GT6 standard or anniversary edition?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Nicko6180, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Nicko6180

    England Bridlington

    I can't decide whether to order Standard GT6 or the anniversary edition. The anniversary edition is an extra £25, but comes with lots of extra cars, but i don't know if i'd use all those cars or not. I will be getting it, but not sure which one, standard or anniversary edition. I know it's my decision at the end of the day, but what will you all be doing, getting the standard GT6 or the Anniversary edition?
  2. MatskiMonk

    United Kingdom Not so Great Britain

    Probably what I did with GT5. Both. I'm not pre-ordering, so if I see an anniversary edition I'll pick it up straight away, if not, I'll get the standard and wait until I see an anniversary being sold off cheap.

    My Signature edition GT5 was on offer about a year after the game was released, so I picked that up relatively cheap... and also went on to buy the Academy Edition too.

    I do like to collect these things :D
  3. MoLiEG

    Mexico Mexico City

    Getting all that extra stuff at the very beginning of the game is almost like cheating to me. I mean, originally, in GT games you were meant to start with a piece of crap Miata for example, and then get money to buy the good stuff...

    I might lose the chance to get these "special livery" cars, but I'd rather spend less money and play the game like the good old-school GT games... back when GT games were top of the class...

    That of course, IF I BUY GT6...
  4. Nicko6180

    England Bridlington

    That's how I prefer playing the game too actually, starting with a not very good car and working my way up.
  5. Nicko6180

    England Bridlington

    I've just pre ordered the standard version on amazon. It will cost me at most £35 and come with precision pack and torque packs free. In future if the anniversary version is on offer for cheaper then I might get it, but I probably won't use most of the free cars so the standard version is enough for me for now.
  6. Master Weasel

    Online Now!
    United States Georgia

    I'm getting the Anniverssary Edition. I'm personally not worried about the pre-order cars ruining the begging of the game for me. I'll do what I did with the chromelines in GT5, and just ignore them until later on in the game. But then again, they could always handle it the way Forza does and just make pre-order and DLC cars available in the dealership to buy, instead of automatically giving them to you.
  7. AudiMan2011

    Online Now!
    Japan Idol Hell

    I'm getting the standard version because I'm a cheapskate. I also prefer working to earn and buy the cars rather than have them handed to me on a blue platter right at the start.
  8. Zona

    United Kingdom Gloucestershire

    I'm waiting to see if they'll announce a Special Edition at TGS that comes with a model car :3
  9. mrclep


    The best part of the GT Series, is then you have to buy your first chip car...

    But i do collect GT games too, so it's a no brainer for me.

    Ya i pre order the Stealbook..

    I realy don't care about the Million cridts, and I am not going to redem the code.... Only for the cars though, but that is for the collecting.
  10. MatskiMonk

    United Kingdom Not so Great Britain

    I can't remember exactley since I was well into GT 5 before I bought the signature edition, but I do recall events that the stealth cars couldn't be used in, if they weren't in the race regs list (which they never were) they were useless, for example the wet Suzuka endurance race, you weren't able to use the stealth GTR GT 500.

    The cars are one thing, they are for collectors, but the credits? Seems like they are just selling you an easy life.
  11. Jahgee

    United States New York

    I'll get the special edition (Since there is almost now way to not get them when you pre-order GT6 in 'Murica) and just not use the Anniversary cars in the beginning.
  12. ChicoMaloXD


    Why is the Anniversary Edition more expensive than th Standard Edition?
    I thought they would be the same price like many other games that come out with Special Editions.

    What's the difference between the two, besides the extra in-game content?
    (Thanks fot the answers)
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2013
  13. TokoTurismo

    Canada Canada

    Well you get 20 cars in Anniversary livery + custom paint chip + a race suit if I remember correctly.

    I think there is 1,000,000cr but I think that's in the Amazon one.
  14. grashopper


    In the US it's the same price if you preorder from Gamestop.
  15. ildd

    United States Houston, TX

    Here's an idea.

    Pre-order GT6
    Start game up
    don't redeem the code until you get a reputable car and money.

    The code will probably expire after a year...nothing to worry about.
  16. Johnnypenso

    Canada Windsor,Ontario

    I'll get whatever version gives me the best chance to skip the most offline content (preferably all of it) and get straight into racing and tuning online.
  17. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    I would love to do that, but my OCD won't let me :lol:

  18. PapaGnr

    Canada essex/ontario/canada

    I'm getting the Anniversary Edition for the special liveries & I might use 1 of them to start, but I'll definitely buy a used car & slowly buy parts & tune it. That's the fun of any GT for me. I'll wait & see what my online friends get & then the battle begins. :)
  19. Jahgee

    United States New York

    Exactly, I'll preorder it along with GTAV Collector's edition
  20. R0ssingt0n

    United Kingdom Essex

    I'm getting the standard version. I just can't (personally) justify paying more money for cars with different paint jobs. Not worth it.
  21. Ameen! (Amen)!
  22. 05XR8


    I bought the GT5 signature edition and my diecast SLS is still in the box. I'll buy the standard this time. I love the game full stop
  23. RetroJohan

    Sweden Sweden

    I just pre-order the anniversary edition, because like the case and cover art more :sly:
  24. HarVee

    Egypt Aswan

    AE. It's the same price as the standard edition in the U.S. at GS, so why not spend the same amount of money and get some extra content?
  25. 20B_4ME


    With GT5 I decided to buy the plain version and regreted it ever since. I'm definatly getting the Anniversary edition of GT6, it comes with the new Apex book, 1 million in game credits and special car pack. Game over.
  26. andrewyhy

    Hong Kong Hong Kong
    PSN:andrewyhy, GTP_andrewyhy for GT5P

    I'm gonna pre-order the anniversary edition solely for the steelbook case cover and boxart, obviously not for those DLC cars and stuff. Those liveries are just not my cup of tea for sure. :scared:
  27. Eks

    United States United States

    Standard edition for me. I can live without the extra benefits.
  28. lGNAl

    Saudi Arabia Riyadh

    When the first DLC for GT5 was out, I couldn't install it because it was a different serial number to my GT5 Signature Edition. So I had to buy a normal copy of GT5 with the serial number that matches the DLC. I already pre-ordered the Anniversary Edition, and hopefully it won't happen again. But I have a feeling it will. :scared:

    For those people that say they are buying the Standard Edition so they can start from the bottom up, good for you, I'll be waiting for you online :lol: .. But if you are pre-ordering it (Standard Edition) then "depending on the selected retailer you will receive one of the 4 Car Packs or 1,000,000 in-game credits." -GranTurismo G.B .. So your not actually starting from nothing. :sly:

    When they said these special cars have "performance enhancement" -Gran Turismo G.B, does it mean even if you buy/install all performance parts for the BMW Z8 15th Anniversary Edition and the standard BMW Z8, the Anniversary Edition should out-perform the standard one, right ?

    OOoooohhhhh YYaaaahh :crazy: :drool:
  29. snowgt

    Austria Austria

    Nobody knows. You can only check their stats with differences to the car in stock condition on the official pre-order page.
  30. Bluntified

    Canada Sauga, Ontario

    I don't think it had anything to do with your copy being a Signature Edition but more to do with region. I'm almost certain that the disks are the same as all the rest, we just got the extra in-box stuff. I have the Collectors Edition and never had an issue downloading anything since day one.

    OT, Any edition anyone chooses is good for them! I pre-ordered the Anniversary Edition solely due the the cover. I collect all my games and keep them on display on-shelf so I exclusively only buy special editions. I'm not really in it for the extra DLC - while the extras are nice for later on - I'm in it for display aspect. I'm weird, I know :lol:.
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