GTP_WRS Online Races GT7 - Race 1: Spa-ctacular

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Since pd decided the option to remove people from a room we need the lobby to be friends only. I'll be sending everyone a friends

also the pace at start finish line will be reduced to 80kmh / 50mph
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Got it, accepted. Will be there in a bit, had an intense Manu champs race, need to cool down :scared:

Had 3 races, first there was server issue, second someone spun me and finished 10th, in the last I finished 3rd, so happy about that. One have to love to drive the green hell at night. 🥰😍 this new lighting is just fabulous (and I am on Ps4 pro).
Thanks everybody for participating in our very first GT7 event.
Hope to see you all on track soon.
Thanks for the race @GTP_Dutchy
It was a really good race. Although I was a bit exhausted (2000.21 km on odometer :ouch::lol:) and for the sake of god I dunno how you guys can save up so much fuel and tyres. :eek::boggled::odd:😅😄

If I'll have time I'll try to do some race photos tomorrow.

And may this be first of many (rumored 4-5 years of GT7 lifespan) 😳
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Practice lobby is open early :D

Also started a party chat. please join this one 5 minutes before we start the event this way i can do the instructions vocally which is a whole lot faster than having to type.
glad to see you on track again. you can brake the rust of the discs xD
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Race thread based on WRS week 1 is over here: