GT Sport's Austrian World Tour Event Showed How Good Racing Esports Can Be

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  1. brianloch


    Fantastic coverage from when I joined till the end. There is some minor annoyance though:
    - Not displaying the drivers psn/name during race. I don't find much attachments to the brands, and team Nissan/Audi don't mean anything to me, especially it's not work team anyway .Showing players name will bring out more attachment, and also better to build 'superstars' in the long run

    - Nations Cup before Manufacturer. Not much attachment to brands compared to Nations , so the end are kind of anti-climax for me. Personal thoughts only as I'm sure someone find Manufacturers to be more interesting.
  2. FoRiZon


    Bit of suggestion for next league:

    Nobosy really cares about the brands. Most only cares about the players. If said player does attach to certain brand thats up to them.

    Why should I care about a FORD beating NISSAN? I want to know the drivers behind it that's for sure.
  3. MarchingSaint


    Out of curiosity i've decided to go back and watch the first GTSport livestream

    And i'm happy to see how far we've come with GTS: It's fresh, entertaining and fun to watch. I agree that it would be easier to show full name/psn nickname, and a larger livery editor involvement is in order to keep track of the race. Who knows? maybe it can attract sponsors and create something bigger.
  4. Auditore


    I gotta say the Thrustmaster joke caught me off guard and now i feel dumb for never realizing how dirty the name "Thrustmaster" is.
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    I thoroughly enjoyed the Broadcast. I watched the 1st hour live then had to go out. Finished the nations part Sat evening but I fell asleep so I finished the manu Series Sunday.

    My critique: I know in the "Help us make the broadcast better" thread a lot of us mentioned "Have real names! PSN are stupid and makes the broadcast look cheesy and we can't take it seriously!" I agreed. But now having watching this, without PSN I had no idea who any of these guys were. As someone who watches the broadcast regularly I have come to know the elite racers by their PSNs and PSNs only. So while the real names are great, we at least need in the introductions they name and their PSN ID so we can associate who these guys are. I think the only one I knew for sure was TRL-Lighting because the commentors kept calling him that. Aside from him I'm guessing McCabe was TRL_Doodle, juts because Lightning said they were TRL teamates, Doodle is the only TRL I can think of from America. Other than that I have no idea.

    Oh, and also I noticed in the Maufacturers, maybe it was going on all day, when doing the starting grids, the pictures did not match with the names not a huge deal but certainly an error.
  6. Sander 001

    Sander 001

    Yup floating names needed to be deleted yesterday, both from broadcast and at least an option when playing GT Sport.

    The other thing was they really could have used much more driver perspective (and not that rotating roof cam), I wanted to see what cameras a driver is using, all their UI showing their tire wear, aids, inputs etc.

    And the last thing I’ll mention is showing qualifying!! Even just some raw video feeds would be better than nothing.
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  7. zzz_pt


    It was great to see the livery editor being used in the RedBull Nation's Cup race.

    I don't know how feasible it would be but involving the community in the livery creation would be great. I didn't think about specifics but I wouldn't mind creating a livery for some nation (mine preferably) / manufacturer or driver. I'm absolutely sure there are plenty of creative people who would be able to create a professional looking livery for these events. :)

    Probably asking for too much but still. It would be another reason to make the stream more appealing imo since we've all seen the stock liveries a million times.
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    A couple other things that had me screaming at the TV during the broadcast.

    In the manu series, the top six qualified and bottom 3 got DQ'd, so really the battle for 6th was the most important. I was getting frustrated that for a good part of the race 7th place was less that a second behind 6th and the cameras focused on the battle for the podium when in this particular race didn't really matter that much. Then not to mention for some reason they decided to focus on the battle for 8th who were like 10 seconds out of seventh and eliminated anyways.

    Then of course was the blunder with Volkswagen's early pit that got unnoticed by the UI and threw everybody off, so nobody realized they did a brilliant undercut that got them from near last place and into I think 4th at one point and secured their spot in the final.
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  9. zeptrans


    Very impressive driver level. Penalty system was interesting, and races were clean.
    Fight at the end of Nation Cup was cool.

    Commentating + Good fight + Clean = See next...
  10. HERE4BEER3


    I'm wondering if that penalty system will be implemented in the next update, seeing as how it was almost like this event was using the latest update, Fuji, all the new cars etc.

    I think it's great, it forces the driver to burn their penalty at the soonest opportunity instead of saving it and getting rid of it when it's convenient for them.

    A drawback though, we saw in one of the manufacturers races at Austria, when Dodge served that penalty on the straight they stayed in the middle of the track, ghosted then "reanimated" in the middle of the pack and caused a big mess. I think Dodge ended up getting a time penalty for that which is right, but I can only imagine all the casual racers in Dailies and regular FIA events that won't think to move over when serving a penalty.
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  11. Lebowski


    Got around to watching this tonight, thinking i would have a look out of curiosity and certainly not go the full duration. How wrong was I! I found it to be as entertaining as any real live motorsport and on some occasions even more engaging. The hosting and commentating was all good and the driving was excellent too. Agree with some minor criticisms like do we really need to see the cars brand above the car? We're car fans, we know a Nissan from a Dodge! They don't do that in real life so don't do it for Esports!
    And finally, just one question: what is TRL?
  12. GTP_TO Blue

    GTP_TO Blue Premium

    What was a pleasant surprise to me this weekend whilst watching the Nations races, was how much interest my wife took in all the races.

    She's always ribbing me for racing fake cars, and spending fake money to buy fake cars etc etc, but as soon as the races started she was hooked.

    Some of it was down to some of the "fake" cars on the track being her favourites in real life, the closeness of the racing (she was also calling out some of the dirty moves) but also the actual presentation and feel of the live broadcast.

    During the downtime between races/events, she read up on the whole World Tour to get a feel for what was going on.

    To get someone who is far from interested in GT Sport and/or e-sports, then they did something right.

    She's looking forward to the next broadcast now. But, she did say not to tell any of her friends what she watched Saturday morning/afternoon :)
  13. HERE4BEER3


    They are a esports racing team, Team Red Line.
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  14. Sergio18


    GT is also for kids and young people, i dont see that like a problmen, actually I liked becouse is inclusive
  15. Auditore


    It helps that the replay angles in GTS is extremely appealing and makes for some sick shots of cars going fast through corners there is no dreadful "camera locked to the car in only one angle",the camera is always moving and always showing the light engine of this game in the best possible way,that's really appealing for someone who doesn't care for games.And there is no shame in watching e-sports at saturday morning :lol:

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  16. Valkendorm


    I definitely agree with you and hope we'll have the PSN ID under their real name for the next events. I only knew a few, like @Tidgney, because of streamed races.

    Fortunately, this page helped me a lot with this:

    Still have to go through the Manufacturers cup. Nations was thrilling, especially the races on Fuji and RB Ring. Lots of talented drivers in here.
  17. syntex123

    syntex123 Premium

    Manu went exactly as I envisioned, you’re in for a treat.
  18. HERE4BEER3


    Thanks! I never bothered scrolling all they way down that page before, haha.

    I had a feeling Neto was Hellzfire because he did so poorly and I remember reading somewhere that he had never used a wheel before. As someone who's been trying to transition myself to a wheel over the last month, I can relate, it's not easy.
  19. stpatty


    What I enjoyed most about the event was seeing players who use controllers rather than wheels getting there, so there is hope for plebs like me after all.

    Seriously though, the whole stream was amazing.
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  20. HellzFire


    Yeah, especially on the comfort soft races (Xbow qualifying and Fuji race). I had massive difficulties getting used to it.

    I just tried the same qualifying setup at home on my DS4, first lap i was 2 seconds faster than my fastest on qualy, and 10 minutes later did a 53.7 that it surely can be lowered a lot.

    On the Manufacturers race i was actually doing alright, especially on the Red Bull Ring practice.
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  21. HERE4BEER3


    Yes, the qualifying times and Fuji was what I noticed. After that I didn't pay too much attention to who was who.

    I am going back and forth now doing time trials with my new wheel and the DS4 and on the DS4 I am about 1.5 to 2 seconds faster still, and still feel like I have much more control with the DS4. For example race C @ Tokyo last week I did several sessions of multiple laps and best I could do with the wheel was 2:01.9 then one 4 lap session with the DS4 I got 2:00.2 :D

    Kudos to you for doing what you did given your limited use with a wheel! Like I said I've been trying with the wheel for a month and I'm still not as good with it, so I could not imagine learning the wheel under that pressure and in that environment in Austria!
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