GTP_OMRS Month 2: It's All About M3

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  1. Jump_Ace

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    United States Portland, OR


    :: GTP_Online Monthly Race Series ::


    GT5 OMRS Month 2: It's All About M3


    (P) BMW M3 Coupe '07


    Nurburgring GP/F

    :: Only Open to Qualified GTP_Registered Members ::

    :: Members are not obligated to take part ::

    Race Details:

    • Mode: Open Lobby : Normal Race
    • Track: World Circuits > Nurburgring GP/F
    • Laps: 15
    • Car Type: FR > Premium
    • Make: Germany > BMW
    • Model: M3 Coupe '07
    • Cost: 92,400 Cr.

    Vehicle Specifics:

    • Performance Points: 484 (Stock) NOTE: Do not give your car an oil change, weight reductions, or any HP performance upgrades as this will Disqualify your car from the event. Otherwise, you might need to buy the car again from the New Car Dealership to qualify for the event.
    • Horse Power: 404 HP (Stock)
    • Minimum Weight: 1,660 kg (Stock, you will need to add a 5kg weight ballast to the car to qualify for the race)
    • Body/Chassis Upgrades: None (Stock)
    • Engine Upgrades: None (Stock)
    • Intake System Upgrades: None (Stock)
    • Exhaust Upgrades: None (Stock)
    • Turbo Kit Upgrades: None (Stock)
    • Transmission Upgrades: Any upgrades are allowed
    • Drivetrain Upgrades: Any upgrades are allowed
    • Suspension Upgrades: Any upgrades are allowed
    • Aero Kit: Illegal. No upgrades are allowed
    • Skid Recovery Force Aid: OFF
    • Tyre Type: Sport Softs (SS's) or Harder
    • Grip Reduction on Track Edge: Real
    • Mechanical Damage: Off
    • Controller Steering Sensitivity: Optional
    • Car Tuning Settings: Optional (All Tuning MUST Be Done During Warm Up, Not Beforehand)

    Race Room/Lobby Specifics:

    Race Room/Lobby Settings:
    • Room Comment: GTP_OMRS Month (#)
    • Race Type: Race For Real
    • Max Participants: 16
    • Race Quality: May vary between High, Standard or Low
    • Voice Chat Quality: May vary, or be turned off to save bandwidth for the race. If you have a chatpad or keyboard, use it :tup:
    • Fixed Host Status: Checked/On

    Regulation Settings:
    • Car Restrictions: Unrestricted
    • Performance Points: Use the Max Performance Points that is listed in that month’s GTP_OMRS Race Specifics
    • Power: Use the Max Power that is listed in that month’s GTP_OMRS Race Specifics
    • Weight: Use the Minimum Weight that is listed in that month’s GTP_OMRS Race Specifics
    • Tire Restrictions: Use the Tire type that is listed in that month’s GTP_OMRS Race Specifics
    • No Skid Recovery Force: This will ALWAYS be checked (disabled)
    • TCS | Driving Line | ASM |: Optional

    Event Settings:
    • Game Mode: Normal Race
    • Laps: 15
    • Start Type: Grid Start with False Start Check
    • Grid Order: Fastest First
    • Boost: Off
    • Penalty: Off
    • Automatic Race Start Cycle: Disabled
    • Race Finish Delay: Set to the Max 180 Seconds
    • Grip Reduction On Wet Track/Track Edge: Real
    • Mechanical Damage: Light
    • Tire Wear/Fuel Consumption: On
    • Pit Stops: Allowed and as often as you need to. When exiting the pit lane, please remember to yield to approaching drivers behind you.

    Course Settings:
    • Course Selection Method: Always Host picks
    • Course: Use the Course that is listed in that month’s GTP_OMRS Race Specifics
    • Custom Courses: None
    • Time: Disabled
    • Time Progression: Disabled
    • Weather: Disabled
    • Fixed (Weather): Disabled

    Race Specifics:

    • The car used for this race is available for purchase in the New Car Dealership Under The BMW Manufacturer.
    • The event MUST be run using your GTP_Tag Account. Anyone that shows up with a non GTP- Tag will automatically get booted from the race room.
    • The use of the clutch that is found on the G25, G27, and other high end racing wheels is strictly prohibited.
    • If for some reason you are unable to finish the race and need to stop:
      - Pull the car over off the track next to a wall
      - Press the E-Brake
      - Then press Start
      - This will ghost your car and it won't allow it to interfere with the other drivers.

    Steward's Comments:

    Get on the gas early in this stable car to be successful here, but watch your tire damage for those last few laps.

    Race Clean, Race Hard :tup:

    Standard Clean OLR Rules:

    • All GTP members in the race lobby are still required to follow the Acceptable Usage Policy and conduct themselves in the same manner as posting on the forum.
    • All Hard Surfaces are considered Track Surface. This includes tarmac, red and white rumbles, and concrete. You are expected to drive clean at all times as if you are racing in the Weekly Race Series. All participants are required to follow the GTPlanet Online Racing Rules & Guidelines. Do take the time to read it as all participants will be held accountable for their actions.
    • Race Stewards reserve the right to boot any driver from the Race Room for driving offensively. If you ignore any warnings from the Race Steward and are booted from the race room, you will receive 1 Infraction Point which will get logged at the GTP_Registry Disciplinary Log. Three strikes are you are banned from the GTP_Registry.
    • 2 wheels on (or vertically in line with) the track at all times
    • Rumble/ripple strips are part of the track
    • Runoff areas are not part of the track
    • Limit your contact with walls or objects, visible or invisible
    • No hybrids
    • No cheating of any kind,these are relaxed races and we are experienced racers, we all want clean racing and it's up to you to ensure there is. Along with the GTP OLR Race Stewards that will be watching the entire race. They will communicate any concerns via a headset or chat and it is also your responsibility to listen and respond to them accordingly.
    • Nothing that goes against the spirit of the rules

    Illegal Use Of The Track:
    • All drivers are expected to not use the outside pavement areas on turns 2, 4 and 10 as shown below. Repeated use and the driver will get kicked from the race room.

    Turn 2:

    Turn 4:

    Turn 10:

    Legal Use Of The Track:
    • All other parts of the track are fair game.

    Thread Rules:

    The following information cannot be discussed in this thread:

    • Any Settings Discussion

    Why Use GMT?:
    • If you are unsure of when the race starts, try this site.
    • You can also view is a visual layout displaying the different time zones here.

    Race Incident Reporting:

    The Race Stewards will save each and every race. However any disputes between drivers must be dealt with via PM. If a resolution is not found, then PM the Race Steward who hosted the event.

    Race Stewards will constantly be looking out for any intentional and malicious driving, but we can't see everything so include this information when it's necessary to PM your Race Steward as a last resort per Section 17: Complaints, in the OLR Rules & Guidelines:

    All complaints relating to a racing incident must follow this procedure:

    1. Contact the driver concerned privately (GTP_PM or PSN_PM)
    2. Discuss in a manner that is normally acceptable here at GTP ([url="]AUP[/url])
    3. If a complaint cannot be resolved privately then as a last resort contact a GTP_Race Admin
    4. Name PM subject title 'Racing Complaint'
    5. Supply Members PSN_Tag
    6. Supply Date & time of incident
    7. Supply Event type
    8. Supply Car driven by driver
    9. Supply Details and any other relevant information relating to the incident

    Race Room Information:

    April 2nd, 2011 10AM, 11AM (GMT-7) | Hosted By GTP_Jump_Ace | Room Number: 1472-6399-8880-6892-8736

    April 2nd, 2011 12PM, 1PM (GMT-7) | Hosted By GTP_Animera | Room Number: Read The Reply Below 5 Minutes Before 12PM (GMT-7)

    April 2nd, 2011 2PM, 3PM (GMT-7) | Hosted By GTP_Steven | Room Number: Read The Reply Below 5 Minutes Before 2PM (GMT-7)

    April 2nd, 2011 4PM, 5PM (GMT-7) | Hosted By GTP_Small_Fryz | Room Number: Read The Reply Below 5 Minutes Before 4PM (GMT-7)

    Also make note of these Race Steward Alternates as they may need to fill in and host a race for one of the time slots:
    • GTP_Shigegaki
    • GTP_Mafiaboy
    • GTP_PK_090

    The OMRS Chat Room password is 'welcome'. Anyone is welcome, but I'd like it to be just for discussing the OMRS.

    Good luck, :gtplanet:
    OLR Team
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  2. FLASH48


    Dumb question. Why are you not allowed to tune the car before the race? What if i want to practices with the car a couple days before race day? Or did i read the rules wrong?
  3. Vezella22


    Thank you very much! I'll give it a try.

  4. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    You are welcome to try out the combo of course, we want the series to be a competition on driving skill, not tuning ability. But I posted the race specifics early so practice up :)

  5. dranddad

    England UK

    Hi Jerome.

    I'll be there again this time round looking forward to omrs again :tup:

    Hope more show support this time

  6. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    I see you are a new member Vezella. In order for you to compete in the OMRS, you will need to get entered into the GTP_Registry which the details can be found here. You will need to use your GTP_Account to race with, better get on it! :cheers:

    Thanks for your support GTP_Eriba Phillip, sorry still getting everyone's names right :bowdown:

    Last edited: Mar 30, 2011
  7. Captain Roh

    United Kingdom NG9

    Softs!? Light damage!? Bahh!! :p

    M3 brute force is best experienced on hards. However thats just my opinion. I guess other people may be able to race better on softs. Either way, I'll be there :tup:
  8. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    You are welcome to use any Sports tire compound :tup:

    But I was on the fence about using a different compound for the next event and you just convinced me, haha.

  9. Captain Roh

    United Kingdom NG9

    Umm.. glad to help :D lol

    I'll go buy my M3 right now complete with BTCC colours!

    Bagsy Laurence Bristow's Labatts liveried motor :sly: Blue/gold :tup:
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2011
  10. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    You know I have to be honest, I never thought much of painting a car nor cared for the color (except yellow, I love using yellow in LAN racing for some reason) but it's really fun especially when I have over 1,000 to choose from. I'll paint my M3 before race day.

  11. Supra_Skills


    I can't wait!!!:gtpflag:
  12. BlacqueJacques

    Canada Cumberland, BC

    I'll try and be on track Saturday
  13. dsgerbc


  14. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    /\ Thanks for that :p

  15. Sureboss

    United Kingdom UK

    Sounds good, have to make sure I'm around.
  16. Crispy74

    England Hemel Hempstead/ UK

    I'm definitely going to be joining in this month after completely missing last months races :tup:

    Not sure what livery I'll be sporting as yet we get extra points for having an absolute abomination of a paint job that others may find visually offensive? :sly: If so I have the perfect colours...anyone that saw my poor Swift will vouch that when it matters, I have really horrific taste! :tup:
  17. pyxen

    Canada Ottawa, Canada

    Hopefully I can make Small_Fryz's race. I'd be interested :)
  18. Supra_Skills


    Are we allowed to purchase different wheels for the car from GT auto?
  19. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    You will be rewarded much respect for such paint jobs. Maybe whoever has the most offensive paint job can pick the next track to use next month :lol:

    Sure, knock yourself out :)

  20. GTP_Plato


    I will try to make this, have my little boy for the day and it varies what time he leaves. I hope to make it but if not will try to make the next one.
  21. Horst


    Just so I get this straight: There are four time slots and two races will be held per slot? Also I'm not supposed to participate in more than one race and/or slot, right?

    I'll try to hit the first slot then, which will be between 8pm and 10pm in germany (GMT+2)... Already set a reminder in my cell phone. :dopey:
  22. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    That's correct. However, last month didn't have a full turnout, so unless the race room is nearly full, you can race in a couple time slots. My hope is that in the future if it takes off, we limit it to one race, but we'll see.

  23. BlacqueJacques

    Canada Cumberland, BC

    Practiced last night with Crispy, Disaster (broken wheel I heard :tdown:) and Shin Roh; thanks fellas.

    Man I am slow through most of that course :dopey:
  24. NielsG

    Denmark Aarhus, Denmark

    Hi Jerome. Is it allowed to make a pit stop during the race?
  25. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    Most definitely if you need to do so :) Good question that may need addressing, I'll add that.


    Last edited: Mar 31, 2011
  26. BlacqueJacques

    Canada Cumberland, BC

    Not too many midday (on Canada's West Coast P.D.T.) time slots; probably join Small_Fryz; before my Concours Club :)
  27. Captain Roh

    United Kingdom NG9

    Umm... how would that work?

    I think I'm right in saying my particular time zone, UK (BST), is 9 hours ahead of all times posted. That would put Small Fryz lounge WAY after concours. Or would it be way before on Sunday for you? :lol: I'm confuzzled! And I dont want you to miss concours!!! :D

    I'll be joining Animeras lobby anyway. Jerome's is bang on quali time this saturday and the others are too late. ..... Well, :sly: Depends if I'm enjoying myself ;)
  28. NielsG

    Denmark Aarhus, Denmark

    Thanks for the fast reply, Jerome. :tup:

    Missed the first race, but just had a training session with Sjaak now and we will try to join in either Animera's last slot or Stevens first slot. :)
  29. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    Timezones are tricky, but here is a nice map to help straighten it out, I had to update the post to a different map cause the old link got moved or something...anyway, check this out.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2011
  30. pyxen

    Canada Ottawa, Canada

    That doesn't take daylight savings into consideration though Jerome. The NA times are now +1hr.

    Ottawa (New York for you Yanks), is only GMT-4 right now.
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