GTSPORT sound & appreciation thread(review)

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I love Gran Turismo, I love the series, I grew up with this series, I still have the old GT demos on playstation underground discs, I can still hear the iconic "GT" car sounds like Tom's supra, Viper GTS, licence test supra Rz on deep valley..skyline R34 "fake sound" that other games adapted like forza 1, Sega GT and PGr2... however, sound has never really been GT's main strength, with cars just sounding weak to alot sounding outright wrong, there were some good ones, Lexus LFA, Aston Martin V12 Vantage, Cizetta V16.. and various other cars, but even then the sound could've been so much more..

I'll be blunt, GTSPORT is a massive(stratospheeric) leap from old sounds of yore, however it's no secret that GT now boasts some of the best audio on console, even going so far as inching incredibly close to the all time greats like raceroom. With GT's incredible replay atmospheric sound effects, doppler effects, exhaust pops and crackles, suspension squeaks and rattles, it all adds up to a hell of a great audio experience.

How did this happen? How did PD go from the Enzo using a reworked 458 sample in GT6, to sounding like this?

Beating the competition with driveclub getting a close second, I have not heard an Enzo sound that well done since PGR4. Yes it out preformed forza(I'm just as shocked as you)

Was it outsourcing sound engineers? Like the old lead designer for turn 10 who also worked bizarre creations for PGR4's epic audio? Maybe...more like most likely.

It seems PD/exT10(lol) are now definitely at the top of audio game, I have tested every single car in the game(required alot of money), each car has a very detailed unique sound, for instance the low crispy hollow turbo growel of a citroen DS3 vs the epic "lazy" V8 twin turbo Symphony of the F40. Let's not even mention the turbo spooling sample. I also teStedman the aforementioned cars with youtube, but since I have heard a F40 accelerate in real life, both slow driving and hard pulls, They absolutely nailed the sound. Which admittedly sounded okay in GT6.

I have just not heard a car that sounds bad yet, although I admit the KTM needs works.

I'm still blown away, sometimes when I'm driving, I don't even feel like I'm playing Gran Turismo anymore, because nothing sounds like "gran turismo" the hollow weak engine notes are gone, that weird vacuum noise is gone...

Replaced by this..

Just a completely Symphony of sexy engine notes, doppler effects, crackles and pops.

I advocated Gt6 sounds, I made excuse after excuse and post after post of trying to show some good..however..

I hated GT6 sounds overall, I would always find an excuse to damage control sounds, but looking back, they were very poor, not even the best cars LFA, V12 vantage etc sound anywhere near what is represented in GTSPORT, digital up shifts being my biggest pet peeve, now replaced with an automated clutch. That actually sounds like a gear shifting. This for example in this gorgeous F40 video and R32 GTR video.

In short, I am simply blown away, GTSPORT has some properly beautiful car sounds that completely change the way the game feels, it makes you want to drive a car to it's absolute limits, I got behind the wheel of a 458 Gr4 and was shocked by the Symphony of noise coming through my speakers, it sounded very close to an NM255 Video on YouTube on the replay(and looked like one with 60fps), and as a car audiophile I love that, the whine of the trans, the crackle of the exhausts in the distance on downshifts, the pure alluring sound of the beautifully reproduced flat plane V8, and the raspy loud straight piped exhaust on the flyby's.

In closure.

GTSPORT is up there with the best of them, as a car nut, audiophile, and GT fan, I couldn't be happier. I would like to know everyone else's thoughts. But this was my little review that I have been working on for a while.

I haven't tried to many cars so far in GT Sport, as I am spending a lot of time in Livery Editor, but the sound is immediately much better than previous GT titles.

What I have noticed is the BMW Z4 GT3 is a long way from being realistic. In reality the car sounds like an angry monster with that V8 roar but in GTS it is very tame.


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I think the most important takeaway from this is that PD seems to be constantly improving their sound production and accuracy, the new DLC cars even have their own unique sound characteristics like the GT-R turbos, the FD shift alarm and the Enzo's delayed shift. It'll be very interesting to see how they improve as they are doing as we speak in the future.
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I think the most important takeaway from this is that PD seems to be constantly improving their sound production and accuracy, the new DLC cars even have their own unique sound characteristics like the GT-R turbos, the FD shift alarm and the Enzo's delayed shift. It'll be very interesting to see how they improve as they are doing as we speak in the future.
That 51 Ford coupe should sound quite beastly when it rears it's head.
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What you don’t get in most videos is just how earth shaking some of the engines are, even an idling Ferrari v12. I feel like that doesn’t make it into the games, my sub gets a break when I play this (and forza even more so), but when an AMG or Ferrari drive by my place you can feel it.
I think it still sounds very much like Gran Turismo. When you shift gears, go into the higher revs etc. it's a distinct GT sound that has been there since the beginning. Not saying it's a bad thing, but it's noticeable, at least for me.

I like the sounds of most cars but I haven't been that impressed beyond the Ferrari cars and a couple of others. I've yet to feel any goosebumps from video game cars; I still think there's a long way to go before we have the real thing.


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The Enzo actually sounds good. This was me when I drove it for the first time:
I think the engine sounds are spot on however I think they need to add more reverb when going into tunnels and also environmental reverb like what you hear in the replays for example, downshifts could be more aggressive, engine sounds could also be a tad more aggressive but I generally enjoy just cruising around in most cars. GTS sounds are miles better then any previous GT title and the example of the Enzo video above proves PD are on the right path, I’m looking forward to GTS continued evolution over the next year.
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When the '66 Cobra is loading on the garage screen the idle of that cammed up big block sounds perfect, wish you could get that same idle being stopped on the track using the car but it only occurs when the car is loading.

I have about $5000 in my Home Theater, and if I turn it up to reference level that same sound is heard and felt. The Cobra is one of the best sounding cars in the game.
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I wholeheartedly agree with the op! Such a great overall sound design. We have accurate, loud, adjustable sounds. No car sounds way off, or like an adjusted sample of another. PD did excellent in sound on GT Sport!

I can't even believe that GT is better sounding than Forza. Forza 7 is very disappointing in the sound department, actually taking several steps back. There are reused sounds for most cars, in accurate, and the worst offender is no LFE for the cars audio. By LFE I mean bass, the menus and track fireworks boom, then the car goes by and sound like a cell phone video game, zero low frequency. That applies to all cars.

The sound of GT Sport helped me get pulled in all over again, absolutely love it!
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While GT Sports overall audio has improved, it has reduced the sound scape on courses. Race cars on the Nordschliefe should be heard long before you see them, engine notes should be bellowing and reverberating around that place due to the environment. Sound dynamics shift in certain places on race courses like Suzuka when driving through main straight fan gallery due to the structure versus the more open air areas of the course. Also the opponent vehicle audio cuts out far too soon, less than a car length away and it's almost non existent(we need a little more residual effect to audio of other cars in the mix). GT Sport engine audio can do with some characteristics like not being perfect all the time, there are no anomalous sounds to give you feeling of an air breathing engine. I need some imperfections recorded from the actual engine intake thrown in there too. Consequently some cars with their start up sounds like the Tomahawk GR.1 actually have that in it's audio but not when you drive the car.