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  1. civicgsir


    I put an SSD in my PS3 the day I received the CE GT5. I knew that the load times would piss me off so I took the SSD (OCZ Vertex 60GB) I was going to put in my laptop and threw on in the PS3. I had a HDD in my PS2 with GT4 on it and it made all the difference in the world with load times to me. Could've been negligible on the clock but it sure seemed quicker.

    I had a 1TB external that I used to backup my PS3 on. I was going to put a 90 or 120GB SSD in the PS3 originally, but I figured that I would just use the external for anything I needed to store from the PS3.

    Well, my install for GT5 only took 25 minutes including the update.

    The race load screens and scrolling from menu to menu don't seem to take very long, it's not instant or anything, but a lot quicker than what has been described on these forums. Some screen changes are instant so I can't say if it would have taken longer without the SSD.

    I haven't done any formal timing of load screens yet. I'll see about taking some ruff times tonight with a stop watch. Seems I'll add it later is the way nowadays. ;)

    I would highly recommend this upgrade to anyone looking to enhance their GT5 experience.

    I'm only level 14 currently but I'll update this post if I experience anything noticeable from using the SSD as well as some load times.
  2. StogyBear


    Interesting. Can you get a video of one of the dealerships. It's interesting to see how fast the car models load. It takes forever now
  3. Turkey :D


    I'd like to put an SSD in both of my computers and PS3. A decent sized one costs a lot of money... Good suggestion though. When they come down in price, I hope consoles start shipping with them internally.
  4. Darktuna


    wow i might have to invest in one of these.. i didn't even know ssd drives were available to mass consumers yet
  5. BlazednSleepy


    lol ill pay way more than my GT5 collectors edition for a Solid State Drive. Those things are expensive for not that much space.

    My 7200rpm works perfectly fine. I dont have long load times.
  6. martona


    I replaced the 5400 RPM drive in my PS3 fatty with an Intel X25-M G2 SSD. Loading times were cut in half, approximately.

    I timed the A-10 license load (many different cars but they're always the same regardless how many times you try). With the HDD it took 45 seconds. With the SSD it's 23. Car models also appear much faster in your garage or the showrooms - it's more than a second but below two. Not an annoying wait anymore.
  7. NastyNaz


    There's a few videos comparing SSD performance on youtube. Dealership cars and whatnot load much much faster, but the gain on maps is only around 10 seconds or so.
  8. Neal


    The below thread was created recently regarding SSD's and GT5, I think you'll agree it's not bad for a members first post!

  9. garbuckle


    Nice to seem some data comparisons on SSD vs HDD :)

    For what it's worth, I would still recommend the Seagate Momentus XT drives, as they are hybrid, so give you nearly the speed of SSD, but with capacities of up to 500GB, for around $100.
  10. Lain

    United States Seabrook, TX

    I've got a 120 gig OCZ Vertex SSD in my PS3. Definitely gives much snappier loading times, but don't expect the loads to disappear.
  11. I wonder how much is the SSD and how much is due to defragmentation? (assuming there was some)
  12. Caliente


    You do not defragmentat a SSD. That only makes them slower and shorten theire lifespan. Now you know! :)

    But nice test! I only use SSD in my PC, will never go back! Maybe I will add one in my PS3 too, when we can transfer savefiles offcourse!
  13. HBR-Roadhog

    United States West Virginia

    I did some tests with a SSD on my pc and the results were that on sequential reads and writes my 7200 rpm Sata II drives are just a tiny bit faster. Close enough that you could not detect the difference but it is there. On random access read and writes the SSD was 10 times faster than any traditional HD I have ever tested.

    So the actual difference you will see depends on how the data is being accessed. If it is installing data to the disk the speed will be about the same. If it is loading a huge file the speed will be about the same. If it is loading lots of small files or lots of peices from different places in large files the speed will be dramaticly faster on the SSD.

    The price of the SSD is up there but for performance and durability it can't be beat
  14. Sorry, I should have been clearer. I'm aware there is no requirement to defrag SSDs.

    The GT5 install on the original HD may have been fragmented (especially if people are like me and install and uninstall lots of demos from the store). I'd like to see the speeds on a stock PS3 HD in a brand new PC where the installation will not be fragmented.
  15. Stradivis

    Brazil São Paulo

    Does anyone knows if SSD generates less heat?
  16. jhanson999


    Yes, SSD's produce less heat than a traditional spinning platter hard drive. They have no moving parts so they also are quieter, more power efficient, and are less prone to failure.
  17. DJS2005


    I would think it's impossible for an SSD to generate the amount of heat an HDD does considering the lack of moving parts. However I don't think that would cool down the PS3 much. I'm sure someone here knows to a geeky degree but my guess is that most of your heat comes from the power components and CPU/GPU chips.
  18. the_ryosuke


    Don't worry about the heat for an SSD. It doesn't even have a temperature probe, and don't need one.
  19. HBR-Roadhog

    United States West Virginia

    Yes they use less power and have no moving parts. Which means no friction and less electrical heat. They will also help keep the PS3 or PC cooler as they draw less power and put off very little heat of thier own. I do not know how noticable this would be in the overall temp of a PS3 but it has to help at least a little.

    After being used for a while a traditional hard drive is very warm or hot to the touch an SSD is cool or barely warm to the touch under the same conditions.
  20. andrewz


  21. Stradivis

    Brazil São Paulo

    So a SSD will generate less heat inside the PS3 and also drain less energy?
    It has suddenly became a very tempting idea…

    All PS3's stock HHDs are 5400rpm, right?
  22. Greyum


    Waste of cash, just to save a few seconds when a race can last 15 minutes and more...

    It's not going to prolong the life of your PS3 you know, and the read-write cycles of SSD will criple it over time anyway.
  23. nasanu

    Japan Australia

    I am in the process of doing this as I type. Switching out my 40GB to a 60GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD. It is soo easy to do, Sony did a really great job of making the HDD so accessible and easy to replace.

    Now I am just waiting for my backup to go onto the drive. I backed up 20GB of game data to my Walkman, great MP3 player but it has insanely slow data transfer. Only another hour and 45mins... Joy. I really should have deleted game installs first.
  24. iNoob


    The ssd is limited by sata 1.
  25. gtone339

    New Zealand Auckland New Zealand

    I rather wait for a PS4 than swapping my HDD for that.
  26. I was about to ask just that, wouldn't the ps3's old sata controller limit the bandwidth.

    You'll probably get the same results with a high platter density traditional HDD like a samsung spinpoint f3 (and added bonus of way more storage capacity and a lower price).
  27. xchristox


    I'm thinking about upgrading my old 40 GB fatty with an SSD. The 40 GB is crap, and loading times are horrible.

    But to be honest I have no idea where to start. Can I make a complete backup of my PS3, including all the game files and saved games? I don't want to start over with GT5 you know...

    Is there some sort of manual how to do all this? I really want to upgrade my PS3 soon.
  28. nasanu

    Japan Australia

    Sata does not adversely affect the seek time, one of the main advantages of an SSD.

    I plugged in my walkman via usb to my PS3 and used the backup data option in the xmb to backup everything to it. Then I took the old 40GB HDD out and put the SSD in. Connected up the walkman again, transferred the data back via the backup data option and that was it. It is really simple.
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  29. xchristox


    Lol, if that's all I'll do it for sure :D
  30. storm8ring3r


    I'll pick one up on my next trip to the states for my 40GB fatty. no-brainer, actually
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