GTP_WRS Online Event 46 : Finale di Enzo - Ripetuto

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What started out to look like a pretty low turnout but we had enough for a decent race in the end and it was great to see Bart @PASM back on track and mixing it up with us after his break from GTSport.

I had a pretty decent race after qualifying in pole. I did have a slip up in Parabolica during the race and conceded my lead position to Lucas @Gravitron . From then I decided to go long switching to fuel map 2 and manage my fuel whilst trying to maintain the gap to around 7 seconds as I reckoned I could get that back with a splash and dash on the final stop to regain the lead. The strategy worked well and was solidified when Lucas lost 5/6 seconds with a misstep on Curve Grande meaning the gap was only around 2 seconds when I went in for my final stop. I came out on fresh tyres with a 6-7 second lead and all I had to do was bring it home with 2 laps remaining.

I should also add that Pekkas @MadMax wasn't as bad as the results suggest, he unfortunately had to take care of some urgent business mid way through the race and was parked up in the pit lane for 12 laps.


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