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    There is so many changes to the penalty system all the time ... mostly improving but still not perfect ... maybe it can never really be perfect. What happens in real racing ... oh ya ... you crash out of race. I wouldn't mind being crashed out of the race after being punted by another player. At least I would know that they did not go on to punt someone else. I'm talking mechanical damage. Maybe even leave the crashed cars on the sideline for the duration of the race.

    Here is one that I was just involved in today. This is not a punting example, but it is a collision. I started 10th and there was a LOT of punting (maybe some intentional but I think a number of valid accidents too)

    It was Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit on the Daily Race B. I'm driving the Nissan GT-R Gr.4 and the other car was the Corvette C7 Gr.4 in an otherwise sea of Trophy '11 cars. We are approaching the Surtees corner. It's packed ahead and I have a slow car potentially re-entering the track on my right.

    Gran Turismo®SPORT_20200222095636.jpg Gran Turismo®SPORT_20200222094033.jpg Gran Turismo®SPORT_20200222094216.jpg Gran Turismo®SPORT_20200222094255.jpg Gran Turismo®SPORT_20200222094351.jpg Gran Turismo®SPORT_20200222094438.jpg Gran Turismo®SPORT_20200222094528.jpg Gran Turismo®SPORT_20200222094620.jpg Gran Turismo®SPORT_20200222094706.jpg Gran Turismo®SPORT_20200222094804.jpg Gran Turismo®SPORT_20200222094848.jpg Gran Turismo®SPORT_20200222095346.jpg Gran Turismo®SPORT_20200222095524.jpg

    What do you think? Was this my fault??? I got the 2 Second penalty, the other player did not. The Corvette comes in hot on my inside. I was already closing the door (also avoiding off track car) and it hit my left rear fender, looses control. I try to avoid, moving to the right but it cuts across my line and takes me off track too. You can see that the Corvette was going much faster than I was. When I recovered I received a 2 second penalty for knocking a car off track. The Corvette player did not receive a penalty for the incident.

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    Do we really need yet another thread moaning about the penalties? Sake!!:banghead:
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