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  1. Ryanlcfc3


    Hi, does anyone have recommended tuning settings for Impreza 96 Sedan WRX, JZA70 Supra Twinturbo R, Supra RZ, Eclipse GT, Prelude 91 Si VTEC, Impreza Rally Edition, Corvette 96 Grand Sport, RX-7 FD A Spec, DB7 Coupe, Fairlady Version S Twinturbo 2 seater, and S13 Silvia 88 and 91 K's?

    If so, would seriously appreciate it as I love to get best drive out of those cars with fitted parts only and as racing mod in terms of suspension, gear ratio and downforce (Racing Mod only).
  2. Mouc


    In this ancient thread I posted a file where you'll find my settings for the Corvette '96: . Guess it would work fine with a [R] Corvette also, despite this was for a non-[R] one in the Tuned Cup.

    The question you ask is hard to answer; settings rarely do fit different ways of driving, from a driver to another.

    But for the cars you mention above, I'd say that you should just put all the best parts & reduce weight, maybe harden the sway-bars and shorten the gears (not for Impreza's, already very short in stock form) and you'll get very decent settings for all the high-end races. In GT1, the better you drive, the shorter are your lap times, you clearly don't need overpowered cars :)
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