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Rule 12

Back by apparently popular demand for 2024!

Here are the rules - and there are some small changes from 2023 of which you should be aware:

  • You have 13 Tokens from which you must select one of each of: DRIVER 1, DRIVER 2, CHASSIS, and ENGINE.
  • You may, over the course of the season, swap CHASSIS and ENGINE once apiece, and you have two DRIVER swaps (whether that's 1 and 2, or either twice).
  • You may enter at any time during the season, but only entries received (by PM or post in this thread) before one hour ahead of race qualifying will be eligible to score in the subsequent Grand Prix.

Here's where it gets complicated:
  • Across the course of the season, I will adjust Token values at 1200 UK time on the Wednesday after every sixth race. Should your selection gain or lose value, your number of Tokens will increase or decrease accordingly; if you have a team worth 13 Tokens and its value drops to 12 Tokens, you will only have 12 Tokens available for any swaps you wish to make. It may be to your advantage to swap before a Token update if you suspect your team's value will fall...
  • With the exception of 5/6 There will always be four DRIVERS at each Token value, two CHASSIS at each Token value, and a maximum of one ENGINE at each Token value.
  • Token 6 will have only a maximum of one DRIVER, CHASSIS, and ENGINE, with Token 5 having a maximum of three DRIVERS, one CHASSIS, and one ENGINE.
  • Should a driver miss a race for any reason and a replacement races in their stead, the replacement will score for that driver; note that this will apply if the replacement driver is one who already drives for another team except in the case of a full-time driver transfer wherein the driver continues to score for themselves and their replacement for themselves, with any driver leaving the grid scoring nothing.

Here's how you score:
  • Only classified finishes will generate points
  • DRIVERS will score points according to their finish position; 1st place will score 20, 2nd will score 19, 3rd will score 18, and so on down to 20th which scores one point.
  • ENGINES will score points according to the mean of the best two finishes for each engine, with the same points system as above. If an ENGINE records a 1-2 finish, it therefore score 19.5 points.
  • CHASSIS will score points exclusively based on the Famine's Adjusted Constructor's Championship*. This is a simple ranking of each team's second-finishing car, using the current F1 points system from 25 for 1st down to 1 for 10th.

Here are the initial Token values; they are based on 2023 results (real, FACC, and GTPFF1):

6 TOKENSVerstappenHonda/Red Bull PowertrainsRed Bull
5 TOKENSPerez, Hamilton, AlonsoMercedesMercedes
4 TOKENSLeclerc, Norris, Sainz, Russell-Ferrari, McLaren
3 TOKENSPiastri, Stroll, Gasly, OconFerrariAston Martin, Alpine
2 TOKENSAlbon, Tsunoda, Ricciardo, Bottas-Sauber, VisaCashApp
1 TOKENGuanyu, Hulkenberg, Magnussen, SargeantRenaultWilliams, Haas

Your initial entry will be final, with edited entries disregarded. If your selected entry is over 13 Tokens it will be disregarded.

Current Standings (after Round 5):

3@Mr Grumpy58.547.071.558.553.5289.0
4@Touring Mars55.546.069.556.556.5284.0

RACE SIX ENTRY DEADLINE - 2000 UTC, Saturday May 4
FIRST TOKEN UPDATE - 1100 UTC, Wednesday May 8
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Driver 1: Norris (4)
Driver 2: Albon (2)
Chassis: Ferrari (4)
Engine: Ferrari (3)
D1 - Piastri (3)
D2 - Guanyu Sargeant (1)
E - Mercedes (5)
C - McLaren (4)

edit - change D2 from Guanyu to Sargeant
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Driver 1 - Sainz (4)
Driver 2 - Hulkenberg (1)
Engine - Ferrari (3)
Chassis - Mercedes (5)

I have no idea what I'm doing. Which is completely normal.
Driver 1: Hamilton (5)
Driver 2: Bottas (2)
Engine: Mercedes (5)
Chassis: Williams (1)
Driver 1: Norris (4)
Driver 2: Ricciardo (2)
Engine: Mercedes (5)
Chassis: Toro Rosso VCARB (2)
As everyone else is posting their teams in the thread, I probably should too :D

DRIVER: Russell (4)
DRIVER: Albon (2)
ENGINE: Mercedes (5)

There's quite the variety of lineups this year!
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Looks like the replacement driver rule is going to affect a bunch of our teams this week.

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