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  1. SteveEnforcer

    New Zealand Auckland

    Hi guys does anyone have any news on whats happening with the track editor will it be a DLC or in the next update ive heard nothing about it that's all thanks
  2. DeadEnd

    Netherlands Netherlands

    If someone had heard any news on this whatsoever GTP would have covered it.
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  3. danardif1

    United Kingdom Reading, England

    From what Kaz has mentioned about large updates, I'd imagine it's coming in the next few months. He did say there were big updates scheduled for January onwards, so it's just a case of wait and see...
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  4. B-Spec and the Track editor will probably come quite soon
  5. MustangManiac

    United States Chicago

    In the last interview I read from Kaz he stated that there were going to be one large update in December, which we just got, and two in January. I would think that B-spec and track creator would be in those, especially the track creator since they hyped how large it was going to be before the game was released.
  6. They simply can't release it too late. It's an important feature!
  7. regnar

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    United States Florida, USA

  8. Malcolm Tucker

    United Kingdom Bournemouth

    I can't wait, I've already designed a track round my home town centre (Bournemouth, UK)

    2.3 miles, loads of interesting corners and massive elevation change (it's basically in a valley), it just needs smoothing in places (roundabouts etc) and it'll be a genuinely good track. The Real Life Track Design Competition is going to be interesting :D
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  9. Inferno251

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    Say whaaaaaaat? :confused:
  10. R1600Turbo

    United States CG, AZ, USA, Earth

    Near the bottom of the page:

  11. Falango

    Canada Vancouver, BC

    If this feature stays true to it's description, we need people that run track days to start recreating some tracks we don't have in the game. They may not end up 100% accurate, and won't have the atmosphere and trackside features, but they could be better than nothing!
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  12. R1600Turbo

    United States CG, AZ, USA, Earth

    The problem with that is that in order to record the track accurately, you have to do it slowly and down the middle of the track all the way around. If you hit the "apexes" the track will end up being inaccurate.
  13. CommandrCyclops

    United States California

    Do we know for sure that there won't be any features we can add in? They've never said so one way or the other. I'm imagining a sort of SimCity kind of thing, with some generic pits, stands, walls, buildings etc that we can plop down along our tracks. And then I woke up.

    If that thing really works, I plan on walking the Long Beach street circuit, since that's the only way to do it without driving the wrong way down some major streets.
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  14. Malcolm Tucker

    United Kingdom Bournemouth

    lol, the comp doesn't exist yet but I'm sure there will be something along those lines.

    There will have to be some sort of smoothing/editing function available otherwise it won't work. I'm going to cycle my routes and I won't be able to apex the corners properly on public roads on the wrong side and cutting up traffic(!) so if it takes my exact route it will be very messy indeed.

    I'm expecting just a few standard locations like Eiger and Toscana, as it was in GT5. Hopefully we'll have a city one though, maybe Ronda based?
  15. Falango

    Canada Vancouver, BC

    Plopping pits and stuff sounds great, but doubtful. We'll probably just mark where the start finish is, or it just gathers it from the start of the GPS entries.