GTPlanet Publishes "Ultimate Guide" for Gran Turismo 7

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How do you find guides using the general GTP directory? There was a guide for GT4 I used that I have to access by typing in the web address.


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This indeed will be very useful reference for the upcoming game so thanks for the early link to it!


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I remember there used to be a full Guides section for all the previous games in the series as well. I think they got removed when GTPedia came out because it became redundant. Any chance we could see them back @Famine?
No, those old "guides" won't be coming back, and if you check the web archives you'll see why. They weren't really "guides", nor were they useful. Only two had short paragraphs of poorly-written text from our old wiki (which I actually think someone plagiarized from somewhere else) and the rest were just a bullet list of a few links to some even more crude and broken web pages. Frankly, they were pretty embarrassing.

The old guides were nothing like GTPEDIA, which contains 100,000+ words of carefully organized, formatted, and edited content which was reviewed by several experts. It took thousands of hours of work to produce, which is why we had to put it into book form and charge for it.

And will GTPedia still be updated with GT7 content whenever it comes out, seeing that we have the online guide?
We don't know if we will add a GT7 chapter to the book yet.

This new GT7 guide will not have the same level of detail you would see in a GTPEDIA chapter. It's a different kind of resource.
What about the teased/deleted posts we saw about upcoming cars which never joined GT Sport?? Everyone forgot them because more than 2 years have passed?
Maybe they are coming to GT7!

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Vazirani Shul:

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