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    Introduction - Scroll down if you do not care and wish to get on topic.
    Most of you do not remember me, I have religiously played GT5 & GT6 on the PS3 but skipped out on GT:S and the PS4. The reason being that GT:S didn't have enough content and I didn't want to play a "Prologue" game again like I did on the PS3 from 2007 - 2010. So in January 2018, two months before the shut down of GT6 online, I sold off my PS3 and closed the chapter to Gran Turismo. In the meantime, I played the hell out of Forza Horizon 3 and Forza 7 on my PC, but honestly they weren't as fun offline or online (Most likely due to them throwing cars in your face every 10 minutes of play, losing sense of achievement and progression).

    I played a lot of Assetto Corsa, CM F1 2018/19, Project Cars 2, GRID 2008/ 2 / AS / 2019.

    None of them compare to the feel and fun factor of the Gran Turismo games.

    Topic of discussion


    What I feel will really shoot Gran Turismo into the next league of things is team play, Just like in Race Driver: Grid. Where you have motor sport teams, ranks, money earned etc across seasons. That coupled with the hiring of drivers, mechanics, pit crew etc. Just take the RC:G method and make it 40 times deeper. Secondly, I would love a TOUGE feature, OFFICIAL & UNOFFICIAL (Street), everyone loves Initial D & Wangan Midnight, CAPITALIZE ON OUR LOVE FOR CAR ANIME.

    So essentially, you would have an official team that you would race for, and a street team you'd race for at night. Street Track locations can be highways, up/downhill routes based on real locations.


    Casual Mode -
    This includes circuit, sprint, drag, shuffle etc races seen in the past, just bring them over.

    Pro-Mode -
    Official Clans: In this mode you either join or create your own racing team, you start off with minimal money which is SEPERATE from your money earned in Single-player. You can add up to 12 drivers in your team (real people) and you join preset leagues that run across a season. For example, you enter your team in the following leagues:

    League #1: NA Challenge Ninties: Can only use cars from the 90s era that are naturally aspirated, up to 400PP. (64 Teams can enter, season lasts 4 weeks).
    League #2: Super League!: Can use cars up to 600PP. (400 teams can enter, Season lasts 24 weeks [6 months])

    Now you can enter as many leagues as you want, Because there are so many teams and each team can bring two drivers in a race, leagues should be divided into groups, say 8 teams in a group which means 16 drivers on the track. Each group has their weekly race weekend which consists of practice, qualifying and racing. Gain up enough points and you can be promoted to a higher ranked group, for example:

    Rank Team Name Points
    Rank #7 HKS Powerhouse 112
    Rank #8 Slider Motors 104
    Group One End

    Group Two Start
    Rank #9 Team August 103

    Team August can gain two more points and move into Group One while pushing Slider Motors down to Group Two. Money will be sparse, it will not be as easy to earn money in Pro mode, and the more events and races you take part in the more chances for the team to make that money. To promote CLEAN racing, damage will be carried over from races to your garage, and it WILL not be cheap to fix your car and it WILL cost you an arm and a leg (Hoping PD has fixed their penalty system). If you are not at fault, the responsible team will be fined + invoiced to fix your car. This system depends on PD to implement.

    Un-Official Clans:
    The racing team made in this mode will be separate from your Official team. In this mode you will compete with other teams in a 1-on-1 duel, you can have up to 12 drivers in your team but only 1 can compete in a single race (2 drivers for the event, one for downhill, one for uphill). This is a carbon copy of Project-D's battles in Initial D. You will have downhill/uphill touge races, time attack races (down/uphill). The leaderboards will be country dependent. However leaderboard leaders cannot compete with leaders from other countries, due to ping issues.

    Feel free to add on to my $0.02.
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    Did someone say Shuffle! You're alright by me fella.

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  3. Peddler13


    I kind of agree :
    - For GT7 use GT6 as the starting point, not GTS. There are some great features of GTS, including the custom races feature. I feel that these features are just a natural progression though, that should be included in any future version.
    Also, I think that making Gran Turismo games much more accessible to people off-line is important. I specifically bought a Playstation 3 and GT6 for the Vintage Sports Car Club of Western Australia for the track design software and the AI driver but I find that these features are only available online, making some classic cars virtually unobtainable.
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  4. SebiGT89


    Pick the arcade mode like the one in gt4 and make it with the online option available, limited by sportsmanship behavior/ license acquired and so. Complete it online, more credits you earn and also earn points or something to participate in the major tournaments.
    VR available any time you want, and a well done mechanical damage (like the one in IRacing)
    Add a little of photo mode pepper here , a little of track creator salt there and there you go. The perfect GT game.
    The wheel is already invented.
  5. Peddler13


    More cars than GT6!!
    Bring back some old original circuits and more real world tracks!
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  6. IXON009


    An online team would be awesome. I like the offline content more but online teams are the way imo. Just mix it with the PlayStation Community and PlayStation Teams apps.
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  7. Sick Cylinder

    Sick Cylinder

    While on the subject of a career mode - I would like to see the historic content developed in a logical, planned way so that a historic career could be implemented.

    So much effort goes into the car models that it is a real shame that so little thought seems to be applied to how to use the historic content.
  8. true_kiat


    I think Career Mode events should be played against human players, not AI. Prizes be awarded for advancing a number of places from your starting position. That means keeping the always online approach, so be it.
  9. PletdeKoe


    I have always liked the sunday cup as a starting point and then moving to faster cars. I think it could be great if there was some kind of tiers you unlock. (Wasn’t it like that in GT6?)

    Then you are making progress in types Vehicles and performance. That way you grow and have a big incentive to play the career. That being said, the performance progress should allow, via tuning, smaller cars as well. That way you can make progress with you favorite entry car and work up the ranks.
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    Them implementing some sort of team feature would be really cool. Especially if it could be used for MP as well, similar to “Clubs” in Forza Motorsport 4.

    This is asking for a lot but I’d like to see a more structured career mode similar to Project Cars 2, with the option to matchmake against other players. Use skill based matchmaking and throw in some ai as fillers if the lobby can’t be filled quickly. Make all the AI cars properly fast too, instead of having just one or two with a power boost. These can be used as the new “daily” races.

    Also, have separate ratings for whatever the equivalent of FIA races is. I don’t think it’s a good look on GT when people avoid playing daily races just so they don’t get screwed for FIA.
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    Let me change liveries in lobby so I don't have to leave, go to home, and then come back.
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  12. Razamataz


    United Kingdom
    Going to throw the cat amongst the pigeons here but this needs to be said.

    Scalable difficultly and fix the damn AI. Because let’s be honest folks, career mode racing is an absolute snooze fest. Give us a challenge! Racing in Gran Turismo today is no different to the original Ridge Racer. Starting last and working your way up the ranks dodging moving chicanes is not racing - it’s a glorified time trial. I’ve had tenser races in Forza Horizon - that shouldn’t be the case! What I’d give for genuine wheel to wheel racing. The AI is an absolute badge of shame for PDI and fixing it should take precedent above all else. Otherwise we really do have ‘The Real Driving Simulator’, not a real racing simulator.

    Can anyone remember the last time they had an exciting, dynamic offline race in Gran Turismo? Because to be frank I don’t think anyone has. Ever.
  13. Theufcveteran


    United Kingdom
    I think the closest thing were some of GT6's seasonal events. Either the pack leader would be insanely quick in general, or would turn into a driving god when you overtook them and amped up the aggression, too. Honestly some of the quickest GT AI I've ever seen was in those seasonals.
  14. IXON009


    You're right, but today I could create an opposite custom race. I chose the shortest track at Willow Springs with Gr.1 category cars. I started as the 20th and I only could overtake 2 cars within the 5 laps.
    And it's really strange because I'm not a beginner (I have all gold on LHTT with only a controller, I also have the platinum trophy for GTS). Maybe the AI is only good at really thin tracklines where it can go as a train :lol:
  15. ShiftingGears



    Everyone's putting the cart before the horse here. They need to get the fundamentals right first before they focus on features that only 1% of the player base cares about.

    I think the career economy needs to be separate from online, so that you have full access to everything online and in free race mode, but in order to use those online cars in GT League, you have to "buy" them for a fee. That means you aren't screwed in online, and there is an actual offline economy.
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