GT7 Multiplayer display problem

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United Kingdom
Dronfield / UK
Having opened a lobby in multiplayer mode GT7, a group of us all see every other car on the track to be juddering side to side, not the old lagging fault, small jumps side to side and permanent throughout the race, every race. Whichever multiplayer lobby race that I join, I see the same effect, every car on the track judders side to side. Other players I have spoken with have the same issue, and yet I see current youtube videos of online multiplayer races which do not show this fault and show the race cars performing perfectly. I have searched this GT7 forum for reference to this issue but am unable to find reference to it - I'll be very grateful if anyone can confirm that this is a known issue [ again which I can't find reference to ] or, can guide me to where I can find such reference. Because of this issue, we resort to GT Sport for our multiplayer sessions, we would seriously prefer to stay on GT7 but this fault prevents us