GTP_WRS Week 37 : Official Results

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:: GTP_Weekly Race Series ::


Week 37

Two Cars,



Two Tracks,


Road Course Daytona / Super Speedway Daytona


Steward's Comments:

The slimmest of margins between the two Aussies for the overall win.

Congrats to all the podiums.


OLR Team.

Important notice:
To streamline the WRS administration process, all required replays for this race must be submitted within 7 days. This thread will be listed as "Unofficial" and will become "Official" once all posted replays have been verified. After 7 days, all drivers who fail to provide a requested replay will have their lap disqualified. (Beware, disqualification isn't taken lightly within the WRS)

Replay Verification Requests:
This week we would like to see all podium replays for verification. All replays are to be posted here.

Instructions on how to upload your replay can be found here -

Format: <place>---<overall time>---<racer name> <road time> <oval time>


Division 1:

1---3'00.463---GTP_mad94d 2'05.408 0'55.055

2---3'00.489---GTP_DHolland 2'05.457 0'55.032

3---3'01.397---GTP_Animera 2'06.095 0'55.302

4---3'01.655---GTP_DEVIE 2'06.338 0'55.317

Division 2:

1---3'01.617---GTP_Masicampo 2'06.433 0'55.184

2---3'01.944---GTP_CarlPKY 2'06.724 0'55.220

3---3'02.353---GTP_theewar 2'07.167 0'55.186

4---3'02.572---GTP_zed300 2'07.191 0'55.381
5---3'02.785---GTP_TrievelA7X 2'07.711 0'55.074
6---3'03.058---GTP_EDK 2'07.425 0'55.633
7---3'03.149---GTP_Chief 2'07.930 0'55.219
8---3'03.218---GTP_wotzit07 2'07.840 0'55.378
9---3'03.487---GTP_Worst_Driver 2'08.224 0'55.263

Division 3:

1---3'02.611---GTP_DarkNeo 2'07.283 0'55.328

2---3'02.882---GTP_Nuclearfire 2'07.595 0'55.287

3---3'03.085---GTP_01GTP 2'07.723 0'55.362

4---3'03.150---GTP_MadMax86 2'07.974 0'55.176
5---3'03.370---GTP_chrisbgt 2'07.895 0'55.475
6---3'04.466---GTP_LeGeNd-1 2'09.016 0'55.450

Division 4:

1---3'03.240---GTP_Lagas 2'07.883 0'55.357

2---3'03.932---GTP_vesselin 2'08.689 0'55.243

3---3'04.922---GTP_DGiant2000 2'09.637 0'55.555

4---3'05.790---GTP_EyeSpy 2'09.977 0'55.813
5---3'05.982---GTP_JazzVanWolfe 2'10.168 0'55.814
6---3'08.536---GTP_Steven 2'12.368 0'56.168

Overall Results:

1---3'00.463---GTP_mad94d 2'05.408 0'55.055
2---3'00.489---GTP_DHolland 2'05.457 0'55.032
3---3'01.397---GTP_Animera 2'06.095 0'55.302
4---3'01.617---GTP_Masicampo 2'06.433 0'55.184
5---3'01.655---GTP_DEVIE 2'06.338 0'55.317
6---3'01.944---GTP_CarlPKY 2'06.724 0'55.220
7---3'02.353---GTP_theewar 2'07.167 0'55.186
8---3'02.572---GTP_zed300 2'07.191 0'55.381
9---3'02.611---GTP_DarkNeo 2'07.283 0'55.328
10--3'02.785---GTP_TrievelA7X 2'07.711 0'55.074
11--3'02.882---GTP_Nuclearfire 2'07.595 0'55.287
12--3'03.058---GTP_EDK 2'07.425 0'55.633
13--3'03.085---GTP_01GTP 2'07.723 0'55.362
14--3'03.149---GTP_Chief 2'07.930 0'55.219
15--3'03.150---GTP_MadMax86 2'07.974 0'55.176
16--3'03.218---GTP_wotzit07 2'07.840 0'55.378
17--3'03.240---GTP_Lagas 2'07.883 0'55.357
18--3'03.370---GTP_chrisbgt 2'07.895 0'55.475
19--3'03.487---GTP_Worst_Driver 2'08.224 0'55.263
20--3'03.932---GTP_vesselin 2'08.689 0'55.243
21--3'04.466---GTP_LeGeNd-1 2'09.016 0'55.450
22--3'04.922---GTP_DGiant2000 2'09.637 0'55.555
23--3'05.790---GTP_EyeSpy 2'09.977 0'55.813
24--3'05.982---GTP_JazzVanWolfe 2'10.168 0'55.814
25--3'08.536---GTP_Steven 2'12.368 0'56.168

shows that the replay has been posted and verified.
shows that the submitted lap turned out to be dirty or doubtful.
shows that the replay has not been provided in due time.

Replay Checking:

  1. It is customary for all participants of the WRS to verify each others submitted replays
  2. Once you have checked the replay, post in this thread to say that you have checked it and whether it's clean, dirty or doesn't meet the required race specifications
  3. When verifying a replay, check against this weeks race specification, check that the tyres are the correct compound and that the power and weight is correct for example
  4. If you are unsure about a replay, always seek a second opinion before posting

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That's a shame, I was pretty excited there for a minute.
Oh well, 3rd on the Speedway! Hoo-Rah!
And congrats to Mad for besting DHolland for the first time! (I think)
Congratulations to all podium finishers 👍. Especially to mad94d and DHolland, you guys are the 2 gods of GT :bowdown:.
Congrats to everybody and as usual thanks to the WRS administrators 👍
See you in 2 weeks. I can't participate this week.
Congrats to all the winners

Here is my replay:


  • GTP Nuclearfire WRS week
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Congrats to mad94d for just inching ahead of holl01 on the road course to take the win.
And congrats to you too holl01 for the oval win.
Great job to you both. 👍
Congrats to all division winners and podiums, especially TrievelA7x for taking the overall 3rd podium spot on the oval.
Actually when you consider both tracks separately there are a few more winners, so congrats to you guys too!

Here are my replays. I hope.


  • 01GTP Week 37
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  • 01GTP Week 37
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Congrats to all podium finishers!
And to mad94d for the overall win!

I still think i coulda had more on dat road course, but its always the case for everyone lol. Great week. My replay soon.
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I'm not completely sure how to upload replays, can somebody tell me if this works?


    101 KB · Views: 16
Congratulations to everyone this week :cheers: especially Madison and Dan 👍 Incredible performance guys. Incredibly close battle between you two. Great performances throughout the divisions this week.

Here are my PAL replays:


    107.3 KB · Views: 14
  • GTP_CarlPKY Road
    129.8 KB · Views: 13
GTP_01GTP's replay's are clean and green

I'm not completely sure how to upload replays, can somebody tell me if this works?

Yep, your Daytona Super Speedway replay worked, and is clean and green
also once you create the .ZIP file from your PS3 file you can rename then if you want
YES!!:D Finally I beat Dan.:lol: Great week long battle mate, I really enjoyed it.:) Great laps by you too especially the superspeedway lap.:crazy:

I'd like to congratulate all podium finishers, but especially Animera for his first Division 1 podium!👍

Thanks everyone.:cheers:

Here are my replays(Hope they work, not sure if I did it right.:nervous:)

EDIT: re-posted Replays as Animera said the last one said it was "Corrupt" when he tried to extract.


  • GTP_mad94d WRS 37
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  • GTP_mad94d WRS 37
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Congrats to Mad on the win, and to all podiums.
Here are my replays.


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    121.6 KB · Views: 13
GTP_Animera - Clean and green

GTP_CarlPKY - Clean and green

(Thanks :D for telling me:tup:)
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Well done eveyone.👍
Very close at the top of the charts, great tussle.
Congratulations to all podiums.
Congratulations to those ultra fast laps. I already suspected i wouldnt do to well this week.I think i made a mistake only doing 6 laps of the oval.I had afair amount of time on the road course,but couldnt make some near perfect laps stick.Thats the challenge i guess and why i have such a good time every week.Thanks to admin. for thinking up these excellent combos,and again well done everyone.
Congratulations to all winners, and especially to mad94d and holl01 in a league of their own as usual! Seriously impressive times.
Congrats to mad94d on 2 quality laps to take the overall victory!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the battle we had, and was happy that I pipped you in one of them at least:sly: Look forward to future battles, cheers


  • GTP_DHollandwrs37.rar
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Thans for checking my replay Mad 👍
I'll try and check a couple when I get home tonight.
Congrats to all podium finishers 👍

I pushed as mutch as I could at Speedway ,
but Road Course was really hard to chain together.

Congrats to all podium finishers :cheers:

Here is my replays :)


  • ps3
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Amazing times from the Australian Stigs :) Well done!
Congrats to Lagas in my division and everyone who regards their time as decent :)

Just reviewed Animera and Dholland - both are clean and green

Here are my replays


  • GTP_vesselin_WRS_37.rar
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I just noticed that MadMax, 4th overall at the Speedway is a great result:tup:
Here are my replays (NTSC)


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    127.5 KB · Views: 11
Hi :),

Nice runs this week... congratulation to all winner :cheers:

Heres my replay...

Lets burn tires in Suzuka


  • WRS(GT5P)
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