GT3 Endurance Race Le Mans, 1PM UK Sat 18th July 2015

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I am running an endurance race this Saturday 1PM UK time. This is strictly for you racers who want a long online session,without having to participate in a number of short races with unknowns. I can't run a series,but would like to run a one off race, similar to the single weekend option in the game,but with like minded players, who don't mind being in it for the long haul. your car's not working out? make changes in the pits etc. I can't stand people rushing into the first corner and spoiling everyone's race because they haven't taken the lead at the start.

It will be a one off event, so no championship points etc. Just want a long clean fun race. If you can't overtake,it's ok because you're patient and you know there's still 30 laps to go for example. I am favouring le mans at the moment, possibly 20-30 laps or more? running GT or prototype? not too fussed on what car type. 1 hour practice, 30 min qual, then the race.

If you are not going to knock people off on lap 1 or use their cars as a braking zone, you are more than welcome to join in. i will have full damage on, so if you ruin it for yourself, it's done on the day.

If you are interested just add thewispo on your PS4. But please only add me if you are free for the day. its no good having 16 racers,then 5 or more disconnect because they realise they are not going to win or have a five second gap to close. If you add me i will send invites out on the day just before 1PM, and will automatically invite any current friends who are online at the time. the sooner i set it up, the more practice we can all have leading up to it.

Ideally i would like everything sorted by Wed night at the latest so we can get on with our set ups. If you add me with no private message, i will presume you are happy to run with whatever is finalised and await an invite, thank you all :) All are welcome up until the start time. Final note,with practice starting at 1pm,you are looking at a race start of approx 2:30pm UK time if qualifying is not your thing. I will be available until the race starts for messages and friend requests etc. Hope to see you all at the weekend!
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