GT5 Spec 2.0 Polyphony Digital appreciation thread.

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I want to thank to PD for always, I said, always be seeking to improve the Gran Turismo 5. Spec 2.0 is the real proof of that.

Listening to the opinions of fans of Gran Turismo. That is paramount. This is what distinguishes PD from the competition. We feel a commitment to always seek the best.

As Kaz said once when choosing the name of the song. "We put our souls into our work" so 5OUL ON D!SPLAY. Nothing more just to put a version of the song in the new intro.

So I say, never let the flame of passion for racing extinguish. Never be satisfied, always seeking to improve.

I would like to thank the PD and a special thanks to you Kazunori Yamauchi, who brought to us your vision.



Downhill Dino

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Amen. :)

Thanks for everything in the field of Gran Turismo, ever since GT1 you've never stopped impressing me with your work.



New Zealand
Yes. If it wasn't for him, I probably would have never been interested in cars, and GTPlanet might have never existed.

:bowdown:ALL HAIL PD!:bowdown:


I hope PD updates Gran Turismo 5 exactly as they please, and refuses to listen to anyone's "opinions" on message boards!:D
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LMSCorvetteGT2's Mom's House
What is this? Someone praising PD in a thread? THE APOCALYPSE IS IMMINENT.

I agree wholeheartedly, by the way.
I cant complain about the 2.0 release. The new GTR is excellent. Loading times feel faster(awesome!), added interior views are great. Driving the Toyota One is thrilling.

Tenacious D

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Nigel Fox
In before the complaining. :lol:

Thank you, sensei, and your marvelous team, for all the work you did for us through what had to be an incredibly difficult year.


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Under the Hood
Thank you Kaz. So many people spend more time looking for things to complain about than actually playing the game, but you did a great job. Spec II is great and will defiantly be getting the DLC 👍
Italy, Sardinia
PD is a company totally different from the others.

I'm happy about spec II and everyone have to realize how much this game has changed from it's release. S-II it's just the last thing. Let me say this, i'll be not surprised at all if they'll spend the money they're going to make with dlcs to improve even more this game.

People always complain about it and how imperfect it is, but they have to remember that 90% of the companies in the videogame business just leaves the game the way it is.
They have real passion. I'm not stupid and i know that this is their work, but like i said they work in a different way. You can see that they believe in what they do.



It's just a prank, bro!
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I'd have felt the same even if it only had half the new stuff. Cheers.
GDL, Mexico
Really thanks Kaz and PD.

Obviously the game is not perfect, but the passion, the attention at the community demands and the constant improvement is really appreciated.

I'm fifty fifty on this one... I definitely am glad that PD didn't just ditch out and leave GT5 the way it was.... But then I am also glad the restaraunt I went to for lunch didn't ust give me half what I ordered after taking my money and then kick me out.

What I am getting at is that while it could be worse, I honestly feet Spec 2 is more deserved than something that should be appreciated as if it was a gift or a bonus. This brings us closer to what GT5 should have been at launch, but ultimately still leaves us far from it.

I don't want to get into a long debate about it but it all falls back on how PD hyped and promoted GT5 and then how many huge empty spots there were and how many glaring flaws there were... Fixing them would definitely be appreciated but not in the way I think this thread puts it forth.

I still feel we were heavily mislead with the whole premium car thing up until the 11th hour but beyond that the obvious things like importing the old GT fantasy tracks or damage more closely resembling what was touted and promoted pre launch....

The reason I can't get behind an appreciation thread for this patch is because it feels less like a free bonus and more like getting something owed... Actually like getting some of what you are owed.

If you think of what GT5 was promoted and hyped to be and set that as 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, what we got was pretty much a 3. Now they give us spec 2 and that brings us up to maybe a 4.

Do I appreciate going from 3 to 4? Yes of course!

Do I appreciate waiting a year to only get to 4 when we were told we would get a 5 at launch? Not so much.

See that's the distinction.... Are you happy overall or just happy to not be where you were a few days ago?

And don't even get me started on the paid DLC... Remember Kaz had wanted to work 2 more years on GT5 which more or less tells me that everything we see for the next 2 years was really supposed to be in the game proper. So to charge anything for it seems like a negative to me, especially car packs.

But even the track DLC is a bit annoying.... It really feels like it's something that was intended to be in the game but is being sold as an extra. So when people say they are happy they are sure the money will go into more stuff for GT5 my feeling is that the money we paid for te game when we bought it should be what's going into working on GT5 becuase it was supposed to be in the game anyway....

So essentially we are now paying for the privelege of waiting for it to release in bits and pieces whereas the original plan was that it would be in the game for the purchase price.
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Physics are easily vest part of update. Sooooooooo much better now. All the cars feel better and more realistic, and that makes the game so much more fun.
Im now having to go back and redrive all of my cars, because they feel so different. Some cars I hated or were indifferent about now feel alive and fun. Thanks PD. Thanks.

Tenacious D

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Nigel Fox
I just spent some time fussing with "that other game," specifically Forza 3, doing a race. I have to do some homework in it before I get around to playing Forza 4 to be sure I get all the goodies ported over that I want. And I didn't like it.

The MS Wheel is crap. I'm reminded why Playstation is such an excellent line of consoles, which let you plug in whatever the heck you want, and what we can plug in are stellar wheels made by great companies, USB drives for saving data, replays and pics, etc.

Forza is just... strange, really strange. Any PC sim, any Gran Turismo... any number of games I could list, I can get into the car and drive off fairly comfortably and feel like I know what I'm doing. Even Ferrari Challenge, which feels very much like Forza, is laid out and even has elements ported directly in from Forza, has a leg up on Playstation by having the Logitech wheel available. Toca, which has terrible wheel support, still feels lucid and comprehensible in the early to middle power ranges.

Not Forza. For some reason, this game folds its arms at you and demands you give it what it wants before your car runs around the track the way you want. Communication from car and tires is terrible. I barely feel like I'm in a car at all. It's a very numb, disconnected feeling. Replays look flat and fake after Prologue and GT5, as if I'm watching some Pixar film version of the race I just did. In fact, the race looks the same way. Engine sounds... yeah, loud and roaring. So? I may have made a big mistake buying Forza 4.

I really needed this exposure to refresh my memory and give me contrast to what I have in GT5. The best console racing experience by far, as good as my PC sims, to me. The feel is remarkably similar to my sims. The car list piddles all over any PC racer's list. The variety is unmatched.

You can call me a fanboy or whatever you want, it's irrelevant to me, in the face of my own experience with literally dozens of games.

This game is darn good.
Exactly how I felt when i tried forza3, I even got the fanatec wheel. I eventually had to return everything.
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Gaylord Michiga
I appreciate PD and Kaz also....

Been "playing" video games since the early 80's...standup arcade games like Asteroids, Defender, console games like Commodore, Sega, Nintendo, PS, etc..

Bought the PS3 a year and a half ago, started out with Call of Duty..
completed the game in a day...

Gave myself GT5 for Christmas last year...

All I can say is...


I'm still working on game completion, not even close to being bored, family say's I'm addicted...hehe:)

Now I can go back and retune my cars, save the details, and look forward to SPA!!!! And do those pesky endurance races like the pros, a stint at a time!!!

And any time I need a little break, I just kick back and play the ending movie...👍

Tenacious D

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Nigel Fox
I have to add that my post on the previous page was my personal experience, just in case someone missed it. But still... re-experiencing Forza 3 is making me nervous about F4. And has MS fixed the file system on the 360? So many questions about that game, and too much experience with MS's lack of quality. Most people are wetting themselves over Forza 4, so... I guess I'll find out this weekend.

But until then, and likely many times after, my hands are going to be gripping that DFGT wheel as I fly around the Nurburgring in GT5. 👍
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United States
I think Spec II is fantastic, ftw.
I have a better connection, some new cars, great new features I've been wanting for some time, and at least to a point, it finally seems PD is aware of what their customers that make Kaz's dream possible want.

Bravo, PD. 👍
Now get me some more American and European cars, a few more features missing, and I'll love you forever, unconditionally. :drool:

Thank you for car washing, oil changing, and playing dress up with my driver.
Go find the disappointment thread. You don't even get a link.
São Paulo / Bra
Spec2.0 just made the physics so magnificent that I'm trying to drive all cars again to feel them... its diferent... its more real, but at the same time, more comfortable to drive...

Perhaps, because its more realistic, our reactions are more natural too? Dunno, but I'm damn loving it.

It's not as easy to drift my Jag S-type R.... it feels big, huge, heavy and so powerful.

The Caterham is a gem. I CANT STOP DRIVING CATERHAMS... OMG.

The oldies are delicious, I've had a blast in my MKI GTI @ Nordschleife... And I said a bunch of times, and I'll say again: Any RUF on the Nordschleife will make you smile.

The physics improvement alone is worthy in Spec2.0... and together with this we received a lot more.

Keep it up PD... can't wait for more. Gimme rims for standards and I'll leave my job, my marriage, my family and play GT5 for the rest of my life. LOL


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Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Tried a couple of Nascar races today with the new weakened draft and all I can say is Wow!! They got that perfect. You can easily race nose to tail all over the track, two car trains are tough to pass. You can't pull out and pass with a draft wherever you like you really have to think ahead. Get caught out of the draft and you get shuffled back and it's tough to get back up there.

It's definitely revived my interest in Nascar.

Tried the PDI kart online and all I can say is wow!! Much more forgiving, better grip, can actually use some curbs. The new physics take a lot of the bumps and dipsy doodles out of tracks like AR Mini, Tsukuba, Eiger etc. Haven't tried the new draft with the karts but it should mesh well and make it less arcade and more realistic. Really looking forward to that!!

Tried the 125 on Arcade mode and it feels heavier and a bit less responsive, but faster. Even without a tunable transmission, it was 3 second faster on Monaco. I believe it'll easily hit 160 km/h with the tranny adjustments and be 5-6 seconds faster at Monaco. Tracks like Autumn Ring, Autumn Ring mini, Tsukuba will really become kart tracks at that point. Good job on that as well PD.

Now if we can get some 125 shifters, 50 hp, 200 km/h karts...that would make the game