GT5 + T300 wheel is having FFB issue

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Hi All.
New sim racer here. Been having a great time playing GT5 (an oldie but a fav of mine) with a T150 wheel - T3PA pedals - TH8A shifter. Everything felt great on the T150. Well, I decided to "improve" the experience by getting a T300 servo base with 599 ferrari alcantara wheel. GT5 driving has now turned into a very weak experience. Barely any resistance and vibration until you get way deep into a hard turn and when the resistance does kick in it just feels vague and not very communicative. The T150 was wayyyy more detailed (which doesn't seem right to me). I'm so bummed out...

Funny thing is GT6 Feels totally fine on the T300. Plenty of resistance and detail.

It's an older game so this might be a longshot but anyone else experience this?
My wheels firmware is on the current ver 33.
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GT5 doesn’t officially support the T300, but GT6 does. It might have to do with that.

I’m aware that the T150 isn’t officially supported by either game, but it’s probably wise to believe that officially-supported wheels will produce better results than those that aren’t.
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Thanks for the reply FerrariF1GT.
Ya, I noticed in GT5 the Thrustmaster t150 and t300 are recognized as the t500 wheel, and in GT6 the t300 is actually listed/recognized as itself.

I'm just surprised how extremely vague the t300 feels in GT5 compared to the t150. Honestly I thought it was broken when I first hooked it up. It wasn't until I tried GT6 that I realized this thing actually works! I also noticed that the wheel does a slightly different calibration process in GT6 vs GT5...

Curious if this has always been the case with GT5 and the t300 or if people have good FFB results with older firmware maybe.
I don't really want to switch back to the t150