GTP_WRS Week 44 : Mini Me 2

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I have got to tidy up them last corners now.
Should get another session in this weekend. Tonight's just wasn't long enough. Looking for another 1.5 tenth's in t1. hopefully more.

Gained 2.3 tenth's at the line tonight. Great combo. +5 BB


Great splits by you guys so far. Hard to catch up
I'm away for the weekend but plan on good old fashioned banzai run.

My theoretical best is about 0.120 faster than my current time. I'll see if it's in the cards to get close to that.

I know I'm loosing time in the last sector so I'm just concentrating on lap times now, even if I drop on T1. It the same old same old problem, stringing both sector's (gain a bit loose a bit) I think I can find. 0.1 to 0.15 due to that turn in the dip down hill, hold T1 at the same time makes phillip a happy bunny.
No new splits to post tonight but I’ve seen a few .2’s in T1 so looking promising to hit my target time.

I think all the techniques used in T1 apply to T2 also ;)

I think it's a sycological thing Dan, one seems to go into a defensive mode protecting a good T1. Then wind up not getting the maximum out the final sector.

@hirnsauger69 impressive Guido
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I did that a number of times a lot by accident, what you have to watch out for is the next frame or the frame after, the short wheel Base drops the front or the back wheel into the gravel .
That pic looks good to me

That's as close as it gets after going frame by frame but I'll certainly double check, wasn't sure about the sloped tarmac where it starts to blend with the dirt. Seeing the picture posted here makes the contrast between the two much more obvious for some reason. No idea why I went so far off there, but I guess the gremlins like to pop out at the worst time :lol:


Probably a .1 out there but that's my best T1 so far and managed to hold it though the line. I found clipping 2 wheels in the dirt to be faster in this session, especially the right hander at the top of the hill after T1.