum cleaner. Then at about the 15K point threshold it seemed like every race I entered, even when I though I did well, I'd consistently lose points. Eventually I dropped back from B to C. Manu race before last, i think i finished 12th, but ended up losing over 2K points which is where the move from B to C occurred. Now I understand why the points loss was so great. 1500 of those were due to me moving back through that threshold.
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