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Now with VR2 here, I'm getting more into this immersion thing and wondered what are the best sounding cars in GT7? Love the V8s -- flat plane and cross. Oh but the IL6 with individual throttle bodies (BMW)...the air-cooled Boxer (Porsche)...the mighty F40's twin turbo...I'm just scratching the surface here...sooo many different combinations from intakes, cams, cranks, bores, exhausts...and it's not about the performance numbers on this one.

Help me find (and build) all the best sounding cars...because now that VR2 has my eyes, I want my eargasm too.
De Tomaso Mangusta with the Semi-Racing Exhaust is my personal favorite in the whole game. I'd recommend the manual racing transmission upgrade because gears 3-5 are really close on the stock transmission and you can't really experience the sound for long that way. Then the Nissan R92CP...and I can't remember what others...but those two are definitely at the top for me. The Gr.4 Supra also sounds pretty nice.
787B is always an absolute beast sound-wise. Same goes for either of the Mazdas that can have its engine swapped in.
An upgraded Carrera GT is great as well - the closest thing sound-wise to the much-missed LFA.
Stock Murcielago has an absolutely beautiful howl, although a bit low-pitched compared to the actual RPM.
Great did I forget he LFA? Carrera GT? But I can already hear the nothingness....

I want to hear the cars that you are suggesting...sry, I'm lazy. Do you have a 15 second vid?
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The CLK LM has to be up there as one of the greatest race car sounds in GT7. If you don't have one yet, do an offline custom race Gr.2, then jump on the CLK in the replay, thank me later. 🤩

A C6 ZR1 with a racing exhaust and full weight reduction also sounds super brutal and powerful, and of course the Carrera GT with its harmonic V10 will always please the ears of even the toughest petrolhead!
Ferrari F50 with the racing exhaust sounds similar to a F50 GT.

The Honda 60s F1 sounds very good and similar to a F50 GT aswell.

Corvette C4 and C6 with racing exhaust have a really sick raspy V8 roar.

CLK-LM and the Sauber C9 sound quite good aswell especially from 5-7k RPMs.

McLaren F1 GTRs and the regular F1 with the sports exhaust 'I think it's the sports or semi-racing, I no longer own the road F1' sounds really good.

The 930 Turbo with a sports stock exhaust sounds really good too along with the 2000 996 GT3 with a racing exhaust.

The Nissan R33 GTR with a racing exhaust sounds good along with the R34 GT500, it's surprising to see how close it was to the real car when comparing it to previous games.

My favorite though has to be the VGT Audi Gr.1, idk if there are any cars that sound like it in real life but the sound reminds me alot of the sound some cars had in Gran Turismo 2/3 with the racing exhaust installed; so this one is probably more nostalgia than anything.

There are more but those are the main ones that came to mind.
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Try the 993 RS CS with bored out engine and sports exhaust.

Particularly recommend taking it to Tokyo tuned to 600pp… as you rip through the canyons and tunnels it rocks!

Have also developed a love of the new 2973 911 Carrera, fully bored out to 2.8L with semi racing exhaust.

But then again I do love the rude sound of a stressed boxer engine so am biased!
Corvette ZR1 with racing exhaust, exhaust manifold, and high lift cams. Above 6500 rpms until rev cut is amazing.

08 Honda NSX GT 500
Stock Murcielago has an absolutely beautiful howl, although a bit low-pitched compared to the actual RPM.
This lambo is a thing of beauty...I can't wait to tinker with it wish we had the LFA to compare.

I can't say I would describe it as low pitched...sounds like light speed...the real thing that is.
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Try the 993 RS CS with bored out engine and sports exhaust.
Great suggestion, tried it and love it. I also increased my transmission sound and tinkered with the rest in the sound options. This gave some really interesting results.
Hi there, another eargasm in the making is the Ford GT '06... with mine, almost everything is there except the kitchen sink, cause it weighs too much lol. Almost fully suped up, it's rated at 788.62 pp.

793 horses, Racing Intercooler, High end Supercharger, Racing Muffler and Manifold, Bore Up, Balanced, Ports, Cam, Crank Shaft.

It's just a monster that I would recommend for the sound alone, but try it out for its mind numbing speed.

Bring extra tyres lol.

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