GTP_WRS Online Event 50 : Foreign Invasion

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Yeah, I agree. What's the earliest Lucas @Gravitron can make it?
Unfortunately, M/W/F nights are out completely for me these days, I don't get home until after 10pm Pacific. T/Th I won't be getting home until 8:30pm Pacific at the earliest, except for the rare odd occasion. That's part of why I haven't asked to move the NA timeslot (yes, I made a couple attempts recently to make the NA race by asking if you guys could wait a little bit for me, but then wasn't able to make them anyway). I was able to meet y'all last Friday night because I skipped my Friday commitment 'cuz I missed ya guys so much. :dopey:
EU race went off without any problems and even though it was a little lite in attendance, it looked like we had some nice battles going on! 👍👍


Gran Turismo®SPORT_20181107160716.jpg

Extended Race Results:

Gran Turismo®SPORT_20181108125828.jpg
I am very sorry for the delay in reporting...:embarrassed:

WW race was great fun with no room issues at all. It was very nice to see @dranddad Phillip & @Gravitron Lucas participating in the race...👍👍

Epic battle between Lucas & @Siggers Sig for first place...well done both of you! :bowdown: Phillip, @hirnsauger69 Guido and myself had some good battles but both Phillip & Guido were WAY more consistent than me...:)

Kudos to @Rikson Eric for showing up and giving this combo a go with no offline practice laps at all...very tough situation! :bowdown:


Gran Turismo®SPORT_20181110160912.jpg


Gran Turismo®SPORT_20181110170451.jpg
I watched a little of the replay last night and compared fuel levels between @Siggers and looks like my lift-n-coast braking method was working well enough to allow me to get ahead in the 2nd/final pit stop, which was the only way to pass, given we were so similarly paced. Then a mistake from me on the grass of the exit of the final corner allowed him to get alongside on the inside of the braking zone to turn 1 on the final lap. :crazy: Great race and intense battle, Sig! :cheers:

Thanks Larry for hosting! :gtpflag: