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Gran Turismo 7 Telemetry Data Now Available via Open-Source Software

Over the weekend, we told you about the discovery of a “secret” API in Gran Turismo 7 which enables motion simulators to respond to what is happening inside the game’s environment. Through additional research, this same interface was found to contain a wide range of real-time data, including everything from tire “temperatures”, to engine RPMs, and positional information...

F1 22 Gameplay Video Reveals Miami Grand Prix Circuit

With the inaugural Miami Grand Prix this weekend, everyone is eager to get a look at the newest circuit on the Formula 1 calendar. As a “temporary circuit” constructed around the Hard Rock Stadium, there has been no easy way for anyone to run a lap of the new track to see what it’s actually going to look like from behind the wheel… until now!

Gran Turismo 7 Review: Return of the King

As it celebrates its 25th anniversary, the Gran Turismo franchise finds itself in a bit of an odd position. After a somewhat forgettable Gran Turismo 6 and a rebellious Gran Turismo Sport, a lot of critics have claimed that despite strong sales, the series had lost its way, turning away from many of the founding principles that made it so popular in the first place...

How "Gran Turismo Sophy" Actually Works: More Details on Polyphony Digital and Sony AI's New Technology

Polyphony Digital recently unveiled Gran Turismo Sophy, a new artificial intelligence driving system which will appear in Gran Turismo 7. The technology was developed in collaboration with a 25-person team at Sony AI, utilizing the latest advancements in machine learning. The team’s research was published in Nature and GT Sophy was tested against (and defeated!) some of the best Gran Turismo drivers in the world at a live event in Tokyo last year...