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Based on the original thread format by @Johnnypenso

For each update released, there lies the potential for changes undocumented in the initial patch notes. Please report any Undocumented changes you find in the current update and I'll update the OP as much as possible to reflect those changes found.

1. It is encouraged that you make an effort in verifying these changes as much as possible.
2. If you need help from the community to verify something, don't be afraid to ask.
3. It is strongly advised that you be as specific and detailed as possible with the information including a brief description of the bug or improvement before it was fixed/changed (if applicable) and how. If English is not your first language that's ok, just do it to the best of your ability.

THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD ABOUT THE OFFICIAL CHANGES Only any changes not listed on the official site are disgusted here
THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD ABOUT THE PROS AND CONS OF THE UPDATE or anything else other than undocumented changes in the update. Keep those strictly to the appropriate threads:

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Documented Changes

Main Features Implemented

1. New Cars
 - The following 2 cars have been added:
  ・Audi E-TRON Vision Gran Turismo (Gr. X)
  ・Audi Vision Gran Turismo (Gr. 1)

2. Controller
 - Fixed an issue wherein the "Force Feedback Max. Torque" would revert back to its default settings when exiting any game mode after having changed the "Force Feedback Sensitivity" value in [Driving Options].

3. "Transmission Mode" BGM Settings
 - Fixed an issue wherein the menu background music did not play when the [BGM Playlist] option in [Options] > [Sound Volume] was set to "Transmission Mode" (Race background music will not be played in "Transmission Mode".)

Other Improvements and Adjustments
- Various other issues have been addressed.

Undocumented Changes

I checked it after the 1.16 update and It was still broken. Just to be sure, I did a quick search on YT and found this video uploaded 18 hours ago:

At 1:09, you can see the driver still moving its arm unnaturally.

Wasn't 1.16 the update that introduced the E30?
I have noticed that there is some changes in the handling of the bmw e30.
Since 1.15 i was only driving the e30 and tryed to build a setup that makes the car enjoyable to me.
I was on sport medium front and sport soft rear. With 1.17 this setup dont work anymore, too much grip! :D
Now i drive the same setup with comfort soft front & rear and it feels good!
Maybe someone can confirm that, or maybe they have changed something in the tyres? I cant say because only was driving the e30 all the time.
Has the interior camera been moved down? Noticed yesterday few cars had quite low interior view angle and went to adjust them just to notice they were set to default "0" and both highest and lowest positions seem to be a lot lower now. :confused:

Or have they adjusted the size of the driver (due to e30 arm issue) as my driver looked tiny next to gr. B gt-r this morning.. :lol:
Usually when the GT-R GT500 was put into livery editor, the chrome decals above the headlights would disappear as seen on this livery here


Looks like 1.17 fixed that issue