GTP_WRS Week 87 : Official Results

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:: GTP_Weekly Race Series ::


Week 87 (Official): Taming the Beast


Time Trial in Arcade Mode


Pagani Zonda R '09


Road Course - Indy

Steward's Comments:

Nice job everyone!


OLR Team.

Important notices:
To streamline the WRS administration process, all required replays for this race must be submitted within 7 days. This thread will be listed as "Provisional" and will become "Official" once all posted replays have been verified. After 7 days, all drivers who fail to provide a requested replay will have their lap disqualified. (Beware: disqualification isn't taken lightly within the WRS.)
Drivers who do not have a submitted lap posted in the results are not to post any information related to a laptime they might have achieved in the results thread. Any such posts will have the times removed.

Replay Verification Requests:
This week we would like to see replays for all indicated results. All replays are to be posted here.

Instructions on how to upload your replay can be found here -

Division 1:

1---1'21.430---GTP_w-g-e (Verified)

2---1'21.458---GTP_Yanaran (Verified)

3---1'21.698---GTP_Vagabond (Verified)


Division 2:

1---1'21.908---GTP_gooners_17 (Verified)

2---1'22.135---GTPcats_pajamas (Verified)

3---1'22.141---GTP_ROCK3T (Verified)


Division 3:

1---1'22.550---GTP_LeftyWright (Verified)

2---1'22.787---GTP_Jammy (Verified)

3---1'22.864---GTP_Mamba (Verified)


Division 4:

1---1'22.746---GTP_Racingworld (Verified)

2---1'23.051---GTP_RaceRyder (Verified)

3---1'23.654---GTP_Airsick (Verified)

Division 5:

1---1'24.700---GTP_Straffestef (Verified)


Overall Results:

>> Division 1: Par: 1'21.289 Gold: 1'21.467 Silver: 1'21.678 Bronze: 1'21.920
1---1'21.430---GTP_w-g-e r=1.264 (d1/-0.074)
2---1'21.458---GTP_Yanaran r=1.316 (d1/-0.380)
3---1'21.698---GTP_Vagabond r=1.694 (d1/-0.064)
4---1'21.905---GTP_Mr_P r=1.979 (d1/0.446)
5---1'21.908---GTP_gooners_17 r=1.983 (d1/-0.314)

>> Division 2: Par: 1'21.921 Gold: 1'22.099 Silver: 1'22.309 Bronze: 1'22.551
6---1'22.135---GTPcats_pajamas r=2.390 (d2/0.059)
7---1'22.141---GTP_ROCK3T r=2.400 (d2/-0.283)
8---1'22.142---GTP_transamguy r=2.402 (d2/0.183)
9---1'22.185---GTP_jb r=2.470 (d2/0.107)
10--1'22.550---GTP_LeftyWright r=2.999 (d2/-0.571)
10--1'22.550---GTP_viper84 r=2.999 (d2/0.437)

>> Division 3: Par: 1'22.552 Gold: 1'22.730 Silver: 1'22.941 Bronze: 1'23.183
12--1'22.677---GTP_JKMAYOL r=3.234 (d3/0.673)
13--1'22.688---GTP_EDK r=3.255 (d3/0.609)
14--1'22.746---GTP_Racingworld r=3.359 (d3/-0.734)
15--1'22.787---GTP_Jammy r=3.423 (d3/-0.314)
16--1'22.864---GTP_Mamba r=3.545 (d3/0.245)
17--1'22.923---GTP_Allibubba99 r=3.638 (d3/-0.183)
18--1'23.051---GTP_RaceRyder r=3.818 (d3/-0.263)
19--1'23.064---GTP_AspecBob r=3.836 (d3/-0.065)
20--1'23.084---GTP_Brinomial r=3.864 (d3/0.095)

>> Division 4: Par: 1'23.184 Gold: 1'23.362 Silver: 1'23.573 Bronze: 1'23.814
21--1'23.654---GTP_Airsick r=4.779 (d4/0.287)

>> Division 5: Par: 1'23.815 Gold: 1'24.888 Silver: 1'26.151 Bronze: 1'27.604
22--1'24.700---GTP_Straffestef r=5.275 (d5/0.098)


Handicapped Results:


(Settings: Weight = 1.000 Squeeze = 1.756 Scoot = 0.000)

shows that the replay has been posted and verified.
shows that the submitted lap turned out to be dirty or doubtful.
shows that the replay has not been provided in due time.

Replay Checking:

  1. It is customary for all participants of the WRS to verify each others submitted replays
  2. Once you have checked the replay, post in this thread to say that you have checked it and whether it's clean, dirty or doesn't meet the required race specifications
  3. When verifying a replay, check against this weeks race specification, check that the tyres are the correct compound and that the power and weight is correct for example
  4. If you are unsure about a replay, always seek a second opinion before posting
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Well done everyone. Here's my pal replays


    247.5 KB · Views: 7
Very pleased with edging a division podium by 0.001 of a second, unlucky transam, great combo, will have replay soon
Very pleased with edging a division podium by 0.001 of a second, unlucky transam, great combo, will have replay soon

Yeah, was bummed a bit when I seen results. In reality though, I don't feel like I deserved a podium with a T5 of xx.176. Good race :cheers:
Congrats to all podiums !

Could someone help me a little or direct me to a help section. Rock3t's and my handicaps are .002 apart and we finished the race .001 apart. Why did his handicap go down .28 and mine went up .18? Is it because of the podium ?

Edit: I see now. Thought Rock3t was a D2 gold and he is D2 bronze. Guess I assumed when we had the same handicap, my bad.
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Crazy crazy car and what a riot round this circuit. 👍 I didn't do a last minute desperation run this week to save myself the frustration... there was another 0.2 there for the taking but I decided to bow out and move to GVS after I spent 2 hours chasing last week's on Monday night with no joy. But happy to have held on to 3rd place anyway. :)

Great runs from Wes and Jonas - fantastic last sectors from you both 👍 Well done Mohit on another dominant D2 win, Baron coming through for the silver, and Lefty for a great dash to take the D3 win by a good margin. 👍

Congratulations to everyone who was brave enough to give this rocket a good go anyway. :cheers:

A quick replay check:

2---1'22.787---GTP_Jammy (Verified)
- Very nice tidy lap. 👍 Almost the perfect line everywhere except: the chicane in sector 3 - went in a little too deep which compromised your exit for the run to the last corner, the right hander leading into sector 3 and the last corner both benefited from taking alot more curb for higher apex speed and getting on the throttle earlier. Smooth and clean though, well done. :cheers:

Here's my replay video (again):

And my replay:


    272 KB · Views: 8
Nice review Chris maybe you can review my replay and let me know what I did wrong. My lines were pretty similar to yours though I did go slightly wide in the last S turn cause I was looking at my ghost and missed the breaking point, then tried to muscle through the last corner but the slight bump caused a bit of wheel spin so took off from there a bit late. But that's about maybe 3 tenths I don't understand where I lost the rest of the one second
Well done by Wes with the win, all the podiums, and the top finishers in 2-4 for punching above their weight. 👍

I think next time I will follow my instinct and not submit for a combo that I've spent less than 2 hours on. My knowledge of the track could not overcome the need to get used to the crazy car, not to mention that my best efforts are normally not on Racing Softs, I just can't bring myself to find the silly limit.

Anyhow, not to take away from anyone's efforts, but quite disappointed in my own, while knowing I would have done better with more time.
My replay, I'm not particularly a fan of the track but I enjoyed this combo, even though I lost a lot in the 3rd sector. Congrats to all the winners especially Lefty for his awesome last minute lap.


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Congratulations to everyone on the podium.:cheers:

Great lap Jonas, fantastic effort on your first week since you left WRS(?).👍
Nice lap Chris, and good looking video as always.👍

Mohit, Lefty, Frank.👍👍👍

My replay:


  • GT5 WRS Week 87 GTP_w-g-e
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3---1'21.698---GTP_Vagabond (Replay Needed)

Nice Clean Lap Chris, not afraid to get on the power soon I see

1---1'21.430---GTP_w-g-e (Replay Needed)

Good lap Wes 👍 , I dont know if I could throw the car like that into corners but then again Im not D1 for a reason, it was a very nervous car for me :scared:
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Well done everyone! I had a great time with this car, it just needs a little color and it would be perfect! I felt bad missing the podium by .059 but then I saw Transam missing a podium by .001. OUCH, I don't feel so bad for myself anymore. Bad beat there Transam.

Thanks again to the Admins for all their time and effort. See you next week!

Sweet, that went better than I expected when I first tried the combo. Well done everyone and congratulations Wes - you really have a thing for beating me by a nose at Indy. :sly:

I'll grab the replay off my PS3 later tonight, if I remember how. Should still have my USB stick around somewhere. :P
This was such a great combo for me 👍 I had such great success in Shift w/ this car. It was just a handfull but when you carefully allowed it play on the edge it was totally predictable and squirted out of the turns. I just love the way this track forces you to dig deeper to find more speed. I think my hours of pulling my hair out to learn this track are showing each time we show up here.

I know where all the D3erz from last week were hiding now and you guys really forced me to go into the zone to get on the podium. This could be my greatest victory so far, given it was my first last minuite come from behind victory.

Great job to Al, Mamba, and Jammy. I never thought that I was going to catch you guys but the car just kept going faster. :)
A quick replay check:

2---1'22.787---GTP_Jammy (Verified)
- Very nice tidy lap. 👍 Almost the perfect line everywhere except: the chicane in sector 3 - went in a little too deep which compromised your exit for the run to the last corner, the right hander leading into sector 3 and the last corner both benefited from taking alot more curb for higher apex speed and getting on the throttle earlier. Smooth and clean though, well done. :cheers:
Thank you very much for checking and comment 👍
This was combo that made me sweat and i sent hours to get that lap. Yes there was always some little mistake (hunting that perfect lap) but this was my best shut and i'm happy with it.

Great job to Al, Mamba, and Jammy. I never thought that I was going to catch you guys but the car just kept going faster. :)
Great lap in last minutes - you earn the be first!
Congrats on a great battle up front, Wes, Jonas, and Chris. :cheers:

Congrats Mohit and the thousandths-triplets in tow on topping D2. :cheers:

Honorable mentions to Lefty and Frank as well. 👍

We're going to brighten up the race on Wed by using Premium cars from our garage, and Tuning Prohibited in the lounge. Current target is 641hp after break-in, with power limiter at 83.1%.

[B][U] Place  |  Driver PSN           |  Div  |   Split 1 |   Split 2 |   Split 3 |  Split 4+5|  â  |   Laptime |[/U][/B]
[COLOR=Blue]      1 |  GTP_w-g-e            | div 1 |    21.449 |    19.921 |    16.680 |    23.380 |     |  1'21.430 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue]      2 |  GTP_Yanaran          | div 1 |    21.498 |    19.888 |    16.744 |    23.328 |     |  1'21.458 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue]      3 |  GTP_Vagabond         | div 1 |    21.423 |    20.065 |    16.736 |    23.474 |     |  1'21.698 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue]      4 |  GTP_Mr_P             | div 1 |    21.477 |    20.007 |    16.983 |    23.438 |  +1 |  1'21.905 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkOrange]      5 |  GTP_gooners_17       | div 2 |    21.500 |    20.039 |    16.758 |    23.611 |  -1 |  1'21.908 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkOrange]      6 |  GTPcats_pajamas      | div 2 |    21.549 |    20.060 |    16.986 |    23.540 |  +2 |  1'22.135 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkOrange]      7 |  GTP_ROCK3T           | div 2 |    21.552 |    20.026 |    17.070 |    23.493 |  +2 |  1'22.141 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkOrange]      8 |  GTP_transamguy       | div 2 |    21.507 |    20.079 |    16.950 |    23.606 |  -2 |  1'22.142 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue]      9 |  GTP_jb               | div 1 |    21.606 |    19.975 |    16.968 |    23.636 |  -2 |  1'22.185 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkOrange]     10 |  GTP_viper84          | div 2 |    21.703 |    20.105 |    17.158 |    23.584 |     |  1'22.550 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Magenta]     11 |  GTP_LeftyWright      | div 3 |    21.777 |    20.033 |    17.159 |    23.581 |     |  1'22.550 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkOrange]     12 |  GTP_JKMAYOL          | div 2 |    21.642 |    20.192 |    17.146 |    23.697 |     |  1'22.677 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkOrange]     13 |  GTP_EDK              | div 2 |    21.695 |    20.303 |    17.042 |    23.648 |  +1 |  1'22.688 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed]     14 |  GTP_Racingworld      | div 4 |    21.792 |    20.245 |    17.133 |    23.576 |  +3 |  1'22.746 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Magenta]     15 |  GTP_Jammy            | div 3 |    21.681 |    20.096 |    17.374 |    23.636 |  +1 |  1'22.787 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Magenta]     16 |  GTP_Mamba            | div 3 |    21.722 |    20.175 |    17.113 |    23.854 |  -3 |  1'22.864 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Magenta]     17 |  GTP_Allibubba99      | div 3 |    21.646 |    20.272 |    17.210 |    23.795 |  -2 |  1'22.923 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed]     18 |  GTP_RaceRyder        | div 4 |    21.935 |    20.297 |    17.150 |    23.669 |  +1 |  1'23.051 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Magenta]     19 |  GTP_AspecBob         | div 3 |    21.925 |    20.222 |    17.103 |    23.814 |  -1 |  1'23.064 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Magenta]     20 |  GTP_Brinomial        | div 3 |    21.717 |    20.418 |    17.270 |    23.679 |     |  1'23.084 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed]     21 |  GTP_Airsick          | div 4 |    21.953 |    20.600 |    17.367 |    23.734 |     |  1'23.654 |[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Navy]     22 |  GTP_Straffestef      | div 5 |    22.128 |    20.982 |    17.551 |    24.039 |     |  1'24.700 |[/COLOR]

For some reason, a field of all-black Zonda's reminds me of this:

Congratulations to everyone who submitted, this one wasn't very easy! Great handicap Frank, I think we'll see you in D3 before the end of the week!

I'm pleasantly surprised at my (slightly) negative handicap, I really thought I blew it... I have to thank Mohit for helping me this week, without your help I could not have achieved this 👍
Here's my replay. Close shave on the back straight when the curb pulled me left but other than that should be no problems to check. My best T4+5 was .05 quicker stilll, one key thing was to ride 4th and 5th gear all the way to the limiter as it bogs down slightly if you shift while turning on the oval section. It's worth almost a tenth in the last sector compared to shifting when the red light starts flashing.


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Congratulations Wes on the win, and to Yanaran and Chris for the podium spots. Amazing laps run by all three of you :bowdown:.

Just nudged me by 3 thousandths to take 4th Mr. P :cheers:. Nice lap!

What a battle for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in D2, just 7 thousandths in it :crazy:. Nice job Baron and Rock3t for the podiums, and bad luck Eddie, just missing out of the podium. Know you'll be back on it in no time 👍.

Great job Lefty, Frank, and the other podium finishers :).

Little bit disappointed in my lap, more specifically with my T4 + T5 times. Simply awful, and destroyed my chances of springing a surprise at the top.

Replay attached (NTSC):


  • GTP_gooners_17 Week
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Congratulations to the winners! I want to be disappointed with my time but after four weeks of driving over my head I was bound to come back down sooner or later. I can never seem to get the most out of these cars, I'm always a little hesitant to push just a little harder. On the bright side, at least I don't need to submit a replay this week.
Had great fun with this combo 👍 Congratulations to all podiumfinishers. Happy with another negative handicap :)

Congratulations to everyone who submitted, this one wasn't very easy! Great handicap Frank, I think we'll see you in D3 before the end of the week!

Thanks, and yes that is what probably will happen this week, had 4 negative results in ar row, so D3 should not be to far away, looking forward to grab me some medals with you guys ;)
I'll post my replay later. Can't believe I came in last in my division, second to last overall, and still got a bronze trophy. You know what they say, "Just showing up is half the battle", or something like that. Good job everyone.
Replay as requested. Thanks for setting up this combo.


  • RaceRyder Week 87 NTSC
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Sorry about the delay. My NTSC replay.


    249.8 KB · Views: 6
Congrats to all the podiumwinners.

Here is my PAL replay


  • replay week
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3---1'22.141---GTP_ROCK3T (Replay Needed)

Nice and clean. You spend a bit too much time driving through the turns on partial throttle - better to slow down a little more to rotate, and then punch it on the way out. The shift to 1st in T3 cost you a little as well since it forced an extra gear change in between the two tight turns.
Looks like a bunch of NA replays are left to check. I'll get to them tomorrow evening when I have some time.
Sorry Gooners, Ps3 Died tonight when starting to do checks. Vidio out new unit might be required.