GTA 5 Car Ideas

Class: Compacts
Type: Compact sports hatchback
Real Life Counterparts:

Main Design: SAAB 9-2X Aero
Minor Design Influences: Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6 and Volvo C30 Polestar

Top Speed: 108mph
Engine: 2.5 liter inline 4
Drivetrain: AWD
Power: 191hp
0-60: 7.4 seconds
Price: $170,000 (Legendary Motorsport)
Real Performance: Comparable to the Brioso R/A

"There was once a time when Vulcar were known as that small eccentric brand known for producing unique, if slightly boring, cars. Things got even worse for the carmaker as the economic recession hit during the late 2000's. Would you expect Karin to be the savior of this brand? Heck no. And that's why the Ulf exists. Almost forgotten by majority of car enthusiasts around the world, the Ulf is a dark horse. Does it deserve the hate? Heck yeah. But also no. It was the perfect combination of Swedish coolness and Japanese engineering at the time. If all compacts seem to bland for your taste and mind, perhaps this might be the one to change that. And if it sounds like a bold statement from a certain fanboy, it probably is."


SAAB 9-2X Aero, aka the Subaru Impreza MK2 (2005)
Class: SUVs
Type: Premium compact crossover
Real Life Counterparts:

Main Design: Porsche Macan
Minor Design Influences: Audi Q5 MK1 and Volkswagen Tiguan MK1


Top Speed: 114mph
Engine: 3.0 liter V6
Drivetrain: AWD
Power: 197hp
0-60: 7.2 seconds
Price: $92,000 (Southern San Andreas Super Autos)
Real Performance: Like the Rocoto and Gresley

"Look closely at a Comet, and you can spot the Pfister logo. There's one on the front, there's one on the back, there are some on the wheels, and maybe in the interior as well. Take a peek in the Neon and you can find more. Pfister has been successful in marketing itself as a premium niche in our market filled with American land barges, if not European unreliable luxury sedans. It wants to be known, no matter what angle you look one of its cars from. And the message it wants to convey: it's a Pfister. But the Cajun begs to differ. The only badge you'll see is on the back. There's none inside or on the front. How did this happen? Because in the Cajun, Pfister only wants you to know one thing: It's a Cajun. Just that."


Porsche Macan (2015)
Class: Sports Classics
Type: Classic mid-engine sports car
Real Life Counterparts:

Main Design: Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 512i
Minor Design Influences: Ferrari 308 GTS and 288 GTO


Top Speed: 197mph
Engine: 4.5 liter turbocharged V10
Drivetrain: RWD
Power: 571hp
0-60: 3.1 seconds
Price: $1,120,500 (Legendary Motorsport)
Real Performance: Between the Turismo Classic and the Monroe

"At one point in time, asking the guy in a car that just smoked your Karin, "How fast is it?" was just like asking the guy who literally kicked down both front doors of your house, "How strong are you?" But today, that no longer applies anymore. Anyone who has the audacity to laugh at the idea of a Brioso is quick to judge at how slow it is based on its appearance. No wonder, as every vehicle is just the same nowadays. No unique features, no redeeming qualities, nothing. With the "Corsa Coupe", though, you can be sure that the next guy who attempts to drag race you in an Asea gets smoked and left in the dust. And if that guy asks you once more, "how fast is it?", you know what to do next."


Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 512i (1982)
Class: Compacts
Type: Classic subcompact coupe
Real Life Counterparts:

Main Design: Isuzu Gemini MK1
Minor Design Cues: Toyota Corolla E30 and Suzuki Alto MK1


Top Speed: 101mph
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-4
Drivetrain: FWD
Power: 109hp
0-60: 10.3 seconds
Price: $195,000 (Southern San Andreas Super Autos)
Real Performance: Mix of Rhapsody and Issi Classic

“On the outside, there is nothing interesting about this car. Its looks are quintessentially classic, it’s performance is subpar, its interior is old-fashioned, and its size is nothing short of small. Sure, you might have the money to buy the latest Dewbauchee or the newest Pegassi, butit's better to let someone else take that order. Why? Because what they’ll own is nothing more than a continuously depreciating asset, while you can stand back and laugh at him with your high-value classic car. No one else will even consider buying the Libra because everyone just assumes based on the exterior. And you can’t force them to buy that old junk anyway. You know what they say, ‘You can lead a horse to water..’ “


Isuzu Gemini MK1 Coupe (1978)
Class: SUVs (or Off-Road? There must be a class for wagons)
Type: Off-road station wagon
Real Life Counterparts:

Main Design: Audi A6 Allroad Quattro (C8)
Minor Design Cues: Audi A4 Allroad Quattro (B9)


Top Speed: 114mph
Engine: 3.5 liter V8
Drivetrain: 4WD
Power: 132hp
0-60: 10.3 seconds
Price: $478,000 (Southern San Andreas Super Autos)
Real Performance: Comparable to the Kamacho

"It seems as though Obey kind of lost its way recently. The 9F has been overshadowed by its competitors, the Rocoto is bland compared to the other SUVs, the Tailgater is just too common, and the 8F, although amazing, doesn't quite match up to the standards of the sports car class. The Omnis is the only exhilarating car in Obey's line right now, and it isn't selling very well. The carmaker needed a home run, and they never took 'no' for an option. Ideas like a tiny city car, a supercar-beating sports car, a middle-class sedan, and an electric SUV. You'd go as far to say they popped a pill or smoked during the design process. Whatever actually happened backstage, in the end was the Freeroam. Will it be amazing? Only time will tell."


Audi A6 Allroad Quattro [codenamed C8] (2019)
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Class: Supercars
Type: Mid-engine high-performance supercar
Real Life Counterparts:
Main Design: Apollo Intensa Emozione
Minor Design Cues: Arash AF10

Top Speed: 198mph
Engine: 6.0 liter twin-turbo V12
Drivetrain: 4WD
Power: 728hp
0-60: 2.8 seconds
Price: $1,125,000 (Legendary Motorsport)
Real Performance: Mix of Tezeract, Visione and Nero Custom

"One would expect a supercar but few things: stylish exterior, luxurious interior, ludicrous performance and acceleration, and an even more ludicrous price tag. You would think that the guys over at Överflöd would think the same, right? Of course. They're Överflöd, and they can do anything they want. And so the result is a generic supercar, expected from any other supercar manufacturer. Step into the world of the Lyft, take control of that wheel, shift into gear like you're cocking a rifle, and admire all the attention as everyone's heads, eyes, and just about their whole body turns to you. This is a generic supercar, a typical one. But then again, every other supercar looks generic once you park this next to them."


Apollo Intensa Emozione (2019)
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Class: Muscle Cars
Type: Vintage muscle hot rod
Real Life Counterparts:
Main Design: 1930 Ford Model A Coupe "Champagne Taste"
Minor Design Cues: 1932 Ford "Deuce Coupe"

Top Speed: 195mph
Engine: 5.0 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Drivetrain: RWD
Power: 280hp
0-60: 4.8 seconds
Price: $53,000 (Southern San Andreas Super Autos)
Real Performance: Like the Hotknife


"Muscle no longer means the same nowadays. Sure, your mental dictionary might dictate otherwise, but there is no way that the word 'muscle car' and overly complicated technologies plus burly styling are connected no matter which way you put it. But on the other side of the spectrum, there's a dose of adrenaline, a shot of alcohol, vintage and classic styling, and a gas-guzzling V8. This is what muscle means. And the Ace ticks all of those boxes, and more. Want to be the embodiment of a classic American alcoholic? Want to show up at the drag race and leave a Gauntlet in the dust? Want to make sure your exhaust notes are louder than Akulas in the sky? You'll have your answer. Welcome back to the 1930's, bud.


Custom-built 1930 Ford Model A coupe, dubbed "Champagne Taste" (2010)
Class: Sports Cars
Type: Ultra-light sports car
Real Life Counterparts:

Main Design: KTM X-Bow
Minor Design Cues: Honda Project 2&4 Concept


Top Speed: 142mph
Engine: 2.5 liter turbocharged V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Drivetrain: RWD
Power: 280hp
0-60: 4.8 seconds
Price: $460,000 (Legendary Motorsport)
Real Performance: Comparable to the Ruston


"By the time you look at the Dagger for the first time, you're instantly possessed by the insane spirits of Japan who made it. You're now hooked, even if you've never driven it. Want proof? Once you go into bed, your dreams are filled with engineers discussing about aerodynamics. You wake up not by the sound of the alarm, but by the exhaust sound of your rich neighbor's Feltzer. Your hands are now conformed to gripping something circular. You feel depressed once no one in your club mentions the words "carbon fiber." And your entire body feels much at home in a tightly bolstered racing seat. You're now being controlled by the ghosts of Nagasaki. And so they sit outside the dealer, waiting for their next victim to buy another one.."


KTM X-Bow (2014)


Based on: Ford Anglia (aka the flying car from Harry Potter)

"The Weasley has been a very popular vehicle in Britain before Vapid started producing the Retinue. Now it somehow made it into America with weird wizardry fans believing it was an enchanted flying car."

Southern San Andreas Super Autos description


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Burgerfahrzeug Heist Buggy
Class: Sports
Based on: Khyzyl Saleem The Crew 2 Masked Leader Car

Availible at: Warstock Cache & Carry
Top speed: 313km/h
BF Heist Buggy.png

Don't laught pls, i don't have Photoshop.
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Let's being this forum back.

Dinka Cadrona

: Compacts
Design: Based on 2014-2017 Honda Fit, with the grille taken from the 2017-2020 model, front bumper of 2009-2011 Honda Insight and the taillights of 2010-2014 Ford Fiesta Rocam hatchback.
Vapid Ariant


Type: Sedans
Design: Based on 1983-1985 Ford Tempo sedan, with the side pillars and rear of 1982-1985 Holden Camira and the greenhouse of 1981-1987 BMW 5-Series sedan
Buckingham Springhook

: Sports Classics
Design: Based on Solana Sport Series II.
Weeny Issi Sport Rallye

Type: Offroaders
Design: Rally version of Issi Sport. The kit is on Evans Motorsport Mini Cooper AP4.
Karin Asterope Classic

: Sedans
Design: Based on 1992 Toyota Camry GX, with some body design cues taken from 1993-1996 Subaru Legacy and the spoiler taken from 1991-1993 year model (of Legacy).

Karin Kuruma Retro Custom


Type: Sports
Design: 1997 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV, with the rear bumper of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III and the headlights taken from 1993 Mitsubishi Galant
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Annis Madison


Type: Sedans
Design: 2016 Nissan Altima, with some changes at the front fascia, particular in front bumper, where it's design may have took cues from 2014-2019 Infiniti Q70. The rear bumper design was taken from 2012-2015 Toyota Avalon.
I don't know if anyone here knows of Lucas Daniel? He's a talented artist whom a while ago took up the mantle of designing GTA esque cars. Check some of his stuff out. He could honestly get a job at Rockstar designing some cars. :sly:

Here's my favorite, and I hope they actually add this down the line.

Pfister Eyesight
Type: Super
Based on: Porsche Vision Gran Turismo
Engine: Electric
Sold in: Legendary Motorsport

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 8.09.09 PM.png

Karin Dilettante NX​

Type: Compacts
Design: Based on the brand-new 2024 Toyota Prius (not the Prius Prime), with the side windows design of Honda Insight (ZE2).

Vapid Maurice​

images (5).jpeg

Type: Sedans
Design: Based on the 1974 Ford Taunus sedan, with the side panel of 1969-1978 Fiat 130, the rear bumper taken from 1969-1977 Opel Diplomat and some front fascia cues of 1969-1977 Opel Admiral.
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Obey Rocoto GL​


Type: SUVs
Design: Based on the 2016-2020 Audi Q5, with the taillights of 2017 Volkswagen T-Roc, rear fascia nd trunk design taken from 2016-2020 Volkswagen Tiguan, with the rear plate placement remaining to be based on the Audi Q5, placed below the badge, located around the center, instead of being on the centre of the lower area.
HVY Sausage Fest
Based on: Wienermobile
Type: Sausage Party Bus
Class: Sausage Tasters(new class)
Customisation: Latex Vinyl Wrap (lambskin for those with allergies)
Name Origin: Cased Meat Enthusiast Club
Engine: Meat-Injected Sausage Thruster
Power: 550 Phallic Units
Top Speed: 90 Thrusts Per Minute
0-60: Depends on how aroused the driver is
Real Performance: Summons All Prostitutes to Your Location