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Discussion in 'GT3 Race Reports' started by tommy211, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. tommy211


    i simply cannot win the pro league ss 11 race.....i have maxed out horses etc its my last regular pro league race and i need help
  2. Der Alta

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    This is a very tough race, in that the AI are near full mods. While the HP may be a benefit, in the FF cars, you need to be very smooth when applying power on corner exit.

    If you really punch the power exiting a corner, you'll understeer into the outside wall. This means you lose considerable ground to the AI when running down the following stretch.

    Try adjusting your braking points to earlier than you think. Then steering into the corners while coasting. This will keep the car stable and all four wheels working towads traction. When you are about 1/3 of the way through the corner, apply 1/2 throttle. At the 3/4 way through the corner go to full throttle.

    This race series is all about corner control. The AI are seriously loaded up and are right on in the races. Any wall banging on your part gives them a decided advantage.

    You'll be amazed at how much time you make up in clean corners.

    Also if you have them handy, post up your settings and we can offer you a few improvements.

    As a helpful note, do a search through this forum for "Pro Vitz series" and you should find two or three really descriptive write-ups from people who won this series.

    And as a final note, Welcome aboard GTplanet.

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    I'll second everything Der Alta said, including the "welcome" part.
    This particular race is only won by pit strategy. If you run T2 tires you can make the whole race without pitting, which costs 25-30 seconds between the stop itself and the time lost on worn out or cold tires. In a 10-lap race, that gives you at least 2 seconds per lap grace period if you can do it nonstop.

    If you are less than 20 seconds behind the leader when they all pit after lap 5, you should be able to win if you can keep up your smooth pace. They will catch back up to you, but their tires will be dead again by the last lap, leaving you a slim margin.

    But mistakes are deadly. Run clean, smooth laps. Half a second lost from braking too early is much better than 2 seconds lost from a bad wall bang in the little, slow-accelerating Vitz. This is definitely a "tortoise and the hare" strategy.
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    thanks guys for your great advice... it got me i can hopefully finish the game