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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by gamelle71, May 27, 2007.

  1. gamelle71

    France France

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    Original post:


    french vidéo game magazine " JOYPAD" goes to Japan and meet K Yamauchi at polyphony digital and give us 3 pages of interview and some more scoop about GT5:

    - All cars and tracks of GT4 will be in GT5
    - more cars and tracks should be downloadable
    - 4 driving views
    - damages for the race cars
    - All Ferrari + F1
    - new city tracks
    - online drivers : 12 to 20
    - changing weather during race

    "for Porsche and Lamborghini, no confirmation"
    "an employer take the pad : black screen , lot of lines in japan , nothing to understand except "indianapolis""
    "I can comfirm a game will be out between GT4 et GT5" K.Y

    the article ending whith 2 more interresting paragraphs concerning the problem whith F1 right and another about damages.

    it's only a translation of the link

    more details when I bought this magazine tomorrow ;) ;)
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  2. If this is correct then fantastic!!!
    All Ferrari + F1s
    Changing weather in races.
    Just these two features have me sold.....Please let the gaming gods make this true.
  3. Michael88

    Austria Nicest part of hell

    Thats good news, especially the first one: -
    I feared that PD will again miss a lot of great cars from their previous game, like GT2-GT3 & 4

    I was right, in another thread I wrote that I am pretty shure that only special cars will have damage; that makes sense.

    1. Roof, 2. & 3. third person view normal and wide angle, and 4. first person view? No in car view!!? :guilty:

    Great stuff gamelle 71, keep us informed about that. :tup:
  4. Beautifull news

    - 4 driving views

    Michael88 GT3 and GT4 didnt have 2 3rd person views, just one

    I'm guessing Cockpit, first person, roof and chase. Excellent!

    - damages for the race cars

    Better then no damage at all.

    - All Ferrari + F1

    Does this mean all the Ferrari F1 cars?!?! Imagine driving all the Ferrari F1 cars from the 70s 80s 90s and today combined with GT5's graphics and sophistication. That's worth $60 alone!

    - online drivers : 12 to 20

    This may seem odd to some, but this is the most shocking to me. 12-20 drivers online at a time is INSANE. I could only hope for 6. Maybe 10 if my wildest dreams came true. Now with 12-20 that opens the way for multi-class racing etc. INCREDIBLE!

    This also means that there may be around 30 cars on track at once in single player!

    - changing weather during race

    Changing weather....this news is almost too good to be true. If this news is indeed true it's probably the best gaming news I have EVER heard

    EDIT: Did a little more looking and the word 'INDIANAPOLIS' comes up. That can only mean one thing. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. A great Oval and Roadcourse.

    EDIT 2: I'm preordering this game the second I get a chance to
  5. Scaff

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom Peacock Battlemode

    In car view with dash-board has been confirmed by a French motoring programme that visited PD (what is it with the French and PD).


  6. 2JZFAN


    this is huge! :crazy:
  7. DuckRacer


    ...Not to sound jaded or anything, but I doubt this will all happen.

    How are they going to model more than 800 cars with interiors – especially since their standards are ridiculously high – in two years, assuming this gets released in early 2009? But if this is true... holy flippin' cow.

    Here's the big part that everyone's overlooking:

    Would it be another GTHD demo? Or GT Mobile? Or the "GT4 for kids"? Or the next Tourist Trophy? Or something entirely different?
  8. McLaren

    United States Texas

    Probably a lot of info now that'll turn into nothin'....But it's good to hear something.
  9. sheruken

    India Mumbai, India

    ^^ I know, I hope there's some thing from this info that'll make into the final game! :p

    But if it is all true, MY WORD are we in for a TREAT! :)

    P.S - What's 12-20 online drivers? It's either 12 or 20 right? It cant be only if there are 12 to 20 people in the room the game will start, what if we're just 8 of us, it wont start the race?? I am guessing what they're tring to say is - they're trying for 20 drivers online, but at the moment 12 is confirmed, so the figure would be anywhere between 12 to 20.. In that case I am gonna take up 12 MAX, at the moment... Don't really understand why damage is only restricted to "Race Cars" aswell.. It doesnt make much sense to me, but, aah well... Although realtime weather change sounds too good to be true..
  10. Jay

    Australia Australia

    This is awesome news but....... I am skeptical especially on the "All cars and tracks of GT4 will be in GT5" part

    I agree, the only way I see this happening is if when the GT4 cars were made for GT4 they also made higher res/ high quality versions with a estimate polycount in anticipation for next gen GT. I am doubting it but I hope it is true.

    GT5 Prologue was already announced somewhere at one stage (for a october/novemember release), I assume that will be it.
  11. fasj6418

    Brazil Camboriu - Braz

    they are modeling since 2004. 5 people on 1 car, three months to model. over 100 people alone working in modeling. (info came from a website editor, who interviewd PD)

    some stuff is re-used (scans) some people are temporarily hired to work on this, manufactors help... so we can dream with 1000+ cars in GT5:)

    about the title, yes, one sony exec spilled earlier this year "GT5 prologue, end of this year, PSN download"

    hey, i'll take that:)
  12. DuckRacer


    Assuming that, they'd model 80 cars each year. Assuming they started since GT4 was released (December '04), and they released it fall '08/early '09, they would have modeled ~320 cars, which is less than half the assumed 800+ (the new cars like the Ferraris, new models of existing cars like the '06 Subaru, and the 730 GT4 cars).
  13. Changing weather is good, but I hope they don't go overboard with it. If it's going to rain, then the race should start out overcast and dark. I don't want to see any arcadey-style "nice and sunny and then suddenly you're thrown into a thunderstorm" BS.

    I'm not sure what to think of the "damage on racing cars" thing. I was expecting damage on ALL cars. Maybe that hearkens back to the idea that manufacturers don't want their cars all smashed up (which is something I never agreed with in the first place).
  14. 2JZFAN


    Some cars are from scratch and some not... I doubt they'll be too many new models other then the Ferrari and F1 etc etc.. I think it's possible and when it comes to GT I only take what PD says as the word of god.

    Overboard? Clearly you haven't spent much time in the South East.. lol it does that daily down here! Seabring + Homstead included.

    As for the damage the way I look at it is we're all drivers.. Real drivers tend not to hit eachother.. further more any real driver isn't looking in his rear view to see the l33t dents and scratches. I just don't think the manufacturers would allow PD to damage the cars like you know they would. Either way the fact they're going to have damage on the race cars is enough for me. It'll show that they can do it, I'm thinking DiRT damage x 10.
  15. JohnBM01

    United States Houston, Texas

    I'm digging your flow, gamelle71. Sounds VERY interesting. I don't have too many specific comments to make at this time, but I probably will in a later post.
  16. Gabkicks


    we need more cars like 32. 20 is okay i guess. :p. i just hope the physics and multiplayer are says damage for racecars... what about damage for racetuned roadcars? :p
  17. Kent

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Southern Louisiana

    Everything from GT4, I would totally believe that... I thought GT4 built with the PS3 in mind and I wouldn't put it past any company to create a master GT4 file with all the info for all of GT4 in HD.

    Onboard with hands View... I doubt it. :(
    GT4 had two chase cams and you just didn't get to use one for driving, it was used in replays.

    "All" Ferrari could mean anything and it certainly will not be every Ferrari ever made. However, I'm it will be enough to make us happy. :sly:

    Weather... Gotta support 2JZFAN, in Louisiana it rains out of the blue with really bad thunderstorms all the time (during the summer) then clears up in an instant and repeats the process day to day. :yuck:

    Any way, this does look encouraging but I'm not blindly buying into it. Nor am I ignoring the possibilities... :cheers:

    Oh and the racecar damage... :confused:
    Makes no sense to me unless the manufacturers themselves have a hand in the process. :indiff:
  18. McLaren

    United States Texas

    What part of Texas do you live in, then?

    Because that's all that has been happening in Dallas. Sunny 1 minute, rain the next...then sunny 2 hours later.
  19. Christhedude

    United Kingdom Bristol UK

    sounds good to me! like everyone else i dont understand the "damage on race cars" but hopefully you will be able to tell us more once you've bought the magazine :dopey:
  20. Michael88

    Austria Nicest part of hell

    I understand damage only for racecars, as example the Audi R10 race car is not the kind of car what every-day customers are looking for to buy. So ''bad marketing'' with damage does not hurt Audi sales, but if you can crash a Audi R4 into pieces while a Mercedes keeps going after the same crash Audi looks bad.

    Of course thats bullsh... but thats the way car manufacturers think.:ouch:
  21. can we get a link to the original?
    Does anyone else also want a crack at the translation? Because of the translations are either a little weak or the translation is right but the interview is a little far fetched..............

    Take "All Ferrari + F1" for example.

    That would mean EVERY Ferrari and EVERY F1.

    Two questions. Do they mean every ferrari and every F1 EVER?
    Or do they mean every F1 Ferrari? And again, ever or just current?

    And there will be a game out between GT4 and GT5? That doesn't seem realistic to tell you the truth. This is a June issue so we know it's recent. That would indicate that they are NOT talking about GT HD, since that was officially scrapped AND a version released. But since this is current, that would mean ANOTHER game in the works...which doesn't make sense because they are so busy getting GT5 out.....not to mention that IF another were to be released...then why did they cancel GT HD? Why not finish it and release it.

    That's why I would say something doesn't add up fully.

    Any thoughts?
  22. Jay

    Australia Australia

    According to babelfish translator "The whole of the range Ferrari + of F1"

    I am thinking the whole current Ferrari range (F430, 599, 612 etc) and probably whole F1 current range (as Sony has the rights to them) or maybe just current Ferrari F1 car.

    They did the same with GT4, it was GT4: Prologue, doesn't take much time to make as it is only a splash of the cars and tracks with some challenges thrown in there. Word is a GT5 Prologue is coming later this year.

  23. To respond to your weather comment. I agree that the fast weather changes seem a little odd. However, most games simulate a several hour (or even 24 hour) race within 5-20 mins.

    Take the game 24 Hours of Le Mans that was done a few years ago. The rain would show up in the timespan of 1 lap or so. INSANE!
    Until you think that the game simulates 24 hours in 4 real hours. So a fast moving storm that would take 1 hour to roll in from a nice sunny day (or longer possibly) would need to be covered in 1/6th the time. That means that the storm in the game shows up in 10 mins.....sometimes less, like the one that simulates the race in 2 hours..............that's 5 mins for it to show up. Only one lap.
    Then, many places have quick, light storms. Storms that roll in in an hour, shower for 20 mins, and then roll out in an hour. That would mean in the game, for a 2 hour simulation, the storm would roll in and out in less than 10 mins! Thats only one or two laps! Now thing about it if you were running one of the 30 mins races............oh boy!

    And arcade racing games are even worse. Each "stage" and such many times is a few miles (but is meant to represent many more). The time dialation can be even as rapid as 1/24th!

    However, with the invention of REAL time races (a 12 hour race is ACTUALLY 12 hours in real life and in the game), a 24 hour race SHOULD have storms that last at the LEAST 2 hours or so. Unless they want to run a rainbow as well and have a small rain shower while it's still sunny.
    Because of this yes, the storms should be accurately represented, I agree.

  24. Ah! Sounds good then. Of course you can't trust babelfish too much........
    But it at least puts a much needed defining on the translation that clarifies......

    As for the game between gt4 and gt5.......
    I didn't know that the Prologues were considered games. So if that's the case I can understand saying one would be out. Sounds good!
    Thanks for the clarifying post!
  25. Dave A

    United Kingdom Altrincham, Cheshire

    That is actually something Kaz has confirmed himself that will be in GT4. If you check the cockpit and dashboard views thread there's video in there (it's in French) but theres an interview with Kaz and he shows them modelling a Mercedes 300SL interior and confirms that's because you can drive from inside the car.

    Licensing and marketing are funny dogs to get your head around. Maufacturers will often allow complete obliteration of race cars, but limited damage to road cars. They fear that presenting road cars that can be torn in two could impact on their road saftey image etc, but race cars are a different kettle of fish. That's why you can crumple up all the race cars in the Race Driver and Colin McRae games including damaging the sub structure and ripping wheels off and doors and so on, things that you will probably never see allowed on a licensed road car in a game.

    Also Kaz hinted at that in an interview a while back, where he mentioned the problems or realistic damage and licensing problems and said maybe he'll have to just do it to the race cars.

    Anyhow, I'm not going to comment further on this info because some of it isn't clear. Hopefully with information of this level will filter to publications and websites all over in no time and we'll be able to see just exactley what it says.
  26. Scaff

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom Peacock Battlemode

    Which part do you not agree with? That the insistence comes from manufacturers or that they insist on damage limits? What I can certainly confirm is that manufacturers do impose limits on how damage can be shown, even the very open manufacturers such as Ford do not allow roll-overs or damage to extend into the passenger area.

    Simply put getting licensed approval for realistic damage on race cars is an easy job than with road cars, particularly if you do want roll-over, etc.

    Well the dashboard view has come from Kaz's own mouth, if it will include arms and hands is open to speculation.

    On the weather subject, it should also be remembered that long tracks or those with major elevation changes can have rain one part of the track and sunshine on the other, its certainly not unknown at either LeMan or the 'ring.


  27. Jay

    Australia Australia


    I couldn't imagine them anytime in the near future allowing this type of damage on all road cars GT5 will feature.

  28. Damage limits. I just don't see the point. "Waah, waah, we don't want our pretty car to get smashed up." For one, it's a videogame. If they want to complain so loudly, I'll show them a picture of one of their real cars smashed into an unrecognizable mash of metal. No damage to the passenger area? I'll show them a picture of one of their smashed-up cars with a smashed-up human inside of it.

    The way I see it is that the manufacturers are trying to pretend that their cars don't take the kind of damage that they really do. Show the cars as being invulnerable, as keeping the passenger safe no matter how bad the accident. Since videogames are FAKE, there's no need for this sort of "safety" in a game, and there's no need to advertise the cars as being tougher than they are in real life.
  29. Dave A

    United Kingdom Altrincham, Cheshire

    It's not so much them pretending that thei cars can't get smashed up. It's them hoping that by not allowing anyone to see their cars smashed up virtually, they are improving thier image with regards to safety. It is all about image. I can understand to a certain extent that dame relating to the cockpit of the car, where any occupants would be crushed etc isn't wanted. But they do have an over-thought way of looking at things, and me seeing a populat family car get it's nose ripped off after a car hits it in a spin would not effect my opinions of the car irl.
  30. Scaff

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom Peacock Battlemode

    To be honest I do have some sympathy for manufacturers in regard to this kind of thing. I spent over two years working as a customer service manager for Renault UK and have witnessed some of the things that people will try and do to bring legal action against companies.

    That you are more than aware that videogames are fake I have no doubt, however I also quite sure that you are also more than aware of those in the legal profession who have deliberately tried to blur this clear difference. Given that I for one can understand companies reluctance to provide any form of negative attitude in this area. Its also quite clear that manufacturers have mellowed (on the whole) in this area over the last few years.


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