GT6 - Cheapest way around cookbook - Updated APRIL 14 - With update 1.06 now

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    Well I've been slowly plugging away at this and finally reached 100%, using only prize cars, Anniversary cars from the Torque and Precision packs and the car purchases needed for the one-make events. The only upgrades necessary were tyres.

    SH for the Elise 96 race car to do the one-make.
    Dirt tyres for the Quattro Pikes Peak for the rally stuff.
    RH for the anniversary GT40 for the Historic Race Car Cup.
    RH for the anniversary Huayra for Like the Wind.

    Total spend on tyres 46.8k
    Total spend on cars 785.2k + 17k for the Honda Fit.

    The only tuning I did was downforce, transmission top speed, ballast and power limiter. I had to resort to srf for the Like Wind SSR7, to level the playing field in the ramming contest with the AI, and the Historic Cup at Apricot Hill and Silverstone because I just wasn't fast enough without it. Apart from that it was all no aids or abs1, except for the forced srf events. I also tried to do it all with clean driving, treating the AI with a respect they didn't deserve and avoiding short-cuts. I admit to cutting the chicanes at La Sarthe a few times though. I didn't have a car that handled well enough and had the straight-line speed without upgrades.

    Thanks, Mr Slow, for creating the cookbook. It has been invaluable and I consulted it many times. The fact that it has taken me so long has been an advantage no doubt. The Toyota FT-1 TT prize car enabled me to do the Tour of Japan at Tokyo which had eluded me with the Evo, and the Corvette GT Concept TT prize made the Corvette one-make a doddle. I also took advantage of the Red Bull Junior one-make glitch for the 24 min races.

    I didn't start out intending to do this. I just picked stock cars from my garage and when I'd got through NB and NA without having to spend any credits I decided to carry on and see how far I could go. I got to 91% before spending anything and when I reached 99% I went back through and found a few missed points so I think 92% is possible, maybe 93%.

    When GT7 comes around I'm definitely going to take the same approach. I've driven all the new tracks many times, often in cars barely up to the job, which is a good way to learn them, and I've been unaffected by all the bugs encountered when modifying cars. I've finished GT6 but feel like I've barely scratched the surface.
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    Thanks, Mr Slow for creating this. I will admit that I am not the best driver in the world but this is very good way of making me try harder in the licence tests.
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    Well Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen:

    The fine people at PD have given us another update and this one takes away the RBJ one-make glitch for the S Races.

    I am in the process of updating the workbook to reflect this. The plan is to run the races with the cars I used pre update 1.04 (read: before the RBJ glitch was introduced). The only problem so far is that when I use the R8 LMS (team phoenix) for Apricot Hill 20 Minute challenge my PS3 freezes, I can use other cars (have tried 4 others) and it does not freeze….

    So if anyone wants to try this and let me know a) does it freeze your PS3 and b) can you still win the race I will greatly appreciate it.

    Race: Apricot Hill 20 Minute Challenge
    Car…: Audi R8 LMS (Team Phoenix) -The prize car -
    Mods: Should not need any but according to my notes I used Max Speed 290kph and Final Gear 4.125
    Notes: won by 1.6 seconds but the last two laps had to defend against a Viper which was much faster on the straights but struggles with worn tyres on the last lap.

    That is pretty tight!

    Well,that is gone now on 1.06 :-( I am updating the cookbook to reflect.
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    OK Managed to fix the problem (backup game save/delete game save/ delete game data/ reinstall game/restore game save/play)

    BUUTTTT I finished 4 th 13 seconds behind the McLaren F2 GTR…. I went off once and could not keep my laps consistent. Best was 1:21 but most laps in the 1:24 range. If I can keep them to 1:21 and don fuel to the top in the pits I might just scrape a win.
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    Updated to 1.06…. not so cheap now :-(