GT6 Course Maker courses live on...somewhat

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If you happen to have a PlayStation 3 debugging station, the right software, and the know-how, you can change this:


Into this:


Or maybe even this:


What's more, is if you are on Version 1.21 of the game, you can take these courses into the game's Career Mode via the glitch that was previously reported here on GTPlanet; it still works on V1.21!


A simple explanation:

Gran Turismo 6 uses what are called TED (Track Editor Data; not an official name but what's what I refer to them at least) files for the generation of custom courses with the Course Maker. These TED files are loaded into the game once a custom course is played on, including the sample courses; even the sample courses use TED files, so once you drive on a sample Course Maker course (by going to Library and selecting one of the Sample Courses from the Custom Tracks section), the TED file is loaded into memory and stays there. Because it stays there, it is therefor possible to swap out this TED file with one from one of your own custom courses and drive on it once again.

How do you get TED files? Well, I hope you saved a lot of replays of your favorite Course Maker courses! So long as you have the TED file of your course, you can use it to take the place of the sample course's TED file and therefor drive on it. Have a look at the thread by @eran0004 for some Course Maker tools to make your own course or to manipulate existing ones. If you want to extract TED files from any saved replays of custom courses you might have, check out the GT6_TEDExtractor by @Razerman to do so. Once you have your TED files, you can then swap out the sample courses for your own custom courses and experience them once again.

As for the procedure about how to go about doing this, it is against the GTPlanet Acceptable Use Policy to share any details regarding this, so you'll have to look elsewhere for instructions. This thread is just a proof-of-concept that Course Maker courses can be revived and driven on once again.

And now it's time for a little PSA!

If you have any Course Maker courses, or replays thereof, I'm planning on organizing an archive of TED files to preserve courses that people have spent their time and effort creating. If you have any, let me know via a private message! Once there is a sizable amount of TED files, I'll open the archive for everyone to peruse. Of course, this will take some time to setup, so I don't know when it'll become available. Nevertheless, stay tuned for more info!
No way! I completely missed this thread. I do not have a PS3 debugging station … but I do have a bunch of replays recorded on course maker courses. Will have a look at this TED extractor later. Thanks a lot for sharing this! :D
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I have one course i would love to preserve. I hope i have replay of it saved. Its this circuit:

I loved how i created that downhill section :))