GT Sport Will Feature in FIA's New International Motorsport Cup

Im curious to see how the stewards behave in this,if its way better and less controversial than gt live events then maybe something is wrong with GT.
But who knows,real life racing also doesnt escape from controversies regarding stewards.
The Bronx
Yeah, CAMS, in Australia, are forming their own team.
CAMS Director of Motor Sport and Commercial Operations Michael Smith has confirmed that it will enter ‘Team Australia’ in the games.

“Of course we are biased, but there’s no doubt that we have some of the best competitors in the world and we are keen to see Team Australia represented at the FIA Motorsport Games later this year,” said Smith.

“This is obviously a big event with plenty of planning required. We also want to make sure we have a strong qualification process in place.

“There are obviously budgets to consider, so we will be in discussion with the various category managers as well on the process.

“The Esports component is also particularly exciting, given the significant growth in this area – we expect to open up an online qualifying component before having a live final at a CAMS event in the coming months. Details around the platform for this competition will be available shortly.”
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
1000 euros entry fee per competitor :crazy:


Completely off-topic, but I believe I might have taken this lol... it would have been either myself or Frits Van Eldik.