GTP_WRS Online Event 44 : Mini Me 2

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Well as to be expected these days we had issues with the lobby again, so much so that I had to ask Larry @Bass Addict if he would host which he did thankfully and that overcame the issues that Larry had seeing Ben @Iceman.

I had an unexpected chance to have a superb battle with @Siggers in the second stint but even without my off it was going to be short lived as the start was completely 🤬 up and whereas I should have been mid field I ended up in first so was going to have to give positions back. I did stretch it out though as that battle was really fun thanks to Sig :cheers:

I think based on our experience with this track it's unlikely we'll race there again until PD sort thing out. We even tried a rolling start and that ended with us all be stuck in auto drive for a whole lap :banghead:

Good fun though and thanks to everyone for just rolling with all of the nonsense that PD was throwing at us with jumbled starts, cars facing the wrong way and folks being started out of position.

Look out for the post from Larry for details on quali and race results and congrats again to @Siggers who I think had a clean sweep with wins

Gran Turismo®SPORT_20180929160729.jpg

First Race Results:

Gran Turismo®SPORT_20180929163119.jpg

Second Race Results:

Gran Turismo®SPORT_20180929165006.jpg

Third Race Results:

Gran Turismo®SPORT_20180929170814.jpg

Third Race extended results: (Sorry forgot to save the first two races...)

Gran Turismo®SPORT_20180930100858.jpg

Great fun yesterday and I wish PD would sort this track out as I like to race here...:)

I had a feeling my fellow Gondor Racing mate @hirnsauger69 would post awesome race photos...well done as usual Guido! :bowdown::bowdown:

Here are some more pictures from Race #3...


A nice, orderly start to the third race! :eek::eek::lol:


First hairpin at the top of the hill...


Heading up the first hill after getting everyone back on the track and pointed in the right direction...👍


Rounding the final hairpin and heading for home...


Nice and close racing...:)