GTP_WRS Week 66 : Official Results

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Files rechecked after engine stage photos posted. All three are clean.



Thanks Scott 👍
I'll have a look at your replay just to confirm its green flag, which means all previous checks are up to date.
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Here's my PAL replay guys, Congrats to Maverick on the win, that must have been some lap considering the distance a tenth is on this combo 👍


  • GTP_Twissy Week
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Scott's replay is confirmed to the required specs 👍

FYI Guys, here's what the rpm guage will look like in the replay. As Tim already pointed out, the redline starts just a touch past the 9000 mark which you can see indicated by the green line.
Apologies for the fuzzy pic, but your TV will show it nice and clear ;)
First of all congrats to all participants and winners of the combo. Was nice racing the Scuderia. But I think it confirmed cleary that I´ve over qualified :)
Invested more time than in the qualifier but couldn´t get any better than this.
I have still a lot to learn on Cape Ring, now let´s have a look at these replays.

Here is my replay:


  • GTP_n0iZe week 66
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Well done to all podium finishers and A7X for the overall win 👍 Another great showing by D2 as well. Knew there was still a good few tenths to be found (was at 54.8xx one lap), but I just couldn't put it together in T3. Happy to have a sub-D1 time anyway :)

Here's my replay:


  • GTP_Biffy
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Wow i knew my T3 was good but not that good. Must have spent more time on this one than Twissy and w-g-e.
NTSC Replay


  • GTP_A7XMaverick Week
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Lap is clean, tires correct, engine stage appears correct, correct wing. Awesome lap, congratulations.👍
Congratulations to all, division and podium winners :cheers:

Props to Maverick, for is first victory in D1 with an insane T3 :bowdown:

Also to Wes and James, great times 👍

Great battle on D2, and well done to Biffy for another victory.

Props also to all who raced above their handicap 👍

Loved this week, had a blast with the "Cavallino Rampante" :dopey:



Great lap mate, a pleasure to watch :D


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Nice lap, Wes! It's interesting to see the different gear choices between you and A7XMaverick, but you both smoked the lap. :drool:
Here is my replay. USA


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I love you had your windshield wipers going the entire time.

Correct times, wings, tires, and engine stage. Nice job guys.
Well Done to all the winners.:cheers:

I'm quite happy with my result this week as I've never really got or liked the Cape Ring. I could have gone a little faster but it was tough to not make mistakes when pushing hard, I think I need to acquire some more ability.:dopey:

Replay attached.;)


  • GTP ASH32 WRS Week
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Well Done everyone, some stunning times out there!! :drool:

Left a couple of tenths in the first sector, and 3rd sector but am still more than happy with my lap this week. Only in my second week but really enjoying WRS :)

Here's my lap.....


  • GTP_racerwes WRS Week
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Well Done everyone, some stunning times out there!! :drool:

Left a couple of tenths in the first sector, and 3rd sector but am still more than happy with my lap this week. Only in my second week but really enjoying WRS :)

Here's my lap.....

I've been unable to import your replay in GT5, even though I have it saved on the PS3. I've noticed it says Replay Number and in parenthesis it says updated version. I haven't worked with enough replays to know but this maybe the cause. Anyone else have the same problem?
Here is my replay.

Great car and track combination :)

P.S. Replay is PAL


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Some more reviews


Great lap Wes 👍


Don´t know how to do that with a DS3 :crazy:


Good lap Ian 👍
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Thanks 👍

Let's just say there's two stumps where my thumbs used to be :sly:

You will probably be promoted to D1 soon but it will be really interesting to see what you can do when you get your wheel. It will be frustrating right away as you will be a little slower, then something will just click and you will take off. Look at what Matt has done.
Sorry for the late post, here is my PAL replay.


  • Replay week
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Sorry guys for some odd reason my replay isn't in the save data, I can view the video but it isn't saved, anyone help?? If not then scrap my time as I can not prove I was 2nd to last lol. Thanks Sid870
Hi Sid,

Have you exported the replay? If you can see it on the Replay list you can hit triangle and then choose Export. It will then be in the save data section of the XMB.