GTP_WRS-Online : Special IV : Group 4 LAN Style Pick and Mix - March 28/29 and April 4/5

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Great thanks but I'm to late now :lol:

Who's gonna be the lobby host so I can send a friend request for tonights races?
I sent you a friend request but you haven't accepted.
I won't compete tonight. Due to a couple of factors. We need to read a pile of docs for our new house. Also my performance yesterday wasn't what I needed to be in terms of driving close to the others. I'll practice the other combo's for next week and show up beter prepared for it. Sorry to those who had contact with me yesterday. Please know there was never foul intent. Cheers and have fun tonight guys.
Practice lobby is open. And I started a voice chat for anyone who wants to join. It's optional.
Hi guys.
Thanks a lot for the racing during these events.
Nice to meet/hear so many of you, fresh of the bat at :gtplanet:.
And thanks for having a newbie entry.
"Sadly" here you have to have speed and race craft, as you can't expect people in front to have a run in and crash out, to gain positions, like in the Daily and FIAGTC races.:lol::cheers:
So, back to the drawing board...:dunce:💡;)

Till next time, guys.👍
Thanks for this nice event. This gave me the belive in #gt-sport back, this is how the drivers should drive at all races.

and i’m realy sorry for the mistakes i made that had impact on your races, but you gave me alot experience so hopefully the impacts are les in the future.

and as tribleN said if you are planing a driving school then i’m in. I got my first ps in november so quite new to this game, and sim racing. Before that i had been driving some TOCA2 with tribleN long time ago (late 90’s)


se you on the track
Screenshot_20200406-112343_GT Sport.jpg
Screenshot_20200406-112408_GT Sport.jpg
Screenshot_20200406-112429_GT Sport.jpg
Screenshot_20200406-112513_GT Sport.jpg
Screenshot_20200406-112533_GT Sport.jpg
I've uploaded the results by race for 4/4 and 4/5 into the second post as image files.

I'm not going to apologize for the delay in results. It was intentional, I was unhappy with the Saturday race quality, and I did not want to further the competitive spirit by posting results for fun.

If the contact continues in the next event, I will have more stringent rules to remove drivers, and I will stop posting results. It's just not worth it, especially with some of the things I experienced personally. I don't spend all my time doing this to make it feel like a Daily Race A. Seriously.

So, with that done, here are the scoring results, FOR FUN. Each day stands on it's own, since most drivers do not participate in all events.....

Congrats to @PASM for winning 5 in the row to finish out the Saturday races. 5 1st places and one 2nd, not bad. :) Happy you managed to avoid the chaos behind you. And also congrats to newcomer @Schosse as well as @Philtaylor17 for rounding out the podium spots. Schosse had 5 podiums in 6 races.


And, onto Sunday. Congrats to @Philtaylor17 for managing to rip off 4 wins in a row in the first 4 races on Sunday, to take the overall win. If not for Nurb being the 5th track, who knows...

And congrats as well to @SRT DK Racing and @PASM for rounding out the podium.

Lars had 4 podiums in the final 4 races, well done. 👍

The nordschleife and all of its corners are my enemy :ouch: The GP track makes up for it though :dopey:

Thanks to all the stewards for setting this up, such a cool event while almost everyone is in lockdown, and the mix 'n' match aspect will keep our brains active too :lol: looking forward to the next set

And cheers to everyone for the good racing :cheers: was fun!